Save the World from Economic and Environmental Problems

Hello everyone, especially for crypto communities around the world, on this good occasion I will introduce a project that I think is very special, supported by brilliant ideas.

Let’s get to know this project even more.

What is a Plan? 
The Future of the Blockchain PL

The blockchain plan starts with interest in vehicles and mobile platforms that can be shared

which can be available to apply to anyone. Carpooling, Ridesharing, Car sharing, Bicycle sharing is a way to save the world from economic and environmental problems based on consensus sharing.

The aim is to contribute to the growth of shared humanity.

The PLAN platform is

The RENC platform expands and forms car sharing services, makes the paradigm in the sharing economy, and ensures that all consumers are safe, without risk and proof of comprehensive transactions, P2P settlement, and fast and convenient decentralized transactions through smart contracts. This is a systematic platform.

Completion of the car sharing platform business

RentalCurrency Platform (RENC) for car sharing business allows users to easily purchase products by introducing applications of various types of encrypted currencies among users, and they can build relationships where reciprocal benefits can be realized based on stability and trust in smart contracts and payment processes .

All members who use the PLAN connected to a real-time PLAN network will be encouraged to expand the use of Ethernet-based block-chained decentralized technology. The daily token inventory will be adjusted for all activities in the community.

There is no risk, increased security of the Wallet Service!

The RentalCurrency System (RENC) is to provide price stabilization to reduce demand instability. The demand-based coin distribution system in the RENC community is used to supply fixed coins and the floating rate of the PLAN will automatically adjust to solve the problem.

RentalCurrency System (RENC) will also operate and provide a credible platform for members to be safe, easy to use, convenient, and direct financial transactions so that the community market can develop.

Reliable and stable Asset System and Awards!

Incentive-based daily compensation system. PLAN currencies depend on the number of interactions between service providers and users. The more you increase your activity, the more rewards you will get.

Users with more activity will benefit from the release of daily tokens distributed through platform service providers.

Coin prizes can be distributed using a fair and transparent system so users can deposit up to 0% – 2% extra coins per day into their wallet.

White paper

 ◆ Based on ethereum block chain technology, the architecture developed to handle transaction data is safer and easier, considering multi-function wallets, P2P exchange systems, premium tokenisation, community awards, smart contracts and incentive compensation systems to facilitate public rental services.

Our PLAN is a systematic Crypto-Currency system that is built to take advantage of its value by setting a progressive position that is quite large in terms of processing speed and security / stability.

◆ Overall community activities related to Rental Currency (RENC) are implemented in such a way that all activities can be realized by mutual benefits and reliability of all users, and the contents and construction blockchain technologies are always open and share their values ​​with anyone.

“RetalCurrency (RENC) is maded to create and maintain social value through production activities based on user ‘s platform, smart trading activities and business environment, contribution to community, and creator’ s efforts to mutually share the benefits for the effectiveness of the overall rental service.”

White Paper Plan

download (English)
download (Vietnamese)
download (French
download (Indonesian)

Direction of

RoadMap PLAN

We are ready to operate safely so that the PLAN continues to grow through the ICO, and continues to grow in terms of supply.

Because all R & D has been carried out with the pure assets of all personnel involved, the ICO fundraising fund will lead to structured investment for the purposes outlined in the above business plan.

At present, we are in the technology improvement stage such as wallet user authentication, transaction records, secure assets with 256-bit AES encryption and private key storage and archiving technology, and managing multiple currency accounts.

In the future, we will continue further development of our wallet applications for iOS and Android, and will be promoted with encrypted currencies ready to be served on platforms such as the Roadmap.

Token Sales

  • Total Token Problems: 1,000,000,000 Plans
  • Token For Sale: 100,000,000 PLAN
  • Initial Price Token: 1 RENC = 0.001 ETH

First Token Sales
Supply Token

Bonus Token Value



  • Platform Planning
  • Team Building
  • RENC Foundation
  • Development Phase # 1
Marketing Tokens
2018.1Q ~ 2Q

  • PLAN Token Generation
  • Establishment of LAB
  • Early Pre-Sales of First Plans
  • Launch of the Incentive System
  • Adviser, Affects engagement
  • Development Phase # 2
ICO Pre-Sale
2018.3Q ~ 4Q

  • Marketing & Presales Plan, Campagin Bounty, and others
  • Integrated P2P exchange
  • Design and Implementation of the PLAN Platform
  • Launch of the Incentive System
  • Launch of Multifunction Wallet
  • Development Phase # 3

ICO Crowd Sale
2019.1Q ~ 2Q

  • Expansion of the RENC Community
  • API, DAPP to connect special RENC features to other wallets
  • Integration of at least 5 most widely used crypto currencies
  • General Criteria Certificate
  • MOU with allies for the Community Networking Plan.

More features
2019.3Q ~

  • Launch of the RENC Public Service Platform
  • Switch to the blockchain infrastructure yourself
  • Payment Gateway Integration with automatic rental currency
  • Involving the shopping community with a cashback system for rental services
  • Global Roadshow
  • Third Party Integration



So my review of a very extraordinary project,
Hopefully adding information that can provide more benefits in investing in the future, let’s succeed in this project.

For more information, please click below:

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