What is Refine Medium?
Refine Medium is a decentralized media ecosystem that offers quality videos. Corporate conscience is the perfect blend of technical sophistication and fun. This project is designed to enable video viewers, creators, and intermediate Fix teams to connect through blockchain-based smart contracts on the platform. The project software is built on the Ethereum blockchain because smart contracts are most valid on the blockchain network on the Ethereum network.

Features of Filter Media:
Refine Medium has produced a project that encourages all users involved in its ecosystem to participate in the platform. In this case, it has an ever-renewing ecosystem, which is life. This system also rewards not only video producers, viewers and moderators.

Low subscription fees are just one of the important advantages for video sharing sites in the market.

Refine Medium, using blockchain technology, has set up its own media platform and is ready to compete with global video distributors such as Netflix and YouTube with XRM tokens to manage intra-platform operations.

Refine Medium will present positive contributors to the platform between the audience and video uploader, enabling them to become moderators. Moderators will take part in the selection of videos that will be uploaded to the platform. However, the moderator has direct responsibility for the audience. Audience demands replace moderators who fail to do their work.

The most important difference from existing video sharing sites from the platform comes naturally from the operating system it uses. The Blockchain network enables purification media to take advantage of distributed notebook technology to store data. This cannot change the data on the one hand, so the ban or censorship is resistant to pressure, while on the other hand, such as the selection of video content with extreme care imposes responsibilities. The fact that the voting system is activated in determining video content will help capture inappropriate content that may be missed.

Another advantage of the blockchain network is the fact that every transaction on a video can be recorded with a blockchain signature for the uploaded video, which guarantees the copyright of the video producer.

The forum area in the Refine media ecosystem will enable users to create environments where information and innovation can be shared. The intuitive interface on the platform will store your personal information and allow you to chat with other users.

Refine Medium aims to be the most reliable provider of cryptocurrency videos with XRM tokens that it generates on the Ethernet network.

Platform 5 is built on the Trust Foundation:
a. Content Trust:
b. Mass Belief.
c. Data trust.
d. Trust in making money.
e. Ecosystem beliefs.

The ultimate goal of Refine media is to contribute to the spread of blockchain technology and to provide a global online video distribution that is unmatched by the benefits of technology. He is determined to lead this field.

Refine your average mission and vision.
Smooth media mission. Testing and justifying online media to build trust in the blockchain system is to create a reliable, consistent and safe laptop.
The vision is there. Creating a social video platform, the purpose of which is to build bridges with people through communication. The purpose of RefineMedium is to create an ecosystem that transforms a simple creator into a self-fulfilling structure. The goal is to reach the top of Intefini Romb Anmach.

How does it work?
Refine Medium raises video platform standards worldwide and looks like a new model of digital currency. The media adjustment interface is very intuitive and makes video monitoring, downloading and evaluating very easy. This is based on local administration principles and will only be downloaded if the video receives a certain number of votes. The network has a moderator who votes for videos and rewards creators for further evaluation.

This application has the following main features:
Video streaming 24/7 and easy downloads
Automatic compensation with smart contracts
Neutral selection mechanism and prize giving
An average wallet sophistication.
Distributed video storage
Transactions are transparent and safe using XRM token information

Tokens are sold in three stages.
The special sales period will be from May 25, 2019 to June 15, 2019. 15 million XRM tokens will be available. During this time, the beta version of the application will be published.
The pre-sale period for the sale of 30 million tokens will be held from 25,2006,2019 to 15.07.2019.
The ICO will be held from 25 July 2015 to 30 September 2011, with 150 million tokens sold.
The project accepts ETH, BTC, BCH and XRP, and ICO participants do not need to undergo a KYC examination. ICO aims to reach 170,000 ETH. I am


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