Decentralized Transportation Solution

RedCab LLC is an affiliation made with the sole reason behind changing the operational environment of Transportation. RedCab LLC was developed in mid-2016 and they have in addition winning concerning moving their own versatile application in 2017. As shown by the whitepaper, RedCab needs to build up a real P2P structure where the two drivers, taxi affiliations and clients advantage from maximally through decentralization.

How RedCab Solution Works?

RedCab utilizes the blockchain headway to productively make an unrivaled transportation structure by diminishing expense and also broadened security for exchanges through decentralization. By the methodology for a task, RedCab will trust that it’s anything but difficult to get to the transportation framework genuinely yielding impeccable execution, appropriately oversaw shot what’s more reusing of the favorable position inside the common gathering. The adaptability of RedCab makes it essential for its supportiveness to adjust to various land zones with no issue, this is one of within reasons why it won’t require much hypothesis before it works completely.

Why RedCab? 

These days, we have seen that the transportation parcel has such a far-reaching number of issues like precariousness, peculiarity, inconsistency thusly some more. However, such enormous amounts of past models have been made to illuminate this, at any rate, it the end, paying little heed to everything that they bear the inescapable unintentional delayed consequence. RedCab is greatly unprecedented as it gives react in the due request with respect to issues that hold up in the transportation framework by making a game plan of action that offers long-haul quality, security and preferred standpoint for its clients and most particularly the drivers too are not cleared out.

The RedCab advancement will also offer taxi affiliations and drivers work sensibility without dread of dropping pay. Straightforwardness and consistency will in like way acknowledge a crucial part in the game plan of movement which will be refined by a get-together determined decentralized arrangement overseen by breathtaking contracts. This guarantees steadfastness and consistent convenience from drivers and clients autonomously.

RedCab Services and What Users Stand to Gain

There are to an extraordinary degree enthralling associations which RedCab offers, it benefits every social event attracted with the business. The going with is a touch of the offered associations.

  • Auto Hailing and Pooling: No persuading inspiration to get stranded chasing down taxis for lone excursions, family, business or some other related reason, with RedCab, you can without a considerable amount of an expanded enthusiasm for a taxi.
  • Inn and Airport Transportation: You can outline particular treks in the event that you are going to motels, clubs or exceptional occupations.
  • Conveyance and Pick-up associations: on the off chance that you have sustenance others or to get stuff starting with one point then onto the accompanying, it just gets less asking for with RedCab.

What Users Stand to Gain With RedCab

  • Nobody esteems sitting tight to get taxis for trips and all, RedCab will diminish the holding up time of clients and accreditation smooth use.
  • Lower transportation toll which in this way prompts phenomenal endeavor saves and the rate does not change.
  • The referral program makes open passages for individuals to get more advantage.
  • Tokens can additionally be earned through the check of progressing


  • There will be additional triumphant and favorable position
  • More rides every hour which bring more advantage moreover
  • Multi decisions of transportation associations
  • Getting tokens through PoD (Proof-of-Driving)

There are still such gigantic amounts of purposes of enthusiasm for clients, the motels and eateries are not neglected headway they can likewise acquire with RedCab through notification and in addition rebate.

RedCab has ensured their plan of movement covers sensibility, reasonableness, and security for clients. We never again need to stress over our excursions, development requests thusly out and out increasingly that makes around the transportation framework. There will correspondingly be 3 classes of Cabs which are

Fiscal Cabs which are to an awesome degree direct to utilize and for fast excursions.

Family Cabs which will be astoundingly more imperative in size to have more individuals, sensible for family trips.

Extravagance Cab all things considered for work trips furthermore social occasions, the luxurism is incredibly emerging.

Red Cab which is the tasteful and obvious one from others as it will contain basically two or three individuals, clients will pay more than the others and drivers will in like way acquire more tokens.

The plan of action of RedCab LLC guarantees that clients are not bewildered that they are spending more than what is crucial, in this way the need for straightforwardness which is the reason the sharp contracts will be utilized. In addition, the drivers won’t need to stress overpay being shared or part of their advantage cut off as they will be given the entire 100% assembled from trips.

The RedCab Mobile App will have distinctive highlights one of which shows geo revolved around headways for generally speaking range. Clients won’t need to stress over change rate as it will be intended to make advertisements convincing. It is additionally going to be multilingual with around 6 tongues which will build the client encounter.

The Mobile App will in like way can configuration rides, clients will be able to arrange taxis and get the closest driver inside your zone. You can in like way plan your journeys in the event that you are the business make that goes to social events as frequently as could be expected under the circumstances.

RedCab and Blockchain Technology 

The RedCab plan of action will be moved to a decentralized common structure which will comparatively be outfitted with apps which will keep running on P2P and what’s more blockchain systems. This is to ensure there is no impedance from outcasts or any single ace. Particular highlights merge confirmation of progressing and certification of driving which gives convincing forces to drivers as they can get tokens so far they take after due conventions while driving.

RedCab Token Details

The token arrangement will start on June initial, 2018 00:00 GMT and will end on August fifteenth, 2018 23:59 GMT or if the tokens reach hardcap before the end date.

Tokens Distribution
Gathering and Founders: 9%
Direction : 3%
Wealth: 1%
Private Sale: 7%
Presale: 15%
Held for Proof-Of-Driving and Proof-of-Marketing token age: 25%
Gathering bargain: 40%

Starts first June 2018 at 00:00 GMT and terminations on 21st June 2018 at 23:59 GMT with energetic riser monetary authorities getting a 15% Bonus till administered aggregate is sold out or organize closes.

Essential Crowd-Sale: Starts on 22nd June at 00:00 GMT and completes on fifteenth August 2018 at 23:59 GMT.
Token Maximum Supply: 100,000,000 REDC
Accepted Currency for Token Sale: Ethereum
Token Name: REDC
Token Type: ERC20
Soft Cap: 2143 ETH
Exchange: 1 ETH = 2333 REDC
Hard Cap: 24529 ETH
Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH = 233.3 REDC


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