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Hi everybody. I would like to share with you today a very interesting and promising Russian project. The developers really do a lot for this project. There are a lot of Russian projects at the moment, but for some reason it was in this project that I saw just huge prospects. Well, perhaps it is worth revealing the cards, and to inform you about this project. The project is called Cryptorobotics. And before I begin to talk about this project, I suggest you to get acquainted with short and very clear videos on this project.

CryptoRobotics creates a cross-platform desktop terminal for trading on servers with crypto-currencies, introducing the usual tools for comparing and creating new analytical and intelligent solutions in developing robots for trading in new markets, using the best experience of the stock and currency market. In simple words, developers create a product that will make life easier for every person involved in the crypto-currency sphere. Traders will be able, using their skills, to earn on the development of their own robots, which will be used by other participants of the project. Simple users will also gain their advantages, having the opportunity to trade on the strategies of robots developed by the project itself, as well as on the technique of the most successful traders, and thus to protect themselves from loss of money and time. All this is provided by blockchain technology. The question of simultaneous trading on several exchanges with a large number of tabs and switching between them will also be solved. All switching can be done through a single platform. That’s really cool! For me it is very convenient. And I think for you, just like. So the prospects for the project are huge. Yes, in terms of comparison with their competitors. What will we do now.

Comparison of the project Cryptorobotics with its competitors:


As you can see, not one of the exchanges supports the functions of artificial intelligence in the algorithm, as well as there is no function to provide their robots for trading, and their development by traders. The project has a lot of advantages, so I recommend you read the whitepaper of the project.

In addition to these advantages, the company conducts a generous bounty company, in which everyone can take part. But for participation it is necessary to join the telegram chat, and perform the actions that the bot will prescribe. To participate you need to go to link.

About the project’s token and distribution:

The internal currency of the project is ROBO-tokens. This will be the only currency through which it will be possible to pay for the CryptoRobotics terminal products through the user’s personal cabinet. After the release of the token on the exchanges, it will be possible for everyone to exchange it for another currency.

Terms of ICO:

Name of the token: ROBO
Standard: erc20
Total number of tokens released: 120,000,000
Number of tokens allocated for sale: 57,000,000
Start of Pre-ICO: March 5, 2018
End of Pre-ICO: May 16, 2018
Start of the ICO stage: May 20, 2018
End of the ICO phase: June 20, 2018
Price of the token: 1 ROBO = 0.00015 ETH
Soft cap: 7,848 ETH

Road map:

The Cryptorobotics project team reacted responsibly to the issue of developing a road map. Half of the planned is done, and at the moment there is a working prototype. By June this year it is expected that the tokens will be listed on the first exchange.


The project team:



Each of us aspires with the help of trading to get the maximum profit, while spending as little time and effort as possible. Why would we then reinvent the wheel if we can just trust such a wonderful project, with good opportunities for earning for each of us. Everything we did before ourselves can now be done with the help of the free platform Cryptorobotics. And the advantages that the project clearly distinguishes from other competitors, speak of the good prospects and intentions of the team itself in the further popularization and spread of the platform services. Make your life easier, save time and join the project Cryptorobotics right now.

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