Why should there be Remiit? you need to know the purpose of the Remiit Team itself is to solve the problem of trust between businesses.
Based on the experience report that the Remit Team received as BluepanNet (MTO). Where the Remiit team has found a lot of problems in terms of sending money abroad. In this problem the Remit Team intervened and wanted to deal with the complaint and what happened.
Remiit’s own features are divided into 3 (three) parts, namely:
First, Blockchain integration with today’s commercial systems.
Second, stabilize the token.
And finally, Develop an Infrastructure for Linkers, (For example, MTOs. Financial Institutions).
These 3 features make it easy for money senders to send money that is no longer a problem and safe too. Great isn’t it. Because this goal is very good and you don’t need to hesitate or take longer to use Remit.

Remiit & Technology Platform
Remiit also has platforms and technology, the Adoption Remiit Blockchain platform is useful for unfriendly or open money transfers and payment sectors for the adoption of decentralization and current P2P interactions. Through Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts, Remiit will make sure to be the benchmark for Adoption BlockChain where BlockChain can be used in the case of actual businesses that work with Money transfers and payment providers that have been previously available.

Smart Contract Remiit
Smart contracts that can be configured for Sekala Kecil depositors (ex. MTO, financial institutions are intended to expand with an easy way to establish partnerships with foreign linkers through this trust-based smart Contract. As I mentioned above.

Gateaway Remiit Payment 
Protocol interface to provide payments that can be utilized by the Blockchain Remiit Remittance system as a means of processing hassle-free payments through the Bank.

Main Focus

Blockchain technology will provide many benefits. But there are still many assignments about how or how to approach users so this hl can actually happen. Because Remiit himself admitted that it was useless if he had a great technology that was reliable in any field but was not used or utilized properly, so Remiit aimed for “customer experience” which exceeded “usability”

That is the function of Remiit with its usefulness which aims both to solve problems that exist with sophisticated technology and do not need to think long. And then I will explain about the ICO and the distribution of the Token.

Initial Token Distribution

Sale Proceed Allocation

More Information Check In
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