In the modern internet space, more and more attention is paid to Cryptocurrency investments and the investment market and Blockchain is becoming the cornerstone of modern innovation and has the potential to revolutionize the world. Recognizing this potential, Render it have assembled a professional team of budding entrepreneurs and seasoned investors to create an all-encompassing blockchain trading platform. Since cryptocurrency is designed for mainstream adoption, our platform will be a stop-shop for clients that intend to earn huge returns on investment. We will create a user-friendly system that incorporates both traditional markets and the blockchain based assets.

Render It is a solution created for rendering computer graphics, which is created from hardware and the latest technological developments. The company leases expensive and powerful hardware, thus providing support in the implementation of various operations to various companies and creative people who, due to the lack of large funds, can not buy such hardware.

The goal is to reduce the cost of these facilities and reduce the price of services provided. Since interests are not limited to computer graphics, but also include Blockchain technology, which is responsible for ensuring the existence of digital currencies. Also, the construction of its own WIND TURBINE – a source of renewable energy. This will enable customers to manage their devices, at low energy costs and equipment maintenance. Render it Coin provides you with easier access to rendering machines and new contracts for mining digital currencies.

Peculiar properties: It is based on the Ethereum base.
Smart contracts for currencies will get a good fame with the help of global exchange. Since Ethereum uses the features of Blockchain technology, Render it Coin also takes advantage of these unique features of this innovation. Features such as access to the platform worldwide, a decentralized system, complete privacy, the elimination of fraudsters and many other features will be made available through these innovative technologies.
Constant value.
The company has created and integrated Render It Coin, so it will always be able to maintain its importance when using it as a means of payment for the services offered on this site.
Withdrawal at any time.
Virtual currencies of the platform will be always available. You can withdraw the purchased currency from your account at any time convenient for you.
A token supported by high-specification hardware.
With the help of tokens, you will get access to productive computer software, remote access to hardware to perform various kinds of computing operations and to pay for contracts.


  1. Supported by Ethereum
    Our coin-powered Ethereum design will inherit the recognition that this intelligent contract-based currency already has and will be well known by global exchanges. Because Ethereum already utilizes the Blockchain capability, our coins also succeed in the amazing features of this technological innovation such as, worldwide access, desertification, anonymity, fraud prevention and others.
  2. Constant value in Render It
    We develop and introduce Render It Coin, therefore it will always maintain its value when used as a payment instrument in exchange for services offered on our platform.
  3. Banned
    During ICO coins will be available to withdraw at any time. You can withdraw purchased tokens into your wallet during and after the ICO.
  4. Coins supported by high specification hardware assets
    Reduction of energy costs.
    To achieve this, the company will allocate funds to investors to create a wind turbine that will reduce large operating costs for electricity. As a result, it will open the way to introduce unique innovative solutions and services.
    The adoption of coins.
    The digital currency Render It Coin will act as an accepted form of payment for all operations that can be performed on the site and will always be constantly evaluated, reducing rates if this currency gets growth.
    Rent of high-performance computer equipment.
    Customers will be able to purchase these tokens in order to rent productive computer equipment on this platform.
    the Idea of the project is to Render it Coin has become universally recognized as the dominant digital computer graphics and the latest currency of access to computer equipment, which is traded and recorded on the global exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The Render solution:

The Render Network will be the first network to transform the power of GPU compute into a decentralized economy of connected 3D assets. The Render Network is designed to connect users looking to perform render jobs with people who have idle GPUs to process the renders. Owners would connect their GPUs to the Render Network in order to receive and complete rendering jobs using OctaneRender. Users would send RNDR to the individual performing the render work and OTOY would receive a small percentage of RNDR for facilitating the transaction and running the Render Network.


MARCH, 2017

Development & Team Structuring.

SEPTEMBER, 2017Location of premises for server storage 3000 square meters and first purchase of rendering equipment at a total cost of € 45,000.


The beginning of our collaboration with animation studios; Signing a perpetual contract with ProSoft Ireland for the supply of electrical appliances; Completed a perpetual contract with Altaria Studio Poland to provide computing power
JANUARY, 2018 Provision of our computer power services for regular customers.


purchase of additional equipment for a total cost of € 20,000; Estimated monthly net income of 3,500 € from our services.

MARCH, 2018

Official registration of our company in Ireland and start of the website of

APRIL, 2018

Cryptocurrency design as a means of payment to receive funds for the needs of the company’s development and to minimize the costs of the results.

MAY, 2018

Implementing Render It Coin as an Ethereum Agreement (ERC20) and publishing our website.


The start of the pre-ICO sale. Writing and composing an informative whitepaper; Launch of the first coin offer Crowdsale & Advertising.


Our coin switches to local and external stock exchange listing; Creating crypto roles on our servers to secure customer financial data and their cryptocurrencies; Creating an online market and currency exchange in the European Union on our servers.


Acquisition of land for the construction of a multimedia campus using funds from investors; Creating new employment opportunities and opening a training center with the aim of recruiting creative, inventive people; Raising capital to acquire a private wind turbine to minimize the cost of its use; Expanding our facilities with additional high-end computer hardware; Development of mobile rendering applications and remote access software (freeware); Sharing our computing power with universities, research institutions and scientific institutions; Donate 1% of our revenue to charity.

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