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Cointrade – is a safe, stable, comfortable and understandable platform for trading and exchanging crypto currency. At present, exchanges trading with crypto-currencies appear very much, but often it is difficult to understand their interfaces to a professional trader. The peculiarity of this project is that it will create a very clear interface, as a result of which it will be easier for a novice trader to understand the work of the exchange. On the platform, users will have access to a large selection of trading pairs, as well as the possibility of exchanging fiat money for crypto-currencies and vice versa. At Cointrade, it will be possible to trade directly in different types of digital currencies, which excludes double commissions and will save some of the funds for the user. You can buy crypto currency for the following currencies: US dollar, British pound sterling, Canadian dollar and Japanese yen.

The Cointrade platform aims to create an intuitive interface that does not have to be understood by the novice user for a long time. The entire work of the exchange is thought through to the smallest detail. In order for traders to be able to work simpler, the video guide will function, as well as instructions with a 24-hour multilingual support service. As a result, the lifetime value of the customer (LTV) will increase. And as the client knows, this is the key to the success of any project. Low commission fees are another advantage of this exchange. Those who already trade on various exchanges, faced with various commissions, sometimes even there are commissions on the deposit of funds, and as a result, the expenses of some inexperienced traders can exceed revenues. The team of analysts Cointrade, having carefully studied the experience and shortcomings of competitors, having estimated the general picture on the market, the crypto-bank sets its commissions half the average for the market. Users should not be afraid of hidden commissions, they simply will not. These benefits should facilitate the active inflow of users. After all, Cointrade is trying to offer traders the most favorable conditions for conducting transactions.

ICO Terms and Conditions:

Name of the token: CTT
Standard: erc20
Total number of tokens released: 236 110 000
Total number of allocated tokens on Pre-ICO: 25 000 000
Total number of dedicated tokens on ICO: 187 500 000
Reserve for team members: 23 610 000
Start Pre-ICO: April 1, 2018
End of Pre-ICO: April 27, 2018
The price of the token at this stage: 1 CTT = 0,2 USD
Start of ICO: July 2018
The price of the token at this stage: 1 CTT = 0,22-0,24 USD
Accepted currency: ETH

About the project token:

The internal currency of the project will be the CTT token, which will be used for interaction on the platform. For holders of project tokens opens a number of advantages. Users owning CTT will be able to use them to pay commission fees on the platform, and at a discount of 80% the amount of commission fees becomes not so large.

If you have 500 CTT (the amount will vary depending on the market price of the token), then you will have additional benefits:

  • Increased daily and monthly deposit limits
  • Priority access to the beta and individual services
  • 10% discount on commission if using CTT as payment
  • Extraordinary access to the platform at peak traffic moments (as developers say, the platform will be ready to accept large amounts of user traffic and this item is unlikely to be in demand)

Road map:Скриншот 21-05-2018 175644.jpg




Summing up on this project I would like to say that with its help the user will have ample opportunities to carry out market analysis, and many operations will be automated, which will minimize the operations of traders that they used to do. The project will solve the security issue, which will reduce the number of hacker attacks. For more reliable safety of funds on the platform, the technology of cold wallets is used, which will allow customers to get direct access to their funds. The declared advantages give hope that the Cointrade exchange will become one of the leaders in the market of crypto currency trading.

More information can be found here:

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