Squid Networks Ltd is an innovation organization who plan to make a decentralized gaming stage called Reef by propelling an underlying coin offering (ICO). Reef will enable both gamers and engineers to gain cash inside the stage. We trust Squid Networks has the ability to upset the £70 billion gaming industry by using blockchain innovation and open the likelihood for gamers and engineers to win Squid Tokens and benefit from making diversions.

Reef will extraordinarily expand the quantity of gamers worldwide that can win while gaming by making a decentralized gaming stage which will compensate clients with utility tokens (called SQUID tokens) for cooperation in the stage; Gamers will get paid to play and designers will procure a little level of tokens in the process as gamers make their recreations.

This will be made conceivable through the one of a kind Proof of Gaming (PoG) calculation which will assign tokens consequently to the gamers and designers.. The calculation will take into consideration customary, steady and secure installments direct to the client which is at present not found anyplace else in the gaming business on this scale.

Reef will enable gamers to have the chance to legitimately communicate with the game engineers of the recreations they play on Reef. Reef will make the main important audit framework which will utilize gamers rankings and in-game measurements to enable designers to separate among accommodating and unhelpful surveys. This will guarantee that gamers feel their feelings check and help engineers improve their amusements.

Reef intends to conquer any hindrance among gamers and designers and enable gamers to get paid to play. They endeavor to enable gamers to directly affect the diversions they played through network casting a ballot while allowing designers to grandstand their advancements. They additionally need to separate the current boundaries to section inside the market and make greater chance to communicate with the network. At long last Reef need to expand the measure of gamers that can get paid for accomplishing something they adore, they plan to accomplish this by presenting the local SQUID token.

The Features

Network Driven

Dissimilar to other gaming stages which restricts the intensity of gamers, Reef means to furnish gamers with chances to control the stage. A case of this is the SquidProval include, gamers will most likely vote in favor of recreations to enter Reef stage. Gamers will likewise include committed space inside the Squid Networks discussions where they can collaborate with the remainder of the network, straightforwardly contact game engineers and offer input.

Get paid to play

No other gaming stage today works like Reef will. Through the exceptional Proof of Gaming (PoG) calculation, gamers will almost certainly gain SQUID Tokens by just making the diversions they appreciate the most. The PoG calculation will naturally send 97% of tokens earned to the gamers wallet, and the remaining 3% to the relating designer.

Ethereum Blockchain Technology

ThIs progressive innovation is utilized to store information and encourage the exchanges between the PoG calculation and the client.

How It Works?

The stage capacities right off the bat by game designers promoting their game to SquidProval, where it is made a decision by the network. In the event that the game is casted a ballot into the stage, the designer must incorporate their game with the Reef API to take into account themselves and gamers to be remunerated for making their showing. Gamers will at that point have the option to win SQUID tokens while making the appearance on Reef and all prizes will be sent to their Reef Wallet which is connected to the Ethereum blockchain.

The Solution Offered by REEF

Reef will:

Be available to all classes inside the gaming market

Make a decentralized stage for all gamers

Use blockchain innovations

Offer numerous highlights including a mix of early access, F2P and P2P diversions

Permit P2P recreations and in-application exchanges to be available with the local SQUID Token

Be a network driven stage associating gamers and engineers

Enable both gamers and engineers to help keep up the stage

Have a customisable stage interface for both gamers and engineers

About The SQUID Token

The Squid Token is an ERC-20 token. Squid Tokens have been intended for use inside the Reef stage; SQUID is the reward earned by gamers for investing energy gaming on the Reef stage. This reward is consequently determined by our Proof of Gaming (PoG) calculation, which works inside the stage itself. This calculation will likewise distribute 3% of the tokens earned by gamers, to the comparing game developer(s). Squid Tokens use-case is based around gaming inside the Reef stage.

Token Details


Stage: ERC20

Nation: United Kingdom

Tolerating – ETH

Value: 1 SQUID = £0.30

Delicate CAP: 22,750 ETH

HARD CAP: 77,697 ETH

All out TOKENS: 9,125,000,000

Accessible FOR SALE: 1%


WHITELIST: 17 JUN 2019 – 24 JUN 2019

Token Distribution


Q1 2017

Thought of Squid Networks considered

Statistical surveying into the gaming business, other gaming stages and the blockchain

Q2 2017

Start up capital raised for introductory costs, for example, whitepaper interpretation, SSL identification site facilitating, publicizing, and video creation

Q3 2017

Advancement of token and token deal brilliant contracts started on the Ropsten test arrange

Research directed into market and ideas are tried. Discoveries recorded in a draft whitepaper

Q4 2017

Site improvement

Q1 2018

Site distributed alongside improvement of white paper adaptation 1.0

SQUID NETWORKS LTD. is authoritatively consolidated by means of organizations house

Q2 2018

Improvement of the savvy contract for SQUID token and incorporated onto the Ethereum blockchain

Group development to meet the developing needs of the business

Q3 2018

Full Legal consistence guaranteed including GDPR

Advancement of the promoting plan

Q4 2018

Model of the stage created

Extension of game organizations for the Reef

Q1 2019

White paper v2.0 discharged

Market battle initiates

Private deal subtleties will be conveyed to every single enrolled client

Q2 2019

Private deal begins

Improvement of the Reef stage begins

Q3 2019

Pre-deal initiates

Further development of the group

Versatile advancement starts

Q4 2019

Open deal initiates

Q1 2020

Beta-testing stage and criticism assembling before the open arrival of the system

Q2 2020

Reef will be completely created. The stage will be available to everybody and the PoG calculation will come into full impact

Meet The Amazing Team

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