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RepuX is a protocol level framework (“RepuX Protocol”) where some unchanged data types can be commodified or exchanged between different collectors, developers, and enterprise users. The RepuX protocol incorporates several decentralized technologies, such as the InterPlanetary File System (or IPFS) 2, Sia3, Ethereum4, EOS5, which will offer the potential to improve custom high performance block chains. By facilitating data transfer and peer-to-peer values, the RepuX Protocol will create the possibility to share data between data collectors, application developers and data users not present on the market today. The RepuX protocol will provide an opportunity for data producers to create value in their data,

Repux technology has a vision to create a protocol that will facilitate the monetization of data through efficient transfer between collector, developer and user, will also enable evaluation of reliability and reputation of data over time. Through the RepuX Protocol, data collectors can transfer data to data users or app developers in exchange for Token RepuX. Developers can develop the RepuX protocol and use data that is transferred by collectors to produce products and services that can be transferred to end users in various industries in exchange for Token RepuX. With the RepuX Protocol, there is hope of bringing added value to the data.

The purpose of the RepuX protocol is as follows:

  • Develop a high throughput system where data can be monetized directly among collectors, developers and users;
  • Build a secure reputation infrastructure in a RepuX Token transaction that allows users to apply semi-permanent recordings in shared transactions;
  • Develop an easy-to-use application programming interface (or API) that allows third-party developers to develop the RepuX Protocol to create different applications;
  • Maintain scalability and speed as a high priority during design and development of the RepuX protocol;
  • Integrate the RepuX protocol with existing block technologies, as well as create custom solutions in specific cases.
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In short, the ultimate goal is to build secure, reliable, high-performing data transfer protocols that can be integrated with a variety of different applications developed by third parties for use by many different industries.
RepuX has launched pre-sale in December 2017 and Token Sale will start in February 2018, after which the RepuX Protocol will operate. Pre-sale will be opened until Token Sale begins in February 2018. Sales Token will be offered in 5 installments, with the first 30% discount for Base Rate, the second with 25% discount for Base Rate, the third with 20% discount to Base Rate, Room with 15% discount to Base Rate and ending with 10% discount to Base Rate. The market exchange rate between Token RepuX and Eter for Token Sale will be based on the equivalent of Token RepuX of $ 0.20.
OP – Operations silos | OUT – Outreach silos | TECH – Technology silos
July 2017
OP: $ 400,000 Seed funding
September 2017
OP: On-board advisors from the industry
October 2017
OP: RepuX Foundation established
November 2017
OP: Major distribution announcement via business partner
TECH: Code audit
OUT: Speaking at Blockchain Expo
December 2017
TECH: RepuX Protocol Live
OUT: Attending Blockshow Asia
February 2018
OP: Token sale
March 2018
OP: Token sale audit
April 2018
TECH: RepuX Protocol open for developers
June 2018
TECH: RepuX Platform Allowing for Decentralized Enterprise Applications
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