Complete the Trust Issue among Businesses

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Hello, friends and guests from my blog. Meet a decent Remiit project. At present, the scope of various money transfers and payments has not been fully open to decentralized work styles and interactions with customers through the P2P platform. Although, it seems strange, on the contrary, this area must be the first where blockchain must be formed through various channels, but not here, so friends have just begun.
Why Must Have Remiit?
You need to know the purpose of the Remiit Team itself is to solve the problem of trust between businesses.
Based on experience reports received by the Remit Team as BluepanNet (MTO). Where the Remiit team found many problems sending money abroad. In this case, the Remit Team floats and wants to handle complaints and what will happen.
The remit feature itself is divided into 3 (three) parts, namely:
> First, Blockchain integration with today’s commercial systems.
> Second, to strengthen tokens.
> And finally, Build Infrastructure for Linkers, (For example, MTO Financial Institutions).
These three features make it easier for the sender to send money that is no longer a problem and is safe. Great not. Because this target is very good and you don’t need to hesitate or take longer to use Remit.
Remiit & Platform Technology
The Remiit also has platforms and technology, the Blockchain Remiit Adoption platform is useful for unfriendly or open money transfers and payment sectors for the implementation of decentralization and current P2P interaction. With Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts, the Remiit ensures that a benchmark for blockchain adoption that blockchain can use in actual business cases that works on money transfers and payment providers is available in advance.
Smart Contract Contract
smartly configured for depositors at Small scale (eg MTO, financial institutions are intended to expand easy ways to build partnerships with foreign links through contract-based trust agreements.
Gateaway Remiit payments
The protocol interface to provide payments available for the Blockchain Transfer Remittance system as a payment processing facility without payment through the Bank.
Main focus
Blockchain technology will provide many benefits. But there is a lot of homework about how or how to approach users so that it really happens. Because Remiit himself admits that there is no point in whether he has good technology that can be relied on in any field but is not used or used properly, Remiit aims to “customer experience” outside of “usability”
That is the function of Remiit with its purpose aimed both at solving problems with advanced technology and no longer having to think long. And then I will explain about the distribution of ICOs and Tokens.
A personal ICO is being carried out
Pre-September ICO 2018 to October 2018
Public ICO October 2018 to November 2018

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