Hello Friend, I will explain the project (money transfer) now. REMIIT confirms that the blockchain is actually a blockchain of money transfer and a benchmark adoption that can be used for business services that already work with the payment provider. The REMIIT platform aims to innovate and provide a diverse range of services as a catalyst for the development and innovation of a more efficient structure for international remittance and payment. “Remit in globalization and payment dispersion through catalyst transfer”

REMII hopes to provide instant portals. This is not the most widely used route at present and is the only route for you. This project opens when you select a road closure point. The open path will take you to the closing destination in the blink of an eye and you will get the destination. Even the cost of a vacation is much cheaper than usual.
When REMIT faced globalization, inter-state barriers were reduced and global interaction between people and goods became more comfortable. In particular, due to the increase in the Internet, the range of remittance transactions and overseas commissions is rapidly increasing. Although huge markets have stimulated monopoly monetary systems, the barriers between customers are still excessive and transparency remains a permanent problem. First, while systems such as the SWIFT network do not make “foreign currency remittance” transactions slow and effective, fund transfer operators such as banks and non-bank Fintech organizations have limited scalability and development.
Also, when we investigate, the “exchange rate” that emerges when discussing global financial problems depends on political and economic hobbies among nations. In this situation, there are many revolutionary efforts to destroy the inefficient structure through application science based mainly on blockchain. The core knowledge of the first-generation block chain is used to maintain transparency and security through distributed led technology.
Problems reproducible for troubleshooting:
For the time being we have discussed above that the long distance of the place of payment and the method of price have various problems. This is a true story related to the current monetary structure and lifestyle. This problem has been repeatedly and consistently improved with the help of several groups working on a block-chain-based solution.
Remittance, of course, remittance ability. But this is the lexical meaning of the dictionary. From a business perspective, remittance is not an easy remittance, but an additional payment, and it also extends to “what happens when you send money”. From this perspective, you will see a resentment against this problem. The remote cost of money remained in remote locations where remote market remittances were derived from issues related to alternatives and use.
How to fix the problem:
Thanks to this ecosystem infrastructure, each participant can create many channels to solve existing problems. Ultimately, the barriers of previous foreign trade ecosystems will be overcome by using fewer channels, the market will grow and the business will grow.
The first revolutionary blockade was bitkoyn and was used to fill in at once with the help of millions of people. The second revolution is in the block chain. Blockchain is tested, used, and interrelated in a variety of industries.
In addition, financial companies as well as companies from diverse industries want to stick to their knowledge of block chain technology in a variety of fields. 
In this sense, blocks are likely to be commercialized in the near future. 
This technology, like the Internet, should be more intimate and greener in the world than in the money field. REMIT will create new types of companies and opportunities that never existed, and we need to experience them.
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