The Fever about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is an enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world.
Because of the access to the internet we are able to get information about one of the most incredible crypto-project which is known as RENDER IT

Render It is a solution created for rendering computer graphics, which is created from hardware and the latest technological developments. The company leases expensive and powerful hardware, thus providing support in the implementation of various operations to various companies and creative people who, due to the lack of large funds, can not buy such hardware.

The goal is to reduce the cost of these facilities and reduce the price of services provided. Since interests are not limited to computer graphics, but also include Blockchain technology, which is responsible for ensuring the existence of digital currencies. Also, the construction of its own WIND TURBINE – a source of renewable energy. This will enable customers to manage their devices, at low energy costs and equipment maintenance. Render it Coin provides you with easier access to rendering machines and new contracts for mining digital currencies.

About Render It

The company was founded in the green islands of Ireland, which has been our home for more than a decade, along with Render It, we also organize separate individual businesses that also revolve around technology. Our establishment began when we discovered that we shared common goals and interests, computer hardware.

With access to the latest graphics cards we obtained, we began to share remote access with people who were interested in allowing the demanding processing of computer tasks, such as the creation of three-dimensional, visual or video models. It soon became clear that there were markets for people requesting options, such as if they were available. The expansion of our takeoff team and we have signed our first permanent contract with animation and professional studies to establish the first subdivision under the name of our company, which suffix with ‘agriculture’. The result of the bifurcation is a new part of our company called Render It Farm, where we host and advertise our offers and services in the form of several contracted hardware loans. The performance processing unit, or graphics card, is not limited exclusively to the processing of complicated computer graphics and has been found useful in the processing of complex mathematical equations and algorithms, which means that this computing capability can also be used to perform such tasks. as models of machine learning. statistical analysis and mining cryptocurrency.

The growing popularity of digital currencies has led us to pay attention and direct our focus to this newly established area, we began to program our facilities to start extracting various currency values ​​and store them in the funds of our private company. Shortly after this, we designed a new contract for our website to reflect the new offer, such as a mining contract for many years for people who could not obtain the hardware used to perform this task. We recognize that the cost of maintaining and maintaining special hardware is expensive, therefore, we do our best to minimize the costs involved as small as possible, but the limitations caused by electricity providers prevent us from making a significant reduction.

Cryptocurrency – The Render it Currency

Render It Coin, symbolized by RNDIT and for simplicity called “Coins” or “tokens” for the purpose of this document, is our cryptocurrency designed and supported by the intelligent contract ERC20 presented by Ethereum Owned, designed and managed by our company Render It, It will act as the main payment method and the mediator currency for all other accepted forms of payment that we receive in exchange for our services. As it is still in the birth stage, it is offered in one phase, usually called “initial coin offer” or “ICO” for a short time by experts in this business area, with a minimum price and can be achieved using a payment form with a general credit card and even popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Once the ICO stage is completed and our currencies are truly designed and distributed, we will register them in local and global digital currency exchange lists, where they will be exchanged with other famous cryptocurrencies, which we have mentioned above and many more. Building our own cryptocurrency requires the specifications of an amount capacity, which means that it establishes the maximum limit that will regulate our supply of coins, and we decided to repair 5 million chips. this is the optimal amount Building our own cryptocurrency requires the specifications of an amount capacity, which means that it establishes the maximum limit that will regulate our supply of coins, and we decided to repair 5 million chips. this is the optimal amount Building our own cryptocurrency requires the specifications of an amount capacity, which means that it establishes the maximum limit that will regulate our supply of coins, and we decided to repair 5 million chips.

The Vision

The vision is for Render It Coin to become universally recognized as the dominant digital computer graphics rendering and latest computer hardware access currency that is traded and recorded on the global cryptocurrency exchange.

The Problem

Network Scalability

There are limits on what can be done rendering GPU power locally, on a network, or even in the cloud. It’s impossible to leverage GPUs throughout the world efficiently without some sort of decentralized system that tracks and manages render jobs.

GPU Cloud Gap

Centralized data centers have been unable to expand fast enough to meet the demand, and they use enterprise-grade GPUs hardware, designed for intense workloads, which are far more expensive and only marginally better than consumer GPU’s.

The Missing GPU Network

GPUs, the most efficient rendering hardware, are now a standard component on every phone and PC. However, most developers’ GPUs remain idle when they are not rendering their own work.

A Better Use for GPU Power

Today, a large and growing amount of GPU power is used for Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining. But PoW is inherently inefficient, leveraging GPU power to solve arbitrary hash functions in order to power the network. GPUs should be used for the work that they were designed for, and this will eventually be the underlying protocol that will power the Render Network.

Digital Rights Management

There is no universally accessible storage location for artists to store their work and know that it is theirs. Through the blockchain and the ledger-based storage protocol of the RNDR network, artists are able to store and access their designs and creations.

The Solution

The Render Network will be the first network to transform the power of GPU compute into a decentralized economy of connected 3D assets. The Render Network is designed to connect users looking to perform render jobs with people who have idle GPUs to process the renders. Owners would connect their GPUs to the Render Network in order to receive and complete rendering jobs using OctaneRender. Users would send RNDR to the individual performing the render work and OTOY would receive a small percentage of RNDR for facilitating the transaction and running the Render Network.

Instead of GPUs being used to only mine currencies, Render will use their intrinsic function to render and leverage the features of the blockchain: network, incentives and trust.

Graphics chip giants such as AMD and Nvidia have already started creating GPUs solely for mining on blockchains. Render Token can tap the potential of the ecosystem already existing among developers and OctaneRender customers and move it onto the immutable and distributed database of the blockchain.

Such a blockchain based rendering network can facilitate efficient, reliable, and remunerative rendering of time-stamped tasks on a peer-to-peer basis.

The Features

It is based on the Ethereum

Smart contracts for currencies will get a good fame with the help of global exchange. Since Ethereum uses the features of Blockchain technology, Render it Coin also takes advantage of these unique features of this innovation. Features such as access to the platform worldwide, a decentralized system, complete privacy, the elimination of fraudsters and many other features will be made available through these innovative technologies.

Constant value

The company has created and integrated Render It Coin, so it will always be able to maintain its importance when using it as a means of payment for the services offered on this site.

Withdrawal at any time

Virtual currencies of the platform will be always available. You can withdraw the purchased currency from your account at any time convenient for you.

A token supported by high-specification hardware.

With the help of tokens, you will get access to productive computer software, remote access to hardware to perform various kinds of computing operations and to pay for contracts.

The Advantages of Render It Coin

Reduction of energy costs

To achieve this, the company will allocate funds to investors to create a wind turbine that will reduce large operating costs for electricity. As a result, it will open the way to introduce unique innovative solutions and services.

The adoption of coins

The digital currency Render It Coin will act as an accepted form of payment for all operations that can be performed on the site and will always be constantly evaluated, reducing rates if this currency gets growth.

Rent of high-performance computer equipment

Customers will be able to purchase these tokens in order to rent productive computer equipment on this platform.

The Idea of the project is to Render it Coin has become universally recognized as the dominant digital computer graphics and the latest currency of access to computer equipment, which is traded and recorded on the global exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Token Details

Token Name : RNDIT Token

Platform: Ethereum

Type : ERC20

Tokens for sale 4,000,000

Pre ICO Price 1 RNDIT = 2.5 EUR

ICO Price 1 RNDIT = 10 EUR

Platform ERC20 Ethereum

Accepting BTC, ETH, Fiat

Minimum investment 10 EUR

Soft cap 5,000,000 EUR

Hard cap 25,000,000 EUR

Country Ireland

Whitelist/KYC None

Restricted areas None

Token Allocation

55% for sale

35% for RNDR Reserve

10% to the team + Advisor (6 months/team Advisor lockup)


Origin of Idea

MARCH, 2017

Idea formation & Team structuring



Renting premises for server storage 3000 squared meters & first purchase of rendering equipment at total cost of €45,000.

First Contracts


The beginning of our cooperation with animation studios.

Signing a permanent contract with ProSoft Ireland for supply of electrical equipment.

Conclusion of permanent contract with Altaria Studio Poland for provision of computing power.

Sharing Access


Providing our computing power services to regular customers.

Another Investment


Purchase of additional equipment in total cost of €20,000.

Estimated monthly netto income of €3,500 from our services.


MARCH, 2018

Official registration of our company in Ireland & launch of website.

Coin Design

APRIL, 2018

Design of cryptocurrency as a form of payment to obtain funds for needs associated with company development and to minimise cost of outcomes.

Coin Website

MAY, 2018

Implementing Render It Coin as an Ethereum contract (ERC20) and publicizing our website.

Pre-ICO and ICO Conduction


The beginning of Pre-ICO sale.

Writing & composing an informative white paper.

Start of Initial Coin Offering crowdsale & advertisement

Render IT Coin goes LIVE


Our coin moves onto local and external exchange listing.

Generating cryptowallets on our servers in order to secure customer financials and their cryptocurrencies.

Creation of an online market and currency exchange in the European Union on our servers.

Realisation of Project


Purchase of land for construction of a multimedia campus using funds raised from investors.

Creating new job opportunities and opening of a training center with the aim to recruit creative, inventive people.

Investing raised capital to purchase a private wind turbine in order to minimise cost of exploitation.

Expanding our facilities by additional high-end computer hardware.

Development of mobile rendering application & remote access software (freeware).

Sharing our computational power with universities, research and scientific institutions.

Donating 1% our incomes to charitable causes.


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