Reindeer The First Cloud Design Platform in the World.

Why do we need deer?
While demand for cloud computing is growing globally, the service and information leakage is one after another throughout the world.  We believe deer will play a major role in communicating and safer and more creative world.

Reward system that respects the efforts of creators

If more than 18,000 new domains are registered every day [1] all the types of cloud services, there are potential for more than 6.0 million cloud designs per year to materialize for the development of services that will run on that domain.  We look at this design as a valuable wisdom from the human race, and we will collect it continuously by giving a number of appreciable awards (ie, tokens).  By registering their designs on deer, creators will get prizes, which they will be able to use to help from other engineers or from others in the token community.  We expect our reward mechanism to increase to a higher level of ability and engineers to make service a reality.

Free skills in using cloud

If, for example, you will combine online customer support using AI into the services you offer, what cloud services do you need to combine?  And what is the market price for the service?  Open data for free from charge will answer these questions.  Using unique evaluation algorithms and search algorithms, we will provide creators with truly valuable designs, actual designs, not just suggested catalogs for advertising purposes or abstract design patterns.

Platform that has never been seen


CDML, a revolutionary design language

We compiled a completely new design language – CDML (Cloud Design Markup Language) – to express cloud design.  While CDML is a revolutionary user-centered design, the people will be able to use it with minimum learning costs so that they can expand existing languages ​​such as Cloud Formation.
reindeer token

“Reindeer tokens,” made possible by blockchain

The token publishing and distribution system that is made feasible by blockchain technology will expressly support the awarding of content creators and the use of the prize.  The transparent and transparent distribution of gifts is precisely the key to enabling the distribution of cloud design, in the form of open data, which is not the same of the interests or intentions of advertising.

Workflow systems that are suitable for organizational challenges

Although deer is a service intended for all individuals, it is also suitable for organizational challenges – such as parties and quality audits – that arise in service development processes in the company.  That’s because we know that the most superior quality designs fall asleep in organizations such as corporate IT departments.  So we will build a valuable world of design, and where everyone’s knowledge can be utilized.

ICO deer project information

Heart: RDT (deer token) 0x8E49085343bF64522Be60ff83FD5E99939fC1aC4
* * This address is the RDT token itself.  Don’t ‘send’ eth to this address.
Platform: Ethereum
Receive: ETH
White Register Registration Place:
Starting from Pre-ICO (Bonus: + 80%): 20 of.  2018 04:00:00 GMT
Starting from the first term ICO (Bonus: + 50%): March 4 2019 04:00:00 GMT
Starting from the second semester of ICO (Bonus: + 25%): March 11 2019 04:00:00 GMT
Starting from term 3 ICO (Bonus: + 10%): March 18 2019 04:00:00 GMT
Starting from the 4th ICO period: March 25 2019 04:00:00 GMT
ICO End: March 31, 2019 04:00:00 GMT
Price Tokens: 1 RDT = 0.001ETH
Soft Cap: 4,000ETH
Hard Cap: 200,000ETH
Min per subscription: 2.0ETH
Max.  Per subscription: 40,000ETH
Token allocation
ICO: 50%
Gift 5%
Advisor & Accelerator 10%
Community, Business Developer. 5%
Team 10%
Fund holding 20%

Use of Results
Marketing 40%
Development 30%
Legal & Admin 8%
Paid Contentent 2%
Contributor 20%

Professional Team


Founder / CEO
Before appearing alone in 2011, Shintaro Hara worked as an executive at several system development companies, where he was involved in developing new business and management of the development department.  He carried out development work for the Utilization projects that Google joined technical advisors, as well as for online services using IaaS and the likes of many Japanese clients and public institutions.  He believes that he is active in the development of society and the self-actualization of engineers, and has a work introducing machine learning, natural language and image processing, and geographic information systems.  He has been an engineer for more than 15 years. He is the technical supervisor of the Definitive Guide to Plone.  As he pondered the difficult problem of cloud computing and explored ways to distribute open design, Yuki Ikeda – who quickly recognized the potential of the blockchain – reaching Hara, who realized that they must join forces to work on their ideas.  They brought Toshihisa Nakamizu, who excelled in project implementation, and began working on deer.


Producer of Co-Founder / Co-Representative
Yuki Ikeda is a graduate of the University of Tokyo.  While at the University, he majored in material design studies and used data science, including physical properties databases, first calculations, and neural networks, to study what would be the strongest metal composition for use in nuclear reactors.  He is aware of the potential for open access and open data as public goods.
In 2011, he joined Recruit Co., Ltd.  (parent company of Indeed Inc.), where he became an engineer, was responsible for developing project directions such as hotpepperBeauty, car sensors, and Rikunabi NEXT.  Independently of this work, he also founded a coastal development company in Vietnam. Thinking that he could use the blockchain to visualize the value of information such as human knowledge and wisdom, create a new economic environment, and solve social problems, he reached out to Hara and started this project.


Co-Founder / Project Manager
After graduating from university, Toshihisa Nakamizu worked on a large-scale project in the software company in the role of a system engineer.  He also carried out project management at KAYAC Inc.  He gained experience in many projects, most of them related to online promotions for Japanese clients.  Left after KAYAC Inc., he started COMPASS Co., Ltd.  “I want to make small inconveniences more comfortable, even just a little.” It was Nakamizu’s motivation to develop more comfortable, from restaurants and kindergartens to the nursing homes and neighborhoods of vegetable shops.  At the same time, he joined the LIG to help build the team. He is responsible for bringing the joint production team through team building and organizational development.  After two years with LIG,


After resigning from Waseda University, Shogo Tsuruda became a designer at a company that was mainly involved in creating and operating e-commerce sites.  He then moved to IMJ Corporation, where he made many websites for domestic clients.  In 2016, he was attacked himself and founded the Lara Staraxia.  He works as a web and UI designer for various clients, from domestic clients to startups.


Graduates, Waseda College of Political Sciences and
Economic Lawyers in law,
Director of Grow-will International Legal Entity,
CEO of Mirai Challenge, Inc.  , SAMURAI PTE INNOVATION.  Ltd. (Singapore company)
During his years of study he gained experience in business development and business services, finally placing these skills to work as a lawyer specializing in the IT industry.  Japanese lawyers who are experienced in virtual currency law.


CMO at Bient Technologies and has worked with more than 75 ICOs, consulted with them and held marketing positions in several of these projects.  Every customer must have good choices and I try to ensure the value for all my clients.  With experience working with many clients, he aspires to change the existing ideology towards sales.  A person with entrepreneurial skills, he hopes to develop various business processes.

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