Key about the project
RIF proudly presents this white paper. We are technology
The company is based in North Oxfordshire in the UK, a team that is closely associated with strong
The combination of skills, including significant business experience and project management.
managerial experience, young energy and creativity. Also our main set
Precious values ​​for our hearts guide us in achieving our goals.
We are starting a business in the existing gaming industry.
Its global value is 74 billion pounds in 2018 and will continue to grow. In essence, our project
trying to destroy the gaming market by doing decentralized online games
This platform is called Reef. Reef will become a platform for the community where gamers
get currency during game play. This is the ability to produce, playing in combination.
featuring high quality games using our unique features that will suit us
out of competition and give us a competitive edge as you grow and
get market share. The market is ready for changes, and we see a good op.
Squid Networks believes that a community of creators is possible for more reliable operation than
Today the company they acquired. Relationships based on mutual communication are much more suitable for all purposes.
from one with surgery.
Today is the period for this purpose, to be represented on other gaming platforms, game manufacturers have to pay up to 30% of the trade. This operating system is designed for small independent creators. Squid Grids will ensure that our mechanisms most clearly reflect the period and skills needed to develop games, ensuring that Squid Networks will also benefit from the trade that provides the platform.
In addition, other gaming platforms have a significant introductory contribution, for example, time, non-refundable payments, because they show the type of entertainment to enter. But that did not happen.
the results always come to the platform, and the creator will most likely have to pay again because of the second analysis. In addition, other gaming platforms in general have all the features, without the concept of a filter or a check, which allows you to fill the marina for entertainment with a small amount of property.
Our solution is to completely remove the delivery charge and in return for certified members of the community in order to have absolute opportunities to speak about the type of entertainment.
platforms. This presence will not only break down certain barriers to entry in game exchanges, but I will also allow the public to be the face of the main actors involved and decision makers in advertising that form an inclusive society where everyone can make their own investments in building a reef platform. Put the company in the selection process
What a great fun on the reef, I try to form a platform with different games, where new and pure media content and new things are considered the key to the results. Only the most interesting and entertaining kind of entertainment that will create a cross section.
gamers will not want to watch platforms, absolutely poor-quality games. Although the game industry is full of deep innovations, our research shows that games have become outdated on many gaming platforms. The traps will create the conditions under which the creator will stimulate the expansion of the range of possibilities to ensure the exchange of a stable injection of high-quality games.
  • Symbol Ticker: SQUID
  • Total amount of deliveries: 9 125 000 000
  • Total Sold: 90,000,000
Squid tokens are ERC-20 tokens, which means using Ethereum
the Squid blockchain token was designed for use on the Reef platform;
SQUID is a gift that players receive for spending time on the reef.
Peron. This prize is automatically calculated using evidence in our game (PoG), an algorithm that works within the platform itself. This algorithm will also allocate 3% of the received gamer tokens corresponding to the game developers.
The use of Squid tokens is based on games on the Reef platform. behind
The time spent on the game will be rewarded by our token. As soon as you
To get the tokens that you have, there are different ways to use them:

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