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The creation and development of the revolutionary Blockchain technology has led to the emergence of decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, which are massively used for profit, like the Forex market. Today, traders, large investors, as well as developing projects that conduct ICO are interested in the existence of these exchanges.

At the same time, each of the above exchange participants is dissatisfied with the existing functionality. So, investors Express their dissatisfaction because of:

  • lack of investment instruments;
  • high Commission rate, making investments of average volumes unprofitable;
  • high volatility;
  • the complex process of passing KYC and inclusion in the white list;
  • lack of ability to manage the portfolio of assets.

Virtual currency traders note the following drawbacks:

  • high Commission and ever-decreasing income from operations;
  • low-speed transaction processing;
  • limited number of instruments to trade;
  • inconvenient user interface;
  • in the list of currencies there are fake cryptocurrencies that do not exist in reality.

The organizers of the ICO are dissatisfied with this:

  • the high amount of payment for the inclusion of cryptocurrency in the listing of the exchange;
  • lack of access to the global community of cryptocurrency users.

A new project called RENOVATO will change the situation and meet all the above requirements of modern participants of the crypto-currency market.

Project objective

The main goal of the developers of this project is not only to eliminate all the existing problems of the modern cryptocurrency market, but also to offer a number of innovative features, combining them in one place and reducing the cost of operations for all market participants.

Principle of operation

RENOVATO will become a cryptocurrency trading platform that will make the trading process easier, more enjoyable and profitable by combining the basic structure of virtual currency exchange with its own algorithms, tools and functions using artificial intelligence.

The project developers intend to simplify the investment and trading process for both novice investors and experienced market participants, including the following functional elements:

  • advanced portfolio management of assets with a track record of investments, their control and analysis potential;
  • “Follow Traders” option allowing you to follow the actions of more experienced traders;
  • investment system based on artificial intelligence, able to offer investors to use their funds to invest in the most profitable asset, which is determined by analyzing market trends;
  • margin trading with the possibility of obtaining credit, allowing to trade even in the absence of own funds in the account;
  • fast e-KYC procedure, implying the processing time of the application is not more than 24 hours;
  • high transaction processing speed;
  • ability to convert funds to Fiat and withdraw them to Bank accounts with low fees;
  • support for Fiat, cryptocurrency, credit cards and e-wallets;
  • secure wallet, 90 percent of which will be stored offline;
  • own application that allows you to make the exchange independent and flexible.

Also, the platform participants will be offered the opportunity to trade in the Forex market, using both Fiat money and cryptocurrency. In addition, the possibility of using leverage 10:1 – for ordinary pairs and 5:1 – for virtual currencies will be included. The developers will also launch their own system of CFD contracts, implying the transfer of assets at the last moment, which can significantly reduce the risk of hackers.

It is important to note that the RENOVATOplatform, in addition to its own graphical interface, will support the operation of The MetaTrader application, which is familiar to many traders.

The developers of this project also intend to include in the listing all new coins issued by various ICO, for a relatively small fee. However, before that, companies that produce new coins will undergo a thorough legal review, which will eliminate the risk of fraud in this area.

In addition to the coins included in the listing within the platform, the internal VATO token will also be used, which can be purchased during the pre-and public sales period.

Dates and details of the STO

The developer intends to release 1.08 billion coins. Their implementation will be carried out in the period from February 25 to April 3 this year. The cost of the 1st VATO in this period will be 0.08 dollars.

Hardcap project – 17.28 million dollars.


Despite the abundance of crypto-currency exchanges on the market, the RENOVATOproject can become the No. 1 trading platform in the world, as it offers many options previously unavailable to traders, investors and STO developers.

That is why investing in its development can bring considerable income in the near future.

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