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About RedCab

RedCab LLC offers a decentralized shared transportation answer for people. Utilizing the vitality of Blockchain headways and a wonderful arrangement of activity for a direct, direct, and innovative future. Built up in 2016, and pushed in 2017 with a strong guide unto the destiny of shared transportation organizations. Confirmation of Driving and Proof of Marketing Concepts, AI Powered road right hand, Geo Ads for adjustment, and a strong course of action of on-ground exercises in a short traverse.
Картинки по запросу redcab bounty


RedCab LLC is a company created with the sole purpose of changing the operational exosystem of Transportation. RedCab LLC was founded in mid 2016 and they have also succeeded in launching their own mobile application in 2017. According to the whitepaper, RedCab wants to establish a proper P2P system where both drivers, taxi companies and customers benefit from maximally theough decentralization.
Картинки по запросу redcab bounty


RedCab uses th blockchain technology to efficienty create a better transportation system by reducing cost and also increased security for transactions through decentralization. By the mode of operation, RedCab will find it easy to access the trasnportation system properly yielding optimum perfomance, properly managed risk and also recycling of profit within the ecosystem. The flexibilty of RedCab makes it easy for its functionality to adapt to different geographical zones without any problem, this is one of the core reasons why it will not take much time before it operates globally.


Nowadays, we have seen that the transportation sector has so many issues like insecurity, inconsistency, unreliability and so many more. Although, so many previous models have been created to solve this, but it the end, they still suffer inevitable collateral damage. RedCab is quite different as it provides solution to problems that linger in the trasportation system by creating a business model that offers longterm quality, safey and profit for its users and most especially the drivers too are not left behind.
The RedCab technology will also offer taxi companies and drivers job sustainability without fear of dropping income. Transparency and consistency will also play a major role in the business model which will be achieved by a community driven decentralized solutiom governed by smart contracts. This ensures loyalty and continual usabilty from drivers and cutomers respectively.


There are really interesting services which RedCab offers, it benefits all parties involved in the business. Below are some of the offered services.
Ø Car Hailing and Pooling: No need to get stranded looking for cabs for individual trips, family, business or any other associated purpose, with RedCab, you can easily request for a cab.
Ø Hotel and Airport Transportation: You can schedule various trips if you are going to hotels, clubs or special uses.
Ø Delivery and Pick-up services: if you have food others or to pick up stuffs from one point to another, it only gets easier with RedCab.
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For Customers

  • No one enjoys waiting to get cabs for trips and all, RedCab will reduce the waiting time of customers and ensure smooth usage.
  • Lower transportation fare which in turn leads to good savings, and the rate does not fluctuate.
  • The referral program creates opportunities for people to receive moe earnings.
  • Tokens can also be earned throuh proof of marketing

For Drivers

  • There will be extra earning and profit
  • More rides per hour which brings more earnings too
  • Multi options of transportation services
  • Earning tokens through PoD (Proof-of-Driving)
There are still so many benefits for users, the hotels and restaurants are not left out ad they can also earn with RedCab through ads and also discount.
RedCab has made sure their business model covers sustainability, affordabilty and security for customers. We no longer have to worry about our trips, delivery orders and so much more that evolves around the transportation system. There will also be 3 categories of Cabs which are
  • Economic Cabs which are really affordable to use and for quick trips.
  • Family Cabs which will be quite bigger in size to occupy more people, suitable for family trips.
  • Luxury Cab mostly for work trips and also business meetings, the luxurism is quite unique.
  • Red Cab which is the classy and distinctive one from others as it will contain only few people, users will pay quite more than the others and drivers will also be able to earn more tokens.
The busines model of RedCab LLC ensures that users are not afraid that they are spending more than what is necessary, hence the need for transparency which is why the smart contracts are going to be used. Also, the drivers will not have to worry about revenue being shared or part of their earnings cut off as they will be given the whole 100% accrued from trips.
The RedCab Mobile App will have numerous features one of which is display geo targeted ads for global reach. Users will not have to worry about conversion rate as it will be designed to make ads successful. It is also going to be multi-lingual with about 6 languages which will increase the user experience.
The Mobile App will also be able to schedule rides, users will be able to order for cabs and get the nearest driver within your location. You can also schedule your trips if you are the business type that attends meetings quite often.

RedCab and Blockchain Technology

The RedCab business model will be moved to a decentralized ecosystem which will also be equipped with dApps which will run on P2P as well as blockchain networks. This is to make sure there is no interference from third parties or any single authority. Other features include proof of marketing and proof of driving which provides incentives for drivers as they can earn tokens so far they follow due protocols while driving.

Ico Details

Pre-Sale: Starts 01 June 2018 at 12:00 AM GMT and ends on 21 June 2018 at 11:59 PM GMT with early bird investors getting a 15% Bonus till the allocated amount is sold out or phase ends.
Main Crowd-Sale Start Date: 22 June at 12:00 AM GMT and ends on 15 August 2018 at 11:59 PM GMT.
Accepted Currency for Token Sale: Ethereum
Token Name: REDC
Token Type: ERC20
Exchange: 1 ETH = 2333 REDC
Hard Cap: 24529 ETH
Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH = 233 REDC
What Exchanges will REDC be listed on? REDC will be listed on exchanges that are regulated and have proof of reserves, including the Korean, Japanese and other globally recognized major exchanges.
“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill
Q1 The business Idea came, and we started the business research.
Q2 Mobile App development started – first trial and error.
Q3 Market research and business iteration.
Q4 Mobile app MVP launch.
Go live on Google Play with both driver and rider clients.
Q1 Go live on iTunes App Store with both clients and operations commencing in one Coastal City.
Q2 Company legal setup.
First website launched
Q3 Raised First Round of Investment.
Q4 Operations expansions to 2 coastal cities Partnership with Sierra Global Solutions.
Q1 Launch and redesign new Website
Creation of brand identity.
Q2 Soft Launch & Community Building.
Partnership with & SkaleUP Ventures. acquisition
Q3 REDC Token creation and ICO launch Partnership with
Q4 End of Token Sale and token distribution to contributors.
Massive Email Campaign, Social Media & Digital PR to introduce RedCab to the world.
Partnership with doPAY payment processor.
Q1 Listing of REDC token in 2 of Top 10 Crypto Exchanges.
Listing on
Start developing RedCab Dapp with wallet integration.
Invest in Infrastructure.
Q2 Expansion of on-ground operations in selected cities in EMEA and LATAM regions.
Partnership with an Airline (Name to be be confirmed).
Q3 Proof of Driving and Proof of Marketing product development.
Expand our Travel Service Partners, hotels, and restaurants.
Listing of REDC Tokens in 1 Top 5 Crypto Exchanges.
Q4 Release of iOS and Android release 2.0 with wallet integration and Cabbi smart bot introduction.
Expand Offices in Europe & Asia Markets.
Q1 Phase 2 of Massive marketing campaign.
Raise round 2 of investment.
Listing of REDC Tokens in two Top 5 Crypto exchanges.
Q2 RedCab Platform development.
Data mining and Geo-Ads introduction.
Introduce Proof-of-Driving and Proof-Of-Marketing.
Release of dAPP. Decentralized Escrow Exchange for REDC Tokens to trade fiat currency in exchange of REDC.
Q3 Partnership with sports, celebrities, and public figures for Marketing and exposure.
Q4 Expand on-ground operations to North America.
Q1 Listing on all Top 5 Crypto exchanges.

The Team

Below are the innovators who shall work together to realize the project.


The Partners

In a specific venture, organizations assume a critical part in making the undertaking’s progress. The accompanying will undoubtedly be the accomplices of Red Cab.


For more information, please visit the link below :;u=2002646

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