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REME-Coin Announcements

Simply pay with REME-Coins and get 100% cashback on everything you buy – anywhere in the world. REME-Coins are supported by real value and have the perfect reason to spend. REME-Coins gives you access to the company center by making user data collected. 

REME-Coins is used as an extraordinary investment opportunity because of these 6 unique key facts:

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1. Coins Repaired by Real Value

Every REME-Coin gives access to various fees in the payment market.These ads will always have certain values. Therefore, every REME-Coin will have a value in the beginning. This provides high price stability for REME-Coins. 

2. Easy Cashback, Fast & High

People want money back. Most people (55 percent) spend 2 hours per week finding special offers, coupons and cashback transactions. With REME-Coins all purchases – online and offline – qualify up to 100 percent cashback, only with the money. Thanks to REME-Coin membership worldwide as a payment tool, users will benefit from the full cashback function anywhere. 

3. Claim the benefits of your data

REME-Coin has a finger on the pulse in many aspects. People are increasingly worried about user data being sold. REME-Coins gives strength and control to people who start all user data to benefit themselves. In this way, REME-Coin will establish itself as a new standard in the world of shopping and cashback. This can even make a big move around the world – with our community that has been ruined now. 

4. Exclusive Access to New Ad Formats Advertisers

and retailers will not only benefit from large profits from the payment market. I will also have exclusive access to innovative and effective ad formats through REME-Coin. This will encourage the whole world for REME-Coins.

5. The Appreciation Perspective of REME-Coin

Every REME-Coin will provide access to various fees in the payment market. Prices released from REME-Coin will be below the market price for the same price. Therefore, REME-Coin provides a very positive function because the contacts made by REME-Coin will become more and more valuable. 

6 .. 1. Payment Methods for Markets

Market Operators can only receive funds from customers under certain legal conditions. For this reason, the sales commission must be billed separately to the seller. Recently, moral market payment providers are sharing payments immediately. However, we don’t know the solution for cryptographic currencies. In the field of cryptocurrency, REME-Coin will be the first and only coin that allows this process to market.


Start date: 01/03/2018

Finish date: 15/05/2018

Change investment in

Price problem
1 REME = 0.40 CHF

Minimum transaction amount
100 CHF (= 250 REME-Coins added bonus)

Minimum amount limited to REME-Coin (Soft Cap)
There is no

limit to the maximum number of REME-Coin (Hard Cap)

distribution of remecoin funds

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