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Every year in the world the problem of power shortage is becoming more acute. And now, when the popularity of crypto currency is growing, the question of its lack becomes even more important. Electricity consumption for the production of crypto currency is comparable to Denmark’s energy consumption for 2017. Hydroelectric power plants use the energy of rivers, thermal power plants burn coal, gas, oil. Such methods of electricity production lead to an irreplaceable waste of natural resources, leading to environmental pollution. The state of the Earth’s ecology requires solving the problem of obtaining electricity by in-house methods.
And the 4New project team has proposed an environmentally sound solution when the electricity deficit will be covered by recycling. The 4Newproject involves investing in industrial sites (plants) that generate electricity by recycling waste. Waste will be collected from the population and enterprises, and immediately sent to the production, bypassing the landfill. The electricity produced will be sold to the end user or the national energy network. The whole process will be based on blockchain technology, which will make the method of generating electricity safe, and the operations and services of the project are transparent. This fact will make it possible to see all the implemented activities within the project, completely making revenue control available.
 The company already has 3 territories on which they will build plants located in the United Kingdom. This country was chosen for good reason, since the United Kingdom’s annual waste management income is 11 billion US dollars.
  • Sheffield – 30 acres
  • Hertfordshire – 10 acres
  • Newcastle – 5 acres


Why the 4New project can be in demand?:

In Europe, separate waste collection has long been put into practice and they know the price of their use. Electricity in Europe is much more expensive than prices in Russia and CIS countries, which makes the 4NEW project particularly attractive. Ordinary platform users will be able to sell the waste and receive tokens in return, which can be disposed of as follows:

  • implement tokens on the exchange
  • to buy more cheap electricity

Taking into account the fact that the amount of garbage becomes larger, solving the problem of its utilization on the basis of processing into electricity, a double benefit is obtained: both for the environment and for the average person. Another point in favor of the developers of this project is that factories producing “green” energy receive preferential treatment, subsidies and refunds in Europe. Project services will benefit each household.


About the distribution of the token:

  • The total number of tokens is 300 million coins
  • 75 million coins were issued during Pre-sale
  • 150 million is issued for ICO purposes.
  • 100 million coins are allocated for each plant. If only one plant is launched, the remaining 200 million coins will be placed in the corporate treasury.
  • founders and insiders will be limited in the sale of coins until January 1, 2019.

Name of the token: KWATT
Price of the token: 1 KWATT = 2 USD
The ico is paused right now and it will resume on June 1st


Road map:

  • 1st quarter 2018 – preparation of territories, development of a block platform, as well as devices for measuring power consumption (Smart Meter)
  • Q2 2018 – construction of plants, completion of integration of the platform block, end of testing of the device for measuring electricity consumption with a block
  • end of 2018 – to bring electricity production to the industrial level. Use of tokens to pay for waste and energy services, payment for online pharmaceutical products, emergency medical services, telemedicine services, telecommunications services.



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To build the first plant, you need to sell 25 million coins. The project promises to be successful, combining the energy industry, recycling waste and modern technologies in the field of blockchain.

Let’s make our world better together with the 4New project!

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