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REGO is a global real estate platform available on Android, iOS and the Web with registered agents starting in the United States and will be expanded across Malaysia, Australia and other countries. With REGO, sellers can show off their properties for free, agents can include properties at any time, and buyers and tenants have access to more properties than ever before. 
This platform will be available to anyone with a value-based property who will be interested in enrolling in REGO. Listings can come from any country around the world after careful playback.
REGO solves this problem by creating innovative real estate platforms that simplify purchases through smart contracts while utilizing REGO tokens (REGOs) and connecting property sellers, buyers, tenants and agents, enabling them to participate in a $ 217 trillion asset economy
REGO will become a real estate platform globally available on Android, iOS and the Web with registered agents starting in the United States and will be expanded across Malaysia, Australia and other countries.
The REGO feature is a special service that will give its users access to databases with real estate objects, whose value is below market value. Users of REGO will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of the search network. Houses purchased, apartments, and land can be resold to serious investors. Thanks to an innovative approach to structure formation, REGO services will be distinguished by features such as: security: all transactions done within the network will be as transparent as possible. All planned actions will be displayed in a separate section (recording is done in a block chain). Access to it will be available to all users; global: anyone who needs to make a profitable transaction in the real estate market will be able to use the REGO platform. 
All data provided by the user is checked carefully. Thanks to this, other participants receive verified and updated information; Innovation: REGO will revolutionize the scope of modern real estate. Payments for services within the platform framework will be made using REGO tokens (they will be supported by smart contracts). The REGO service will solve many of the problems facing real estate market participants. By using this platform, it would be possible to simplify the order of transactions made at the expense of smart contracts. The REGO Token will bind buyers and sellers. The REGO platform will be available to users across devices (iOS, Android, and also the Web).
 REGO service activities are now conducted in the United States. In the future, it is planned to enter the Malaysian market, Australia. Convenience working on the REGO platform On the REGO platform, registered sellers will be able to demonstrate their objects for free. Tenants, buyers, in turn, will have access to more facilities. Developers pay particular attention to the convenience of using the platform. 
In the work process, each user will evaluate: a thoughtful design: the platform will allow you to perform the necessary actions in seconds; availability of functional tools: working on the REGO site will mean minimum key presses to navigate through the various properties available; the possibility of getting professional support: an experienced team of specialist representatives will help solve the problem of any complexity. 
The REGO platform 
Our platform is designed to simplify searching on various properties and better listings, all secure.
All pages will be designed with a minimum of keys to navigate the various properties we expect to record.
Our support staff will assist you with any questions. They are the best in the industry and will be trained to handle all the requirements of our customers. 
Details ICO 
Publication of white paper February 15
Start presale May 14
Crowdsale Starts June 15
Crowdsale End July 31
Distribution Token 1 August
TBD trade exchange
Total funding should be increased (ETH): 20,000
Personal placement amount (ETH): 4000
Crowdsale Amount (ETH): 16,000
Accepted contribution form: Ethereum
Total REGO Token (REGO): 55.000.000
REGO issued to Presale participants and Crowdsale: 35,000,000 – 39,000,000 (This depends on the level of funds earned during the Bonus days) Bonus
Personal Investment: ETH 4,000 to 2,300 chips per ETH. 9.200.000 REGO Token. 
Pre ICO: 6,000 ETH @ 1,900 chips per ETH. 11.400.000 REGO Token. 
ICO: 10,000 ETH on 1,600 chips per ETH. 16.000.000, Token REGO. 
REGO / Ethereum Rate:
Price for presale
Base rate = 11.4 million REGO / Presale amount (Ethereum)
* USD / Ethereum rate will be announced 1 hour before commencement of period.
Rate for Crowdsale
Baseline = 16.000.000 Total REGO / Crowdsale (Ethereum) 
* USD / Ethereum rate will be announced 1 hour before commencement of period.
Important dates
May 1 to May 13: private placements
May 14 – June 14: Presale
June 15 – July 31: ICO
The Ethereum Fund to be collected during the presale and crowdsale period will depend on Ethereum’s market assessment during each sales period.
More information about Presale and Crowdsale will be announced to all registered participants via email.
* The sale of REGO is not open to United States citizens, Mainland China or Singapore.
72% Crowdsale with funds allocated to the company
18.18% of the company’s chip reserves
9.8% of the Company’s shareholders
40% Source and platform marketing
Reserves 20%
15% Market and Sales Staff, Cost Travel
10% Development cost
10% Admin and Settings
5% Legal and accounting burden
The list of properties and technology development roadmaps below can and will likely change, especially as market conditions fluctuate and the competitive landscape shifts, along with changes in user demand. This roadmap is intended as an outline for how REGO intends to continue to expand and expand the platform to achieve our comprehensive real estate objectives.
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