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The news about Cryptocurrency is floating about, all through the territory, and a routinely extending number of individuals are charmed to find a few solutions concerning it. Right when blockchain advancement came, such a significant number of things changed, for better. Such an imperative number of affiliations have updated, such huge amounts of affiliations have begun utilizing propelled kinds of trade out their work. The new examinations are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new activities. We have the best contraption on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is an epic base of data where we can do anything. Web has related the whole world, and could approach the web with a specific genuine target to get more data around a victor among the most bewildering crypto-experience called RENDER IT COIN


The organization was established in the green islands of Ireland, which has been our home for over 10 years, alongside Render It, we likewise arrange separate individual organizations that additionally spin around innovation. Our foundation started when we found that we shared objectives and interests, PC equipment. With access to the most recent designs cards we got, we started to impart remote access to individuals who were keen on permitting the requesting preparing of PC undertakings, for example, the formation of three-dimensional, visual or video models. It before long turned out to be certain that there were markets for individuals asking for alternatives, for example, on the off chance that they were accessible with access to the most recent illustrations cards we got, we started to impart remote access to individuals who were keen on permitting the requesting preparing of PC errands, for example, the making of three-dimensional, visual or video models. It before long turned out to be certain that there were markets for individuals asking for choices, for example, in the event that they were accessible. The development of our departure group and we have marked our first perpetual contract with activity and expert investigations to build up the primary subdivision under the name of our organization, which addition with ‘farming’. The consequence of the bifurcation is another piece of our organization called Render It Farm, where we have and publicize our offers and administrations as a few contracted equipment credits. The execution handling unit, or illustrations card, isn’t restricted only to the preparing of convoluted PC designs and has been discovered valuable in the handling of complex scientific conditions and calculations, which implies that this figuring capacity can likewise be utilized to perform such errands. as models of machine learning. factual investigation and mining digital money.

The Advantages of Render It Coin

Decrease of vitality costs

To accomplish this, the organization will allot assets to financial specialists to make a breeze turbine that will decrease expansive working expenses for power. Thus, it will open the best approach to present novel imaginative arrangements and administrations.

The selection of coins

The advanced money Render It Coin will go about as an acknowledged type of installment for all tasks that can be performed on the site and will dependably be always assessed, lessening rates if this cash gets development.

The Vision

The vision is for Render It Coin to wind up all around perceived as the predominant advanced PC illustrations rendering and most recent PC equipment get to money that is exchanged and recorded on the worldwide digital money trade.

The Problem

System Scalability

There are constrains on what should be possible rendering GPU control locally, on a system, or even in the cloud. It’s difficult to use GPUs all through the world effectively without some kind of decentralized framework that tracks and oversees render occupations.

GPU Cloud Gap

Brought together server farms have been not able extend quick enough to take care of the demand, and they utilize endeavor review GPUs equipment, intended for extraordinary remaining tasks at hand, which are unmistakably more costly and just imperceptibly superior to anything purchaser GPU’s.

The Missing GPU Network

GPUs, the most proficient rendering equipment, are currently a standard part on each telephone and PC. Nonetheless, most designers’ GPUs stay inert when they are not rendering their own work.

The Solution

The Render Network will be the main system to change the intensity of GPU register into a decentralized economy of associated 3D resources. The Render Network is intended to associate clients hoping to perform render employments with individuals who have inactive GPUs to process the renders. Proprietors would interface their GPUs to the Render Network with the end goal to get and finish rendering occupations utilizing OctaneRender. Clients would send RNDR to the individual playing out the render work and OTOY would get a little level of RNDR for encouraging the exchange and running the Render Network.

Token Details

Token Name : RNDIT Token

Platform: Ethereum

Type : ERC20

Tokens for sale 4,000,000

Pre ICO Price 1 RNDIT = 2.5 EUR

ICO Price 1 RNDIT = 10 EUR

Platform ERC20 Ethereum

Accepting BTC, ETH, Fiat

Minimum investment 10 EUR

Soft cap 5,000,000 EUR

Hard cap 25,000,000 EUR


Origin of Idea

MARCH, 2017

Idea formation & Team structuring



Renting premises for server storage 3000 squared meters & first purchase of rendering equipment at total cost of €45,000.

First Contracts


The beginning of our cooperation with animation studios.

Signing a permanent contract with ProSoft Ireland for supply of electrical equipment.

Conclusion of permanent contract with Altaria Studio Poland for provision of computing power.

Sharing Access


Providing our computing power services to regular customers.

Another Investment


Purchase of additional equipment in total cost of €20,000.

Estimated monthly netto income of €3,500 from our services.


MARCH, 2018

Official registration of our company in Ireland & launch of website.

Coin Design

APRIL, 2018

Design of cryptocurrency as a form of payment to obtain funds for needs associated with company development and to minimise cost of outcomes.

Coin Website

MAY, 2018

Implementing Render It Coin as an Ethereum contract (ERC20) and publicizing our website.

Pre-ICO and ICO Conduction


The beginning of Pre-ICO sale.

Writing & composing an informative white paper.

Start of Initial Coin Offering crowdsale & advertisement

Render IT Coin goes LIVE


Our coin moves onto local and external exchange listing.

Generating cryptowallets on our servers in order to secure customer financials and their cryptocurrencies.

Creation of an online market and currency exchange in the European Union on our servers.

Realisation of Project


Purchase of land for construction of a multimedia campus using funds raised from investors.

Creating new job opportunities and opening of a training center with the aim to recruit creative, inventive people.

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