Hello friends, I’ll explain about the project (bailiwick). REMIIT sure to be a benchmark decision blockchain blockchain which can be used for business services actually work with money transfer and payment providers, which already exist. REMIIT platform is designed to be a revolutionary initiative as a catalyst to develop more effective and innovative structures for international money transfers and payments, and providing various services in each country. «Remiit as a catalyst of globalization through remittance and payment decentralized» REMII hopes to give you a teleportation portal. These lines are currently not widely used, it is only for your service. If you select the destination road is closed, this project will enable you to open it. The open service will deliver you to your destination in a moment, closing his eyes and allows you to get your goals. Even the cost to reach destinations much cheaper than usual, you vedaetse.Ab REMIIT: If a person puts globalization, various barriers between countries have been reduced and global connectivity of people and goods is becoming more convenient. Mainly due to the increase in net, assortment and value of cash transactions abroad are soaring. Despite the fact that the market is very large, as it stimulated the monopoly money institutions, and the barriers between customers still excessively and transparency remains a problem in any case. First, the transaction is a “foreign remittances” slow and inefficient, because of the system, such as the SWIFT network and remittance operators, such as banks and nonbanks FinTech have limited scalability and razvitstsya.Akramya of “exchange” that arise when discussing the financial world changed when we checked out, it depends on the political and economic interests between the two countries. In this situation, there were many attempts to undermine the revolutionary inefficient building through applied research, primarily based on blockchain. Basic knowledge blockchain first generation of the technology used to be transparency and security through Distributed Lezhera.REMIIT LOOKING technology to solve the problem: For some time we have discussed above, the distance in the field of payment and pricing methods have various problems. This is the real story, which is associated with the structure of money and a way of life today, which was seen as a problem, that repeatedly and constantly improved by several groups working on the basis of blockchain.Zalichenne making known the ability of remittances. However, this lexical meaning in the dictionary. From a business perspective, remittances are not just a simple transfer, but also additional payments, but also extends to “what happens when we send and holding something.» REMIIT appear at the problem from this point of view: there are recurring problems are a secluded place on a large scale, long-term spot market of money transfers, which are revealed through the “problems associated with alternative and vykarystannya.RAShENNE problems: REMIIT intends to introduce innovations into commercial enterprises,” what happens when we passes m and get something “from a new perspective. This is the place where personal REMIIT ecosystem is based entirely on technological know-how blockchain technology. REMIIT developed smart REMIIT contract that the system effectively scale. Each participant REMIIT ecosystem central business adnosin.Dyakuyuchy this ecosystem infrastructure, each participant can make a lot of channels to solve the existing problems. In the end, the resistance of the external trade earlier ecosystem will be addressed through the use of more than a few channels, the market will develop, and the business will rastsi.BLOCKCHAIN: The first revolution bitkoyn block and is used to fill immediately conveyed by millions of people. The second revolution in the circuit blocks. Blockchain tested and used in various industries and related to each adnym.Akramya addition, more than financial companies, but, in addition,
In this sense, it is likely that the unit will be available in the near future. 
This technology, like the Internet, it is supposed to make the world more connected, and environmentally friendly, and not only in the money sector, but also in various fields. Remit will create a kind of new companies and opportunities like never before, and we should try yago.REMIIT ICO: 



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Telegram: remiit
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