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Wireless service providers that provide end-user services collect information about cyber threats such as malicious IP addresses, malware-infected files, or attacks and attacks. vi. However, these service providers do not make useful information like that accessible to the public but use it to get their own personal benefits. Also, providers do not provide compensation to users for providing information.

Given the current network security market structure, determining the effectiveness of solutions provided by providers is very expensive and requires a lot of resources. This means end users and small businesses cannot check various security solutions due to lack of finance and resources. This also means that fraudulent companies or vendors who do not have the expertise to provide solutions may not work.

GBMS Tech is a UK-based global cybersecurity company founded on the principle that in a world that increases cyber attacks, preventing violations is a far better choice than healing them.

GBMS Tech’s business sustainability technology guarantees the security of proactive cybersecurity that is radically different from the traditional reactive cybersecurity technology currently available.

Our technology protects hosts from all ‘unknown’ and ‘zero-day’ viruses, unlike traditional anti-virus software available.

The concept is simple: if viruses and malware are stopped strictly from infecting the host system, they cannot spread and infect, if hackers cannot enter the platform, they cannot interfere. Technology Business Continuity Secure SDMS technology integrates fully into the Microsoft Windows operating system and provides preventive protection capabilities.

The foundation of a new solution

Every ambitious project requires a strong foundation. In this paper, we will discuss meeting objectives by using blockchain technology to expand the paradigm shift in cyber security that has been developed and proven in the market.

Our product is Trident CMP (developed by GBMS Tech). It uses a different approach to successfully provide a high level of protection through a combination of AI services and male monitoring that accurately provides network protection against threats and can lock the system efficiently to prevent violations and attacks.

Our technology offers the best security in its class and facilitates compliance with data protection regulations through a unique combination of features that allow administrators to reduce attack disturbances and block unwanted traffic, even though they break through firewalls or are not recognized by antivirus.

The Blockchain will enable the expansion of Trident’s functionality to create a platform that protects all participant systems and allows people to benefit from a ‘conscious mind’ where each device benefits from discoveries made by others.

GBMS Tech offers a number of cybersecurity services, including supervised hardware and software solutions that stop threats that are not like the others.

  • Task Killer: Stop all invalid programs.
  • Protector: Close the door in dangerous activities.
  • Precautions: Provided 24/7 by cybersecurity experts.
  • Automatic detection: Detects data theft, such as employees with USB.

This is the most important part of every noble goal (in this case the development of a protection network throughout the world) to have a clear and achievable plan to be implemented. GBMS Tech Ltd has developed and deployed enterprise-class cybersecurity services that include proprietary network monitoring devices with exceptional determination accuracy and combine them with application blockers for the highest security. This service is currently intended for businesses of any size.

GBMS Tech Ltd will take this breakthrough cybersecurity service and expand its capabilities by creating free and open source services that can provide improved cybersecurity to everyone, so that all device users benefit even through consensus-based authentication made possible by the identified blockchain ledgers. threat. After years of proven development, testing and commercial applications, we can use this technology to create professional paid services that offer superior security to clients whose efficiency is enlarged by the help of free and open-source device users who accept commercial class security and potential rewards. The free consumer version will only eliminate monitoring, compliance and remediation services that are needed by professional users.

Accumulus Threat watch is the next step in cybersecurity development by GBMS Tech, our initial product offering the Trident CMP (Cybersecurity Monitoring Platform) is a breakthrough because it offers a high level of efficacy, which must be considered by every reasonable step that cannot be penetrated. By using paradigm changes in the cybersecurity approach and ensuring scanning, detection and remediation of models for system level blocks, which only hinders the implementation of unauthorized code. This is combined with threat detection services monitored by humans that place both external and internal threats (employee data theft) with the protection and reporting needed in the world of GDPR.

As a stand-alone system, it is limited because the stored information is separated per client. Although we feel that data separation is important in the age of violation of this data, consensus-based blockchain will give us the ability to expand the product so that several nodes can sort threat detection and distributed threat repositories that result in integrity protected through decentralized ledgers.

GBMS Tech will create a protected cybersecurity ecosystem at the core through the blockchain, which will not only be reactionary but will also be a precaution to anticipate potential attacks.

GBMS Tech will sell tokens to raise funds to continue product development and bring it to the commercial market. The maximum increase is $ 15,000,000 USD. Sales Tokens

PRE-ICO Stages

ICO Stages


Quarter 1
Development of self-installed and monitored Trident Network Monitoring and Protection to continue.
Development of Kraken Firewall to continue
Development of Version 2.0 of Trident Network Monitoring and Protection.

Quarter 2
Launch self-installed and monitored Trident Network Monitoring and Protection.
Launch Kraken Firewall.
Version 2.0 of Trident Network Monitoring and Protection Portal Launched.
Open Second SOC (Location Private).

Quarter 3
Start development of Threat Ingestion Feeds and Threat Scoring system.
Start development of Spartan AI Engine.
Start development of Version 1.0 of the Accumulus Threat Customer and Reseller Portal

Quarter 4
Establish the Shield Core Partner program to begin vetting trusted 3rd party resources to be part of The Shield Core trusted network of threat feed aggregators.
Spartan AI Engine starts ingesting data to learn patterns and potential security issues.
Version 1.0 of the Accumulus Threat Customer and Reseller Portal to be launched.

Quarter 5
Start development of community version of the “The Shield Core”.
Start development of commercial version of the “The Shield Core”.

Quarter 6
Beta deployment of private blockchain code to contain MESH Threat Reputation System.
Beta deployment of application code to non-GBMS Tech Ltd systems for access to The Shield Core.
Integrate Accumulus Threat Scoring system with MESH Threat Reputation System to create accurate threat Reputation feed in the private blockchain.

Quarter 7
Integrate Accumulus Threat Hardening System with The Shield Core for real-time block traffic at devices, apps, and systems that are part of the Accumulus Threat Shield Ecosystem.
Distribution of tokens for valid threat feed ingestion to begin.
Launch Beta of MESH Threat Reputation System.
Beta community version of The Shield Core to launch.
Beta commercial version of the Shield Core to launch.

Quarter 8
All products into production, Accumulus Threat Shield live.
Continual Updating to be started on Quarterly update schedule.

Quarter 9
All products in update
Product rollout

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