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Many investment firms of the world have heavily invested in the Real Estate sector and its future development. It has long been the area of focus and concern for investors and traders all over the world. There are challenges in the industry which have limited the growth of the sector in the world. Lack of quality and reliable property listing platforms, time-consuming process of acquiring and managing properties are a few of the challenges of the real estate industry. There is a need for the transparent and reliable platform which allows people to invest in the real estate sector

Rego is a global real estate platform available on Android, iOS and the Web with registered agents starting in the United States and expanding into Malaysia, Australia and other countries. With REGO, sellers can showcase their properties for free, agents can list properties on the fly, and buyers and tenants have access to more properties than ever before.

This trading platform will allow investors from all over the world to purchase real estate quickly and securely. Payments can be made for different cryptom currencies, bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., including project tokens. Their currency was created primarily to avoid interaction with banks and to offset additional fees and commissions.

The choice of real estate to display on the platform begins with your lease in the United States. The data will be provided by agents and brokers, and then supervised by the REGO command.

The REGO trading platform, backed by modern blockchain technology, will allow investors from all over the world to complete their purchases quickly. Purchase payment can be made using bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptom currencies, including the Rego Token. The chip holders will be responsible for the effective use of the funds as a result of any sales phase.

Characteristics of Rego Platform

It would disrupt the industry and bring about changes in the way real estate is bought, as it would work with intelligent contracts and transactions would be carried out through cryptomontas.

Property listings were verified and verified to ensure that all records are genuine, validated and that all transactions carried out on this platform are transparent.

The platform can be used to list any valuable property that may be from anywhere in the world, but there would be a detection method for such property to be included on the site.

It would be available as a web portal, as well as on mobile devices such as mobile applications.

Those wishing to transact business on such properties may contact registered agents in countries such as Australia, Malaysia, the United States and others.

It would have an intuitive and easy-to-use design that promises ease of use, whether it’s to search the listings or look at property details, make a reservation, etc.


Being REGO an innovative and global platform in the field of real estate trading and with the use of blockchain technology, it is designed to interrupt the traditional real estate market in a truly positive and beneficial way for all users of this platform. It has an application available on Android, iOS and the web. Blockchain technology is used to support the P2P network and verify transactions from the first block to the last block. The 3D virtual tours are provided to consumers before they buy the property. Safety, transparency and immutability are the main features of the platform.

All innovative and unique proprietary development tools and management tools are easily provided to users on the REGO platform. Keeping as a benefit the establishment of reduced transaction fees compared to other platforms in the real estate sector.

Global properties are available on the platform, which was not previously available in the digital environment. It allows the participation of different real estate agents from different parts of the world. By providing access to the ecosystem to people around the world, they will expand the horizon to Malaysia and Europe.

Competitive Advantages

Traditional methods of capital transfer incur relatively high transaction costs regardless of the size of the transaction because banks and financial intermediaries have to address clearing costs. Through the use of blockchain, these costs can be significantly reduced, as there are no intermediaries to impose fees. With a reward mechanism built into the protocol, transfers require only small transaction fees. Everything that happens in the ledger is visible to everyone. It is possible to see everything that has been recorded in the block chain.

The general ledger is monitored by each member of the network. The network verifies and agrees to integrity as a collective on an ongoing basis.

As Blockchain is maintained by a large network of participants, no actor can gain enough influence to submit a fraudulent transaction or successfully alter the recorded data.

Token and ICO

Token symbol: REGO

Token type: ERC-20

Total supply: 55,000,000,000

Current supply: 39,600,000

Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH

Selling Price: 1 ETH = 1,600 REGO

Exchange rate: 1 REGO = 0.000625 ETH = $ 0.53 USD

Time Token Sales

Announcement: January 5th
Whitepaper Release: February 15th
Presale Start: May 14th
Crowdsale Start: June 15th
Crowdsale End: July 31st
Token Distribution: August 1st
Trade Exchange: TBD

Total Funds to be Raised (ETH) :: 20,000
Private Placement Amount (ETH) :: 4.000
Crowdsale Amount (ETH) :: 16.000
Accepted Contribution Form :: Ethereum

Token owners will be responsible for the effective use of the funds as a result of any sales stage. In the future, these tokens can be redeemed for cash. The platform and its functions will serve as a launch pad that provides technological superiority and the use of currencies, but the future value of the tokens will be determined by the overall investment in the project.









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