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Hello everyone,I will introduce a Project that I think is very special, supported by the idea of ​​a very brilliant idea, This project is RED PILL.

RED PILL is a peer to peer crypto currency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain network and is compatible with different cryptocurrency purses. In addition, this cryptocurrency has a community nature that sets the tone for what makes it not only from the cryptocurrency community but also for the Ethereum network. Following a report in Forbes magazine about the position of Red pill coin. I want to state with certainty that Red pill coin has no political affiliation with any organization / party. RED PILL was developed as a Ethereum-based cryptocurrency.Coins that are a secure means of sending and receiving payments are not attached to political parties and such claims are intended to destroy the name of the coin.

Purpose of Red Pill:

-The purpose of the coin is to preserve the wealth and assets while at the same time facilitate the transfer of red currency pills from one person to another using mobile phones, desktops and web-based applications that facilitate this process.

-Red pill also aims to protect creators whose content is removed from platforms such as YouTube.

Red pill is not a political statement, nor is it a support for content or controversial website creators. It is not related to political parties as suggested in the article. This is somewhat developed to help ensure freedom of speech in an environment where there is a greater risk of destruction. Named from a matrix and this refers to people freeing their individual minds. The currency for the statement highlighted in the Forbes article.


Generate and Receive Payments Safely

First and foremost, Red Pill is a secure cryptocurrency that makes sending and receiving payments easy, safe and fun.

Designed For Creators

Red Pill is designed for people who love to create content and consume content. This is an excellent currency that can be used to support your favorites.

It Has Real Money Value

Unlike reputation points, Red Pills can be converted into cash. It separates the Red Pill from almost every other tier reward system out there.


GambarPil Merah is a currency designed to enrich the online community. The Red Pill can be used for various purposes. Communities can, for example, use Red Pill to reward their members for everything from certain achievements (eg make a number of posts in the forum) or reward them for their loyalty (eg giving members pills to become members for one year). The Red Pill can also be used to reward customers of a product or service. Furthermore in Red Pill also give a good tip.


The Red Pill is not a currency controlled by the government or the bank. Red Pill is a decentralized cryptocurrency owned, operated and redistributed by People. The true value of Red Pill Is You.


Most Trusted Wallets

Red Pills Can Be Stored Using Ethereal’s Official Wallet Mist , available from Github.

Need BitCoin / Ethereum?

To buy birth control pills, you need Ethereum, and to send birth control pills you will need Ethereum. We Recommend Using Coinbase for all your Bitcoin / Ethereum related needs.

Our Favorite Wallet

MyEtherWallet Is Our Favorite Platform To Save RED PILL . You can use MyEtherWallet to Not Only Save Red Pills, But Also Produce Paper Purse, So You Can Take Red Pills With You On The Go.


RED PILL will be available in various markets that choose to support them. For now you can buy it directly in the market [TBA]. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is 1/2 of the total supply of coins (at an ICO price of approximately 0.05 per USD coin), which means 100 million coins to be contested. The remaining coins will be released on the amount of 10 million new coins per year and are available through auction (with a minimum offer price set based on current market value of Red Pill at that time).


pictureBitSquare Is Official Exchange For RED PILL . Red Piller is a unique group. If you want to talk to other Red Pill users, or find answers to questions using Red Pill, you can use the BitSquare Forum instead of contacting us directly via our contact form or via email.


RED PILL Safer than traditional currency (eg US Dollar). Access to your digital currency requires a security check / verification that is not possible with traditional currency, then Red is stored in an online ledger called a block chain supported by different Peers around the world, which means the currency remains completely secure and always available when fully transparent. Official Exchange For The Red Pill Comes Soon.

Sales Token:

-Softcap – 1250 ETH $ 500,000 USD

-Hardcap – 15000 ETH $ 6,000,000 USD

-Token for Sale – 50,000,000

-Supply Token RPIL – 100.008.760 (Pre-Mined)

-Token Standard – ERC20

-Token Type – POW (Proof of Work)

-Coin Name – Red Pill Coin

-Symbol – RPIL

-Decimal Place – 8

-Address – 0x9e386da8cdfcf8b9e7490e3f2a4589c570cb2b2f

-Unforgettable ICO Coins will be burned.

The Road Map:

The Team:


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The bitcointalk name: Chinedum

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