Render It Coin

Render It Coin

Greetings to the whole community, I’m excited about crypto coins and good project followers. In this new publication, I want to present the Render It Coin project . I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrencies, ICO … but Render It Coin  is the coolest, and for more details we will discuss the following topics’

Render It, is a computer graphics rendering solution provider founded on passion for
innovative hardware and  technology. As a business, we lease expensive high-performance hardware, to help perform various tasks, to 
professional companies or creative individuals, who cannot afford to buy or maintain the equipment. Our goal is to shift the cost of computing power to a minimum, while also reducing the price of our service choices. 

Render Function It Coin:

  1. Supported by Ethereum: designing our coins, based on Ethereum, inherits the recognition that contract-based smart currencies are already in place and will be famous for global exchanges. Since Ethereum has taken advantage of 
    Blockchain, our coins have also succeeded in the amazing features of this innovative technology, such as access to the world, decentralization, anonymity, fraud prevention and more.
  2. A constant value for this Render: We have developed and implemented this Render Coin, so it will always keep its value when used as a payment instrument in exchange for services offered on our platform.
  3. Removal: as long as the ICO coin will be available for withdrawal at any time. You can withdraw tokens purchased in your wallet during and after the ICO.
  4. Coin, supported by high-tech hardware: redeem the tokens you get for our services, including access to high-end computer equipment. Remote access to our equipment to perform complex computing tasks, or use coins received to pay contracts for the extraction of mineral resources offered on our farm.

Advantages of Render It Coin:

  1. Reducing energy costs: to achieve our goals and our vision complete, we will allocate funds raised by investors for the construction of private wind turbines, which will reduce operational energy costs associated with connections from our facilities. It also opens opportunities for the introduction of unique and innovative offerings and services.
  2. Acceptance of coins: Render It Coin will be a respected and accepted form of payment for all transactions that can be executed on our platform and are always evaluated at a constant level, which decreases this level if our Crypto currency grows.
  3. Rent high-tech computer equipment: buyers can redeem this coin to rent high-performance computer equipment on the Render It platform

Company – Render It 
This company was founded on the green islands of Ireland, which has been our home for more than a decade, together with Render It we also run our own separate businesses which also revolve around technology. Our establishment began when we discovered that we shared the same goals and interests, computer hardware

Cryptocurrency – Render It Coin 
Render It Coin, symbolized by RNDIT and for simplicity that refers to as’coin ‘or’ tokens’ for the purpose of this paper, is our own cryptocurrency designed and supported by the ERC20 intelligent contract brought by Ethereum 
[2]. Owned, designed and managed by our company, Render It, will act as the primary payment method and mediator currency for all other supported forms of payment that we receive in return for our services. Because it is still in the birth stage, it is offered in a phase, commonly called the ‘Initial Coin Offering’ or ‘ICO’ for the short term by experts in this business, with little price and can be achieved using general credit card forms and even popular cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin [1] or Ethereum.
In Render It Coin, we decided to solve this problem with a unique approach. We will use the funds collected during the ICO to build our own wind turbines! As a renewable energy source, this is used to provide electricity for our agriculture so that everyone can use their energy to power their equipment! 
ico rating
Our ICO rating  assesses the quality and continuity of the entire product, team and technical implementation. This is calculated using a weighted formula with five factors and separate industry expert scores. Each factor evaluates one aspect of the project and its weight is related to the interests set by blockchain and financial professionals. Our valuation methodology. 

MARCH, 2017 Team Development & Arrangement.

SEPTEMBER, 2017 The location of the server storage is 3000 square meters and the purchase of the first rendering equipment with a total cost of € 45,000.

NOVEMBER – DECEMBER 2017 Beginning of our collaboration with animation studios; Sign a permanent contract with ProSoft Ireland for the supply of electrical equipment; Complete an enduring contract with Altaria Studio Poland to provide computing power 
JANUARY, 2018 Providing our computer power services to regular customers.

FEBRUARY, 2018 purchase of additional equipment with a total cost of € 20,000; Estimated monthly net income of 3,500 € from our services.

MARCH, 2018 The official registration of our company in Ireland and start the website.

APRIL, 2018 digital currency design as a means of payment to receive funds for the company’s development needs and to minimize the cost of results.

MAY, 2018 Applying Render It Coin as Ethereum Agreement (ERC20) and publishing our website.

JUNE – SEPTEMBER 2018 Pre-ICO sales opening. Write and compile informative white books; The launch of the first coin offered by Crowdsale & Advertising.

OKTOBER – DECEMBER, 2018 Our coins turn to the list of local and external stock exchanges; Create crypto roles on our servers to secure their customers and cryptocurrency financial data; Creating an online market and currency exchange in the European Union on our servers.

JANUARI, 2019 Acquisition of land for the construction of a multimedia campus using funds from investors; Create new job opportunities and open a training center with the aim of recruiting creative and inventive people; Increase capital to get a personal wind turbine to minimize the cost of using it; Expand our facilities with additional advanced computer hardware; Development of cellular rendering applications and remote access software (freeware); Share the power of our computing with universities, research institutions and scientific institutions; Donate 1% of our income to charity.

Grzegorz Dzikowski

CEO Co-Founder & Hardware Specialist

Szymon ‘Simon’ Gnjadek

CEO of Co-founder, hardware and software specialist

“Remy” Chincha Remix

Co-founder CEO, IT & Spesialis Hardware

Tomasz ‘Thomas’ Jaworski

Animation and rendering experts

Michał Hryciuk

Main Software Engineer and Web Developer

Shikha Dadhwal

Social media manager

For more information, visit the following link:


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