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The team of Render It Coin has continuously been fascinated with computer rendering. However, in operation of rendering hardware is quite expensive – not solely the specialised equipment cost thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of US dollars, however it as well consumes a unprecedented quantity of electricity.

In Render It Coin we have decided to set to tackle this drawback with a singular approach. we’ll use the funds collected throughout associate ICO to make our own wind turbine! Acting as a supply of renewable energy, it’ll be used to provide our farm with electricity permitting anybody to use our energy to power their devices!



MARCH, 2017Idea formation & Team structuring.

SEPTEMBER, 2017Renting premises for server storage 3000 squared meters & first purchase of rendering equipment at total cost of €45,000.

NOVEMBER – DECEMBER, 2017The beginning of our cooperation with animation studios; Signing a permanent contract with ProSoft Ireland for supply of electrical equipment; Conclusion of permanent contract with Altaria Studio Poland for provision of computing power

JANUARY, 2018Providing our computing power services to regular customers.

FEBRUARY, 2018Purchase of additional equipment in total cost of €20,000; Estimated monthly netto income of €3,500 from our services.

MARCH, 2018Official registration of our company in Ireland & launch of website.

APRIL, 2018Design of cryptocurrency as a form of payment to obtain funds for needs associated with company development and to minimise cost of outcomes.

MAY, 2018Implementing Render It Coin as an Ethereum contract (ERC20) and publicizing our website.

JUNE – SEPTEMBER, 2018The beginning of Pre-ICO sale.; Writing & composing an informative white paper; Start of Initial Coin Offering crowdsale & advertisement.

OCTOBER – DECEMBER, 2018Our coin moves onto local and external exchange listing; Generating cryptowallets on our servers in order to secure customer financials and their cryptocurrencies; Creation of an online market and currency exchange in the European Union on our servers.

JANUARY, 2019Purchase of land for construction of a multimedia campus using funds raised from investors; Creating new job opportunities and opening of a training center with the aim to recruit creative, inventive people; Investing raised capital to purchase a private wind turbine in order to minimise cost of exploitation; Expanding our facilities by additional high-end computer hardware; Development of mobile rendering application & remote access software (freeware); Sharing our computational power with universities, research and scientific institutions; Donating 1% our incomes to charitable causes.


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