Regixium:The use of solar energy for the production of crypto-currency.

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Regixium is a platform that uses the sun as energy for the extraction of crypto currency. This is the most profitable and socially responsible and self-sustaining crypto-infrastructure of the world with a return on investment of 281% per year. All this is possible thanks to unique intelligent devices that are unlimitedly scalable due to efficient, affordable and inexpensive equipment.

At the moment it is the only structure for global mining – not affected by such problems as energy price surges, lack of equipment, government problems or fixed fixed locations. Using decentralization, it is possible to access the most inexpensive sources of energy in the world.

Platform Advantages:

Extreme mobility . This is the only kind of mobile solution that is used in standardized containers and is ready to deploy “plug-and-play” with any intensity of sunlight.

Effective use of solar energy. Reducing the price of solar panels has led to a drop in electricity prices in photovoltaic plants around the world. And in this case, mining units can monetize naturally rich solar energy efficiently.

Remote maintenance. The modern management platform unites all modules in one global decentralized network, which allows the company to efficiently manage the extraction of minerals.

Futuristic cooling system. More than 60 times more efficient than average data centers.

Trading platform. The Regixium trading platform will allow users to trade with insignificant fees.

Safe. Regixium guarantees its customers the security of using their data and provides full transparency. Using modern encryption based on AI, so that your transactions and security are identical, which also means that your advice is never lost or stolen.


Principle of operation:

The project team developed a unique mobile solution deployed in standardized containers and ready for “plug-and-play”. These devices consume electricity from solar panels that are sensitive to different lengths of sunlight and provide higher electricity, so the best prey is a lot of coins.

Regixium runs on a custom interactive trading platform based on AI, which will trade on behalf of the user during authorization.

Regixium has solar crypto generators, which can produce many coins, 85% of the profits from production will be paid weekly to coin holders on a pro rata basis. Regixium believes in the transparency of global crypto-markets. RApp works on the basis of artificial intelligence, which will perform quick transactions if it is allowed by the user, thus guaranteeing the best exchange prices available in the markets.


The RGX symbol is a standard-based character of the Ethereum ERC-20 symbol. The RGX symbols represent the holder’s property.

Token symbol: RGX

Total amount of released tokens: 150 million

The cost of the token is $ 0.25

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH

Period of ICO – August 27, 2018, 12:00 GMT – September 10, 2018, 23:59 GMT

  • Advance sale: 27.08 (12:00 GMT) – 30.08 (11:59:59 GMT).

Cost of the token: 0.25 $

The bonus is 40%

  • ICO:

Stage 1: 30.08 (12:00 GMT) – 03.09 (11:59:59 GMT) The cost is 0.40 $. Bonus 25%

Stage 2: 03.09 (12:00 GMT) – 07.09 (11:59:59 GMT). The cost is 0.50 $. Bonus 15%

Stage 3: 07.09 (12:00 GMT) – 10.09 (23:59:59 GMT). The cost is 0.70 $. There is no bonus.

Soft Cap: $ 5 million

Hard Cap: $ 60 million

Token distribution:



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