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Disclaimer/ICO Conditions
Red Pill Coin is not a security, a security is a tradable financial asset that is regulated by the SEC in The United States, and government bodies in their respective countries. Purchasing and owning Red Pill Coin does not in any way stipulate that the purchaser will receive shares, liquidity, stocks, bonds or an investment agreement in any asset. Red Pill coin is a decentralized crypto-currency. Supply and demand determine the value of Red Pill coin. The purchaser may use Red Pill coins in legal manners, as stipulated in their country of residence. Red Pill coin is a decentralized digital currency that exists on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone who purchases Red Pill coin must agree to these terms.

The introduction of bitcoin was the beginning of the blockchainrevolution, and since then blockchain technology has continued to grow into diverse areas of applicability. Ethereum, the second most popular blockchain in the world today has revolutionized the entire computing space with its use of thesmart contract in consonance with blockchain technology. Red Pill coin is an Ethereum based digital cryptocurrency asset regulated by smart contracts. It belongs to the subset of non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies referred to as Altcoins. Like all cryptocurrencies, it makes use of decentralized distributed ledger framework in the form of blockchain technology, in this case, the Ethereum blockchain.

It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which runs seamlessly on the Ethereum blockchain network and is compatible with numerous cryptocurrency wallets. There is no central control over transactions involving Red Pill coins thus giving Red Pill users greater control and the ability to use their funds anonymously. Red Pill thrives on being more than just another cryptocurrency variant but a community of people dedicated to exercising control over their finances. This emphasis on the communal nature of Red Pills sets the tone for what will make Red Pill be not only a form of currency for the Red Pill community but also for the Ethereum network and the world wide community as a whole.

The 21st century has seen a remarkable increase in the transition towards an entirely virtual world. Many aspects of human interaction are fast leaving the so-called “real plane” into the virtual environment of computers. The financial services sector isn’t left out in this revolution as seen by the emergence of cryptocurrencies as means of processing financial transactions.

Cryptocurrencies refer to the virtual currencies; digital cash. They are in many ways, the digital counterpart of fiat currency like the US Dollar and the Euro. The name “cryptocurrency” is derived from the utilization of cryptography in the process of encrypting financial transactions. By way of definition, cryptocurrencies may be defined as a medium that uses encryption to encrypt (secure) financial transactions.

All financial operations are characterized by the transfer of value from one entity to another. For any financial transaction to be deemed valid, there must be a means of providing authorization and authentication of the transfer of value. For financial transactions involving cryptocurrencies, this is achievedusing a blockchain. Every cryptocurrency utilizes a blockchain with the Bitcoin and Ethereum block chains being the most popular. Red Pillis built on the Ethereum blockchain which is a traditionalblock chain used by millions of people. This provides robust network integrity for the Red Pill cryptocurrency. There are some different digital wallets and support services provided by Ethereum for users of Red Pill.

Red Pill is a currency designed to enrich online communities. Red Pill can be used for many different purposes. Communities can, for example, use Red Pill to reward their members for everything from meeting certain milestones (e.g., making a certain number of posts on a forum) or to reward them for their loyalty (e.g., awarding members pills for being amember for a year). Red Pill can also be used to reward subscribers of a product or service. Furthermore at Red Pill also makes a great tip 1

  • 1 A brief introduction of block chain technologies-background.



A blockchain is a ledger of transactions that are distributed across the participating nodes in a network. It is a decentralized database of the records of every single transaction that has been executed, finalized and divided among the participants of the blockchainsystem. Blockchains run on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks where there is no central server and all the nodes (computers) in the network are responsible for maintaining node integrity [1]. Blockchain technology utilizes cryptography as a means to allow each participating node in the P2P network to update the blockchain without the need for a central authority. Each node maintains a list of the complete blockchain which is updated upon every completed transaction.

As stated earlier, Red Pillis built on the Ethereum blockchain which utilizes smart contracts. Smart contracts are small computer programs that carry out computations which are replicated and distributed within the Ethereum blockchain network. Just like the Bitcoin blockchain, the Ethereum is also decentralized. However, the Ethereum protocol is more flexible and adaptable than the Bitcoin protocol [2].

This flexibility and adaptability of Ethereum lend itself to being a programmable blockchain, and as such, it is suitable for cryptocurrency applications like Red Pill. With Ethereum being colloquially referred to as “world computer,”Red Pill is running on a platform that provides robust functionality for all users and aspiring users.

Advantages of Blockchain Technology:

Since Red Pill runs on the Ethereum blockchain, it enjoys all the main benefits of the blockchain applications of the distributed ledger technology. The main advantages are as follows:

Red Pill Roadmap

  • Launch Red Pill Coin ICO Round 1 October 1st 2017 – October 31st 2017
  • Launch Red Pill Coin ICO Round 2 December 1st 2017 – December 31st 2017
  • February 2018 – Launch Red Pill Chrome extension that allows Red Pill owners to tip their favorite content creators on (YouTube, with support for twitter, and Instagram planned).
  • April 2018 – Launch Red Pill Send And Receive Application for Android with IOS version following in Fall 2018.

Red Pill will not be es-crowing any of the received funds. Funds will be used to develop red pill product and services. Funds are released from the crowdsale contract to the Red Pill team at the end of each ICO round. Of The 200 Million Red Pills created, 100 Million Red Pill coins will be made available to buyers during the round 1 ICO. Any remaining coins will then be made available during the Round 2 ICO. If no coins are remaining after the round 1 ICO ends, then the Round 2 ICO will be cancelled.

50 Million Red Pill Coins will be kept for the Red Pill Team, while 20 Million were set aside for Pre-sale buyers. The Remaining Red Pill coins will be sold yearly at market price.


The Red Pill development team are a group of developers whom have worked together collectively to bring Red Pill to the public. Red Pill prides itself on facilitating the ability of users to safely use Red Pills as they so choose to, while following all the laws, rules and regulations, as stipulated in their respective countries.


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