REMME: Providing security for digital sphere

This venture fills in as a business advocate against digital cyber security and keeps up data cleanliness. This is necessary, on the grounds that from everyday the stream of data increases. Achievement in protectionism and business security!

On account of the Internet today, we can trade data rapidly and cost-successfully. Consistently in excess of two hundred million individuals are associated with the system. As per conjectures, before the finish of 2018 the quantity of gadgets with Internet access will achieve twenty billion. Without a doubt, the biggest data condition can not stay without legitimate insurance, and Remme simply does not give such an opportunity

As indicated by the designers, the venture is executed with a specific end goal to ensure that it is difficult to break into an autopilot self-impelled vehicle to keep the start of organic assaults utilizing one workstation to prevent programmers from bargaining the consequences of presidential decisions, and so on

Organizations around the globe are experiencing tremendous loss due to cyber attacks from hackers. As indicated by Forbes explore, the cost of digital wrongdoing by 2019 will achieve two trillion dollars. Remme made a perfect blend of instruments without a username to shield you and your business from this sort of assaults.

The organization tackles security issues by actualizing decentralized open key frameworks in based of the blockchain. This approach gives clients an approach to oversee PKI with an abnormal state of security and every one of the advantages of a decentralized dispersed framework.

The creators distinguish the following advantages:

– Lack of a centralized database of declarations and keys because of the prohibition of the likelihood of trade off;

– No confinements on the API and lockin;

– Additional expenses and commissions are not charged;

– Exclusion of arrangement inside programming;

– Fast and secure procedure of dissemination of open keys;

– Fast and secure process for disavowal of the endorsement;

– Single purpose of trust for various frameworks;

– Legal limitations and state mediation are being leveled.

Road map

The idea began in 2015. By 2018, the task came to sanctioning the structure, growing the group, propelling open deals. A ton of extra highlights and specialized highlights were produced, which you can discover in the Whitepaper of the venture.

By 2019 it is planned:

– Opening of additional offices in countries such as Tokyo and Singapore. Hence, it implies the involvement of responsible personnel for sales in this market;

– Attracting additional people to the marketing department;

– Hiring support services for these regions;

– Once every three months, it is planned to organize events and campaigns on security in the network;

– Residents of Ukraine will get a unique opportunity to become specialists of the project, having received lessons on cyber security.


 Tokens REM and ICO

Project Tokens are designed to perform the function of a pre-order key, which allows you to access the software.

The total supply is about 1 billion units. Hard cap is equal to twenty million dollars, when the soft cap is 480 thousand dollars. The initial price is 0.04 dollars. We accept such crypto-currencies as Bitcoin and Etherium.

Public sales began in February 2018, and the end date is unknown. Anyone from all over the world can take part in sales.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:

Use of funds:

Bonus structure:

The project team

Detailed information about each participant, as well as contact information can be found at:


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