Optimization of remittances with Remiit ICO 

If you choose the final destination from the road, we offer you the opportunity to open it.
An open route will direct you to your final destination in an instant and allow you to reach your destination.
Even the cost of reaching a vacation home is suddenly cheaper than the course you are using.



When facing globalization, various obstacles between countries have diminished and global interaction between people and goods has become extraordinary. Especially because of the increase in the internet, the volume of overdraft transactions and foreign fees has increased rapidly. However, while such a large market encourages monopolistic monetary institutions, obstacles between excessive customers and transparency remain a constant problem. First, foreign transactions end and are not effective because of systems such as the SWIFT network, while money transfer operators such as banks and non-bankfintech organizations have limitations in scalability and extension.

Furthermore, the exchange rate that arises when world finances are discussed changes when we investigate political and economic hobbies between countries. Under these circumstances, there are many revolutionary efforts to destroy inefficient construction through applied science based primarily on blockades. The core technology knowledge of the first generation blockchain is transparency and security through Distributed Ledger Technology.



We discussed above that payment methods and pricing in urban areas have various problems. This is a true story related to the current monetary structure and lifestyle, which is considered a matter of time and again, using various groups that have worked on block-based solutions.

Payment must determine the ability to send money. However, this is a lexic meaning in the dictionary. From a business point of view, cattle not only compensate for easy transfers but also payments, and then also “what happens if we send something.” REMIIT comes from these problems: there is a problem of lowered repetition location costs in large-scale distance remittance markets far away, coming from «issues related to alternatives and usage.

Here are some problems that try to overcome our platform  :


Reliability and security issues

Cost effectiveness (Commission and Efficiency)

Infrastructure problems



REMIIT intends to introduce commercial business «what happens when we send something» from a new perspective. This is where REMIIT’s private ecosystem is based entirely on blockade technology knowledge. REMIIT designed REMIIT Smart Contract to efficiently scale the system. Every participant in the REMIIT ecosystem is placed in the middle of a business relationship.

With the infrastructure of this ecosystem, each participant can make various channels to overcome current problems. In the end, barriers from the foreign trade ecosystem before will be overcome by using more than a few channels, expanding markets and developing businesses.

REMIIT Smart Contract

Tier Token System: How to solve Crypto Paradox

Expansion after REMIIT Payment Gateway Protocol



At present, more than a few attempts are being made to commercialize the blockade, so it’s time for the REMIIT Ecosystem to play an important role in completing and paying for remote locations. Unlike before when the SWIFT Code was taken for granted, many fintech companies tried to consolidate more than a few packages and programs to handle problems originating from the SWIFT code.



The first revolution block is Bitcoin and is used to load and for payments with the help of millions of people. The second revolution is in the blockage itself. Blockchain is tested and applied in various industries and is related to each other. In addition, companies from a variety of different industries aim to consider knowledge blocking blocks in various fields, not just financial companies.

In this sense, it looks like the blockchain will be commercialized in the near future. This technology, similar to the Internet, should make the world more connected and environmentally friendly, not only in the monetary sector, but also in many regions. A new type of company and opportunities that do not exist before will be made and we must experience it.

A personal ICO is being carried out
Pre-September ICO 2018 to October 2018
Public ICO October 2018 to November 2018

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