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We hope to give you a teleportation portal. This route is no longer used, it is the route provided for you.

If you choose the destination of the closing path, we will give you the option to open it.

An open route will help you reach your destination.

Even the cost of reaching a vacation is much cheaper than you know.

We hope to provide you this way.


In the face of globalization, a series of hurdles between countries have diminished and global interactions between humans and goods have become very practical. Especially because of the increase in the internet, the range of remittances and transactions abroad has increased rapidly. Although the huge market has been created a monopolistic monetary institution, the obstacles between customers remain excessive and continue to be a constant problem. First, “overseas” transactions are slow and efficient because of such systems as the SWIFT network, while money transfers operators such as organizations and non-bank organizations have scalability restrictions.

In addition, the “exchange rate” that appears in the global financial debate changes when we examine the political and economic leisure between countries. In this situation, there are many revolutionary techniques, especially blockchain-based. The basic technology knowledge of the first generation blockchain is transparency and security through distributed ledger technology.


We have discussed the remittance methods and pricing of remote locations now present various problems. This is a true story related to the current monetary structure and lifestyle, which is considered a problem that repeatedly arises with the help of several groups who have worked on blockchain-based solutions.

Remittance is of course the ability to send money. However, this is a lexical meaning in the dictionary. From a business perspective, money transfers are not only easy transfers, but also payments and extend to “what happens when we send and get something”. REMIIT sees this problem from this perspective. Issues of remote places cost in a large market scale from remittances in remote locations, originating from “problems and alternatives to use.

You will find some of the problems below that we want to solve.

* Reliability and security issues

* Profitability problems (Commission and Effectiveness)

* Infrastructure problems


REMIIT intends to innovate a business company “what happens when we send and receive something” in a new perspective. This is where REMIIT’s private ecosystem, based entirely on block chain technology knowledge, is formed. REMIIT designed REMIIT smart contracts so that the system can develop efficiently. Every participant in the REMIIT ecosystem is at the center of a business relationship.

With the infrastructure of this ecosystem, each participant can use various channels to overcome current problems. In the end, the ecosystem barriers to foreign trade precedents will be overcome by using more than a few channels, the market will develop and increase activity.

* REMIIT Smart contracts

* Token level system: how to solve the paradox of cryptography

* REMIIT Payment Gateway protocol extension

At present, more than a few attempts have been made to commercialize blockchain, so REMIIT is an ecosystem that plays an important role in the delivery and payment of distant places. Unlike before, when the SWIFT code was taken for granted, many financial technology companies have tried to build several packages and to manage problems associated with SWIFT code.


The first blockchain revolution is Bitcoin and is used for fees and to send money with the help of millions of people. The second revolution is on the blockchain itself. Blockchain is tested and used in various industries and in relation to each other. In addition, the financial companies are not only financial companies, but companies from various sectors working to observe the technological expertise of blockchain in various fields.

In this sense, it looks like the blockchain will be marketed in the near future. This technology, similar to the internet, must make the world bound and respectful of the environment, not only in the monetary sector, but also in many regions. New types of society and pre-existing possibilities created and we need to experiment with them.


Personal ICO is underway

Pre-September ICO 2018 to October 2018

Public ICO October 2018 to November 2018


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