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Retail.Global develops omni-channel tools that will make offline and online shopping equally convenient and personalized. Proposed solutions on the market are formed of a variety of different parts, where the creators of the online store are located in different places, in other delivery services, payments, advertising agencies through different channels, developers, accountants and an ecommerce manager who brings everything together and tries to do it from this business to the organization, conveying a large expenditure of time and money.

Retail.Global will concentrate on 5 growing trends:

1)growing share of online sales in retail;

2)growing cross-border commerce;

3)demand for more effective faithfulness programs;

4)demand for new and better technological solutions supporting omni-channel business;

5)development and mass selection of blockchain technologies: crypto money, tokens and smart contracts for products and global service deals.

Retail.Global focuses on markets of Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Europe and Asia for B2B clients, as well as, worldwide cross-border delivery.

Retail.Global will present a tokenized dedication system that will allow to rapidly create a custom unwaveringness system for any store with support for cash back or accruals, and also automate rewarding buyers for feedback about the item and service;

  • The presence of numerous partners on the platform makes it possible to do cross-promo and lead generation for non-competing stores, which will give buyers an extra with their purchase, and for business customers a new sales channel;
  • The connected system for creating branded limited time products lets businesses to offer discounts, as well as branded gifts, created just-in-time from 1pc;
  • Open API allows to integrate third-party blockchain unwaveringness systems, exchange tokens, as well as, provide the open door for active customers to earn money or points by using worked in referral system.

Advantages of the platform for business users

  1. Capacity to work the world over with the level of service as a nearby organization every single necessary resource are connected to the platform: neighborhood teams for overseeing neighborhood advertising channels and setting on marketplaces, restriction and customer support.
  2. The Revenue Sharing payment model (% of sales) removes the risks of the negative economy of the project. You pay just orders made online, while getting an omnibus effect and increasing sales offline
  3. SaaS platform that provides high service resiliency, snappy accessibility from different countries and enhancement of site content for fast download for customers. Moreover, it gives: constant refreshing of the platform, new modules, integration with partner services and the development of best case practices leads to the continuous improvement of your online business
  4. It is easy to include proven suppliers of goods and services in your sales process the world over: You can choose among certified Enterprise teams that will develop your online business by being in direct contact with a representative of your organization, thanks to the revenue-sharing model, the team is directly interested in your online success. All suppliers are completely integrated with the platform – this makes all sales “seamless” for customers.

Platform has plans for different size of business:

  1. Owners of independent offline store

They get new revenue stream from online and make better customers relations with omnichannel tools and dedication rewards programGlobal abilities to sales make real to get steadfast customers from everywhere throughout the world.

  1. Trade centers and Department Shops

We have offer for trade centers to make online store in regard to all stores. Presently trade centers have problems with capacity of trade centers and realization of online store concept with mobile application and index with real accessibility of all products will be great step to boost the sales and make customers faithful.

  1. Manufacturers in Fashion, Beauty, Home Décor, FMCG, Sport and Food: enterprise service to companies with development of official monobrand online store with omnichannel tools and global service. Integration of online merchandise just-in-time shop-in-shop increase the sales and make customers more faithful
  2. Entrepreneursthat need to make business online everywhere: make your sales global and make all operation online in any purpose of the world

Retail.Global – Blockchain Business-as-a-Service Ecommerce Ecosystem, powering global sales for retailers and manufacturers with a complete white label online store solution. Start global sales of brand products easily needn’t bother with infrastructure with across the board interface: customize shop, turn delivery and payment on, connect warehouses, fulfillment, marketing, support and faithfulness token system. 3 internal marketplaces for services, service providers and products suppliers make it possible to operate globally and get revenue from different markets. Currently in Retail.Global: 10 years e-commerce experience team, platform and infrastructure, 10 enterprise clients, $4mln revenue/year and ready-to – scale platform.


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