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The development of banking technology has been very rapid. Technology that certainly facilitates our lives. Take for example the existence of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that makes it easy for customers to withdraw funds without having to queue at the teller. Or if you want to make transactions without involving cash, currently the banking system has provided facilities such as sms banking, mobile banking to internet banking. Only with the gadget capital in hand, sitting nicely, financial transactions can be done.

The REMCO Token Generating Platform API allows each licensed money transmitter to program tokens that can be programmed to move values, and utilize master devices at speed and scale, while offering innovative compensation for all participants in transactions.
Remittances for remittances
REMCO tokens bind money senders and recipients of money, similar to how cellphones connect two people. The REMCO platform provides infrastructure, pipelines, enabling money transfer companies to print and customize their own tokens globally on a revolutionary open source platform designed to provide speed, compliance and transparency.
REMCO’s margin token uses a revolutionary money transfer token with an open source platform that allows global money transfer companies to repair and adjust their own tokens.
Why choose Remco
The REMCO Token solution is built using Multichain and includes a self-service platform for B2B, which will not only allow money transmitters to enjoy the benefits of DLT using existing networks with cash, but also expand its network, encouraging REMCO to reopen the process for routes with corner agents.
Money transmitters have limited and limited choices to build and expand their business on other rails.
Traditional money transfers are slow for money translators and their clients. The new block chain approach is slower than many existing centralized systems.
Many corridors are still very expensive and the small transfer price is stupid. This cryptocurrency system that is blocked requires repair, is not efficient and cannot be scaled.
Stakeholders in the cash transfer process increasingly enrage low-paying jobs, resulting in less participation and fewer consumer choices.
Conventional platforms have too high entry barriers for partner networks; REMCO overcomes this shortcoming.
Technical failures can disable all partner networks on a centralized platform until the cause is discovered and corrected.
Platform Remco
Choose to transfer money to build your business with technology that is appropriate for their use and aimed at their pain points, using programmable tokens that can work on our global money transfer platform.
REMCO uses non-blocking stitches where transactions basically test themselves, providing the speed needed to increase.
REMCO works on distributed ledger technology, known as the Multichain block chain.
Our solution does not involve miners to verify transactions and receive payments. Even micropayment can be available!
REMCO markers are considered quantum evidence, although this is an additional subject from research and studies.
Reengineering processes in monetary agents
REMCO Prepaid solutions require less time to sell than THIS method, offer bonus commissions and provide customers with exceptional control and value. Data analysis allows you to combine multiple networks.
REMCO uses the Blockchain Protocol which does not require third party POWs and almost no fees. The result is non-parallel speed and cost savings for users.
With more than a decade of experience with payment receipts and banking infrastructure, our platform operates!
No longer waiting for batch processes or other slow payment processes
We simplify the transaction process for agents and even offer the possibility of bonus commissions based on the sender’s preferences
The elements of the platform will eventually become smarter thanks to AI, and the unique platform itself is the result of more than a decade of experience building and operating platforms for money transfers and payments, integrating them with banks, bank switches and other infrastructure providers, and compliance with Central banks
Transfer token sales.
REMCO Software Inc. The ICO plans to finance the development of a distributed production token project. This fund will help improve the model’s existing value maps for the decentralized, decentralized, decentralized network to obtain licenses to existing VTNGlobal and new money transfer partners and to VTNGlobal. it is important related to the plan to sell utility tokens and an explanation of the conditions and structures that govern the distribution of tokens and sales
Price and mechanism for selling tokens.
The maximum token value is $ 0.08 per money transfer.
Remitent sales will consist of three main stages, as described below.
The REMCO software is designed to accommodate various interests with the sales of the Tokens involved. The number of tokens available in private sales will be closed to maintain the token value. The company plans to provide additional discounts to depositors for the sale of tokens that are comparable to their transition period (see discount). The company must provide all information about procedures, implementation and procedures for payment methods, AML / KYC, supported on the website.

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