cryptocurrency trader who creates a unique and sophisticated multicrypto exchange platform

At RENOVATO we are a group of cryptocurrency traders who create a unique and sophisticated multicrypto exchange platform with innovative features for traders. Post 2017, there has been a meteoric increase in the number of cryptocurrency and then the new investment path regardless of stocks and derivatives was made. Not only private investors and traders are seeking profits from the growing and growing cryptocurrency market, but there are also waves of institutional investors including big names such as Microsoft and IBM who are entering cryptocurrency and blockchain-based projects.

The essence of the idea that inspired us to make RENOVATO is the fact that despite the tremendous returns and increasing popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency, profitable trading is limited to little. In addition, given the complexity of the current exchange infrastructure, often lacking advanced features, it is very difficult for investors and average traders to take advantage of the opportunities offered by revolutionary blockchain technology. Dig deep into research, study the market, understand user needs and explore challenges both technical and otherwise. We embarked on a journey to create the next generation of cryptocurrency exchanges that will not only facilitate cryptocurrency trading,


Our goal is to lead the industry forward by bridging the gap between traditional exchanges and cryptocurrency traders. With our innovative platform, beginners and professional traders can benefit together. Creating a win-win solution for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Honest approach.


Redefining the idea of ​​exchanging traditional cryptocurrency, the RENOVATO model is more advanced. While traditional crypto currency exchanges offering limited functionality are often limited to exchanging, trading and transferring RENOVATO crypto currencies offers more than just basic trade and exchange facilitation.

Our innovative multi-generation multi-crypto exchange platform offers an advanced trade follow feature that allows users to follow the trade routes of their favorite traders all on the same platform. In addition, exchange investors will have advanced AI-based matchmaking features that allow them to find the best opportunities depending on the specific requirements and size of their portfolio. Along with self-developed trading algorithms proven to trade Forex and Cryptocurrency.

RENOVATO users will also get access to a unique Portfolio Management tool that allows them to manage and track several separate investments directly from their laptops, PCs or smartphones.

In addition, the RENOVATO exchange is an open platform for all and users can be registered from all over the world regardless of their geographical location. In addition, this platform will enable a list of new coins including blockchain-based projects to launch their tokens, however, we have a strict policy on coin lists that includes a thorough inspection process and due diligence to create safe and fraud-free investments. platform.

Project objectives

The main goal of the project developers is not only to eliminate all existing problems from the modern cryptocurrency market, but also to offer a number of innovative features, combine them in one place and reduce operating costs for all market participants.

Renovato features and Exclusive Trading tools

Features You will only find trades on the Renovato platform and exclusive to Renovato clients. Giving you the most reliable tool gives you the highest chance of success.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Forex trading
  • Portfolio management
  • FIAT Conversion
  • Trading Team at home
  • Workshops & Webinars

Principle of operation

RENOVATO  will be a crypto currency trading platform that will make trading processes easier, more fun and profitable by combining the basic structure of virtual currency exchange with its own algorithms, tools and functions using artificial intelligence.

The project developer intends to simplify the investment and trading process for experienced investors and market participants, including the following functional elements:

  • advanced asset portfolio management with investment track record, control and potential analysis;
  • The “Follow Traders” option allows you to follow the actions of more experienced traders;
  • investment systems based on artificial intelligence, able to offer investors to use their funds to invest in the most profitable assets, which are determined by analyzing market trends;
  • margin trading with the possibility of getting credit, allows to trade even without your own funds in the account;
  • fast e-KYC procedure, implying application processing time of no more than 24 hours;
  • high transaction processing speed;
  • the ability to convert funds to Fiat and withdraw it to a bank account at a low cost;
  • support for Fiat, cryptocurrency, credit cards and e-wallet;
  • secure wallet, 90 percent will be stored offline;
  • own application that allows you to make independent and flexible exchanges.

Detail ICO

Soft cap: 1.000.000 USD
Hard cap: 17.280.000 USD


Platform ICO: Ethereum
Office address: 548 Market Street 54666 San Francisco CA 94104

Token Info

Ticker:  VATO
Standard token:  ERC20
Price of tokens in USD:  1 VATO = 0.08 USD
Bonus program:

Token distribution:
35% – Liquidity
22.5% – VATO Team
20% – Sales of STO Tokens
10% – Member Trading Bonus of
10% – Pre-Sales
2.5% – Prizes



How to apply it

Here is the timeline of how we started with

The RENOVATO platform and where we will go further


Platform Idea Renovated

The idea arose after seeing what was lacking in key support, customer support and service. Website and name creation.

OCT 2018

Technical & Strategy Development

Advanced market studies of the cryptocurrency industry and connect with the right partners to make RENOVATO transfer World Class.

DEC 2018

Company Formation

Renovato, LLC is approved and made in the state of Delaware and can be operated as of December 31, 2018.

JAN 2019

Estonian Crypto Company Formation

Archived with Estonia as a Crypto related company under the Renovato Trading OÜ (registration code 14661886). Apply for Virtual Currencies and Virtual Currencies on FIAT Currency Licenses in European Licenses.

FEB 2019

Presale Sales Tokens

RENOVATO STO Sales Token starts February 25, 2019 with public sales starting in March 2019. Launching a full website and promoting marketing is ongoing.

MARCH 2019

Main Token Sales Platform and Launch

Sales Token Runs for 4 weeks or hardcapping compilation. Renovato Trading O was given Estonia Crypto licesnes to be operated. Obtained at the end of the main token.

April 2019

Token Sale Concluded

The end of our Token sale and we are ready to launch on the Exchange itself and open to the public. STO and ICO tokens are distributed to our holders. The first monthly trading contest and grand prize will be announced.

The official RENOVATO project resources:





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