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RepuX is a convention level structure whereupon different kinds of changeless information can be commoditised and traded between various corporate and individual client parties.Combining numerous forefront decentralized innovations, for example, IPFS, Sia and Ethereum/EOS, alongside a conceivable move up to a custom high-throughput blockchain.By making and taking into consideration esteem and information exchanges straightforwardly between peers using the convention, RepuX takes into consideration the creation information sharing potential outcomes for individual and corporate client and total information, which don’t exist in the current marketplace.This immediate and quick esteem exchange through the REPUX token will take into consideration the production of significant worth for information designers, including people and in this way kill the requirement for go betweens and go-betweens over various industries.

The details of the Repux ICO

Repux’s offering began on November 17. This pre-sale will last until January 23rd and the RPX token will be offered at $0.10 per unit. Analysts believe this is the best moment to get in bed with them because of the low cost of participation.The official token sale will be offered by February 6th of 2018, and it will last until March 9th of the same year. The token will be offered with a price increase of $0.14. The price hike might not seem like much but is still enough to take notice.Repux is offering 100 million RPX tokens for sale and the distribution is pretty clear and cut:

• 20% of the tokens will be offered in the pre-sale
• 30% will be offered in the ICO sale
• 10% will go towards a rewards pool
• 12% will be kept by the founding team with three years vesting date
• 5% are going to ambassadors of the ICO
• The remaining 23% of the tokens will be sold through the platform in a crowded sale at a price range of $20 a piece (give or take, depending on the reception of the initiative in the market)

How it works

It is easy as 123. You as a business owner sell your data, of course anonymized and protected, for this data you get repux tokens. Next step is developers buy this data to train machines and sell back intelligent applications for better business solutions.In easy words it is win-win situation, business sells data, developers are happy to get data and train machines. All this data goes via Repuxprotocol, so it will be safe for both sides. And developers can sell applications and algorithms back to business, so business can improve.

Token RepuX and token sale program
Token RepuX is the core of all this project. where the RepuX token is the only means of payment received to use this platform. whether it’s from data vendors, developers, and the company as an application user that has been developed.
Presale Token RepuX itself will commence on 17 November 2017 until 23 January 2018The main token sales will take place from 06 February 2018 to 9 March 2018. and this period will continue to reach the sales target of $ 33.1 Million. in the sale of this RepuX token the accepted payment instrument is Ethereum and Bitcoin or with wire transfer with minimum purchase of $ 100
Detail details about Token RepuX
Token Symbol: REPUX
Total Supply: 500,000,000 REPUX
Price token: $ 0.2
Dates for major sales program: 06 February – 09 March 2018
Hardcap: 33,100,000 USD
Softcap: 1,000,000 USD
payment system through: ETH, BTC, XBT and USD
Wallet supported for this sales program are: MyEtherwallet, Mist-Ethereum, Metamask, Parity, ImToken, Ledger, Trezor, and others


With our experienced and entrepreneurial team with years of experience, it is not difficult to understand the success of our project. You can get detailed information on staff careers and consultants by using the links below. Team RepuX
RepuX brings value to your data 
Get detailed information related to the technical information of the project. You can access the technical documentation of the project from the link below.
RepuX Technical Dokuman (White Paper)


Additional Information

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BitcoinTalk Profile Link:;u=1776393

Ethereum Address: 0x0bdF15D19B1c37f55E36B82590DD49958439d2f9




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