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Render It, is a computer graphics rendering solution provider established out of passion for hardware and innovative technologies. As a business we rent out expensive, high performance hardware, to aid in performing various tasks, to professional firms or creative individuals, who cannot afford to purchase or maintain such equipment.

  • Our goal is an investment into construction of our own WIND TURBINE – a source of renewable energy.
  • This gives way for our customers to power their devices on the premises of our farm at low energy and maintenance costs.
  • We want to widen our current array of services, and supply new contract offers on Render It Farm platform
  • At the same time we will strive to reduce costs and upgrade our equipment to a new generation of specialized FPGA cards.
  • Render It Coin gives you easier access to rendering machines and new mining contracts.

Along with our passion and experience in this field, we set out to join this revolutionary system of virtual assets and design our own cryptocurrency that we have called ‘Render It Coin’, and is symbolized by ‘RNDIT’. We believe the future of our company is closely associated with completion and installation of Render It Coin, which becomes a standard, respected and valued form of payment for services provided by our association.

Render It Coin features 

1) Powered by Ethereum Ethereum powered design of our coin will inherit recognition that these smart contract based currencies already have and will be well recognized by global exchange.

2) Constant value at Render It We developed and introduced Render It Coin, therefore it will always maintain its value when used as means of payment in exchange for services offered on our platform.

3) Withdrawable During ICO coins will be available to be withdrawn at any time. You can withdraw purchased tokens to your wallet during and after the ICO.

4) Coin backed by high specification hardware assets

Redeem tokens you have purchased for our services, that include access to high-end computer hardware. Remotely access our equipment to perform computationally tough tasks or use obtained coins to pay for mining contracts offered at our farm.

The benefits of Render It Coin

1) Reduce costs of Energy To achieve our goals and completing our vision we will allot funds raised by our investors towards constructing a private wind turbine that will reduce operating energy costs associated with powering our facilities. It also paves a way for induction of unique innovative offers and services.

2) A coin of Acceptance Render It Coin will be a respected and accepted form of payment for all transactions that can be carried out on our platform and always be valued at constant rate, reducing that rate if our cryptocurrency gains on value.

3) Rental Of High-End Computer Hardware Buyers can redeem this coin to rent high-end computer hardware on Render It platform

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