Advances in technology perpetuate to impact all areas of our society, including business. These advances will help solve everyday quandaries and increase our efficiency. Blockchain technology is the sultry topic at the moment, mostly because it’s the underlying technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies go together like the Internet and email, but in the same way that you can do more with the Internet than just send emails, you can do more with blockchain than just storing bitcoin. The most facile way to cerebrate of blockchain is as an incipient type of database which can’t be corrupted or compromised. The blockchain itself is distributed across a number of different hosts which denotes that even if one version of the ledger is corrupted or compromised, the other instances will remain unaffected. As Blockchain technology becomes more popular, an incipient workflow automation technology was engendered – smart contracts.
In order to understand smart contracts, we first have to understand the value of Blockchain. It is infamous enough in itself for its innate notoriety in the cognition curve. Smart contracts can then make or break whatever one has learned in Blockchain. The resplendency, though, with this is that business transactions are now more transparent. Each involved utilizer will then visually perceive the respective operations of each transaction, so that the latter becomes much more optimized. Fortuitously, there are platforms such as Renc blockchain.

Renc blockchain is a systematic Crypto-Currency that is constructed to take advantage of its value by establishing a considerable progressive position in terms of processing speed and security / stability. RetalCurrency(RENC) was maded to create and maintain social value through production activities based on user’s platform, smart trading activities and business environment, contribution to community, and creator’s efforts to mutually share the benefits for the effectiveness of the overall rental service.

Renc platform features
RENC is designed with the below main functions
#Low instability. First, the RENC platform is designed to be traded by forecasting demand and supply so that secure transactions in daily payments and selected commodity exchanges constitute smart transactions and convenient, cryptocurrency can be used.

#Offer of multi-functional wallet. As the primary interface of the RENC platform, it is equipped with all the necessary equipment and functions in the world’s most popular cryptographic markets.

#Integrated market. The RENCmarketplace is designed to connect both customers and service providers and help each other.

#Built-in tower P2P switching system. The RENC platform is a smart contract exchange system with built-in P2P

#Premium token. Premium tokens can only be purchased during the ICO period. One premium token is awarded for 10,000 RENC purchases, which allows the buyer to obtain the highest token value in RENC.

#Gameplay. Every three hours, users may wonder what the current RENC value to USD will be, which is an event where the user who answers to the nearest approximation (in line with the trades most traded amount) will get additional coins.

Benefits of Renc platform
RENC platform benefits is :

<>To provide stable value with little volatility
<>Demand-based coin distribution
<>Distributing fair coins in the community
<>Block-Chain Technology and Smart Agent-based real-Time Availability of Distributed Platforms.

Renc has 3 token that will used for their mode of operation in market, the token were as follows:

  1. Content Compensation
  2. Reputation Compensation
    3.Compensation for advertising

Renc Roadmap

ICo structure

RENCFoundation Investments-50%

●Stabilization fund-25%
●Team member salary-16%
●Futuredevelopment of RENC platform-4%
●Marketing, PR, Strategy Growth-5%

Renc Team

Conclusively, Renc is a cryptographic money stage with different yearning designs. they are bending over backward to wind up more steady and coordinated with the worldwide economy by making it less demanding and simpler to get to promoted and scrambled money. they trust that when you go along with them in the enormous changes that they are bringing along and wish you in supporting them as they endeavor to accomplish considerably more prominent objectives. I think putting resources into Renc is a more noteworthy open door for all speculators.

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