Decentralized Remiittance and Payment  

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Hello, friends and guests from my blog. Meet a decent Remiit project. At present, the scope of various money transfers and payments has not been fully open to decentralized work styles and interactions with customers through the P2P platform. Although, it seems strange, on the contrary, this area must be the first where blockchain must be formed through various channels, but not here, so friends have just begun.

There are many problems in existing transfer systems, namely many commercial sites that charge large interest rates from their customers. Thanks to the intelligent contract specifically for Remiit, this area will move to a new level, and in the future, blockchain technology will smoothly move to real business services that will implement this innovative technology model. All infrastructure will be developed dynamically using unique tokens.

The project’s mission is clear – to solve the problem of trust between customers and large companies, to improve all processes of interaction with Finance.

Work uses the Remiit payment gateway, where the payment process will take place without bank and intermediary participation.

Development plan for the coming years

2018 (Third quarter) – holds private sales

2018 (fourth quarter) – General sales. Everyone can invest

2019 (First quarter) – Development of Remiit Wallet

2019 (Second quarter) – DEX implementation

2019 (Third quarter) – Development of the Remiit Linker application. Expand partnerships

2019 (fourth quarter) release from Remiit wallet

2020 (this is the fourth quarter) – Partnership with major supplier payments

2021 (First quarter), Extension services and connection between partners and future ecosystems



We discussed above that payment methods and pricing in urban areas have various problems. This is a true story related to the current monetary structure and lifestyle, which is considered a matter of time and again, using various groups that have worked on block-based solutions.

Payment must determine the ability to send money. However, this is a lexic meaning in the dictionary. From a business point of view, cattle not only compensate for easy transfers but also payments, and then also “what happens if we send something.” REMIIT comes from these problems: there is a problem of lowered repetition location costs in large-scale distance remittance markets far away, coming from «issues related to alternatives and usage.

Here are some problems that try to overcome our platform  :


Reliability and security issues

Cost effectiveness (Commission and Efficiency)

Infrastructure problems


REMIIT intends to introduce commercial business «what happens when we send something» from a new perspective. This is where REMIIT’s private ecosystem is based entirely on blockade technology knowledge. REMIIT designed REMIIT Smart Contract to efficiently scale the system. Every participant in the REMIIT ecosystem is placed in the middle of a business relationship.

With the infrastructure of this ecosystem, each participant can make various channels to overcome current problems. In the end, barriers from the foreign trade ecosystem before will be overcome by using more than a few channels, expanding markets and developing businesses.

ICO program and token economy

This project includes a two-level token system: REMI & REMD

REMI tokens will be traded on various exchanges and function as a utility that is changed to REMEDY. Speaking of REMD tokens, that means a decentralized exchange and is used in foreign blockchain from the money transfer system.

This development is based on the ERC-20 Protocol

What is the distribution of tokens like?

40% – allocated for sale

2% – for the community

5% is allocated to partners

5% – Advisers and PR companies

10% – Internal Funds

10% – for internal market development

13% Reserve

15% – Assigned to the project team

One token fee: $ 0.01

SoftCap – 5 000 000 $

HardCap – 20 000 000 $

The ICO Pre will take place until 2 October 2018

The Crowd Sale stage starts on 8 October and will run until 11 November 2018

A personal ICO is being carried out
Pre-September ICO 2018 to October 2018
Public ICO October 2018 to November 2018

Introduction to the team

Official source

White paper:
Youtube: .com / channel / UCGBJIwJfeuJkAXIIKYFYIzg

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