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Kind time of the day, dear readers! Today I want to discuss with you another blocking project, which quite successfully breaks into the crypto industry and confidently takes its place in it. We will talk about Digital Ticks today.Let’s start with what the project itself is. “All ingenious is simple.” So I would describe the Digital Ticks project after I first got to know this project. It seems that the developers do not create anything supernatural, but with all this the project looks as if at least it is genius. Perhaps these are loud words, but a little later I will try for you to more fully describe this project and talk about it.

In a nutshell, Digital Ticks is a crypto exchange for commodity tokens with a high transaction speed. It seems to be nothing new and this is far from being the first project in this field. But as soon as you start to get acquainted with Digital Ticks, you understand – it is really unique.

Speaking more fully, Digital Ticks is a platform that includes analytics, statistics, strategies, developed on the basis of artificial intelligence, indicators and other means of trading cryptographic currency on the market.

Here it is more interesting. Personally for me, when I hear the connection of artificial intelligence + blockade – it immediately causes great enthusiasm. Although this is not surprising, because the blockade and artificial intelligence are technologies behind which the future of mankind.

Let’s return to the Digital Ticks project. Another very important feature of this project is to speculate on courses of crypto currency and to earn on it now will be able not only experienced traders who have sufficient professionalism and competence in this field of activity, but also ordinary beginners of the crypto-currency market who have no experience in speculating on crypto-exchange exchanges. In my opinion, this is exactly what novice investors need.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Digital Ticks project. Well, we’ll start with a review of the site of this project. it’s no secret that for most investors the site is the person of the project. If the site is executed not qualitatively and does not cause any interest in the user – he, most likely, very soon this site will leave.
The project of Digital Ticks is executed quite qualitatively and professionally, with which it is difficult to argue. On the site we are met by a rather pleasant and interesting design. On the left side are convenient buttons for quick navigation on Digital Ticks profiles in social networks. In the center of the site is important information for investors, in which they see the current price for the Digital Ticks token, the number of tokens currently sold and information on the Hard Cap project. Here are the navigation buttons for authorizing and purchasing Digital Ticks tokens, as well as buttons for navigating to the WhitePaper and the Digital Ticks channel in telegrams.

Another important and distinctive feature of the Digital Ticks project – at the moment there is already a ready-made product in the form of an application for smartphones based on iOS and Android, which anyone can download. In my opinion, not every project that goes to the ICO has at least some finished product or even operating time. Most often, we see an idea that is not backed by anything other than words. In the Digital Ticks project, everything is different in this respect. The project provides us with not only a ready-made idea, but also a finished product that each of us can test. For this Digital Ticks project is a huge plus!

Let’s talk about the Tokens themselves Digital Ticks. Token DTx is built on the basis of Ethereum ERC-20. To purchase tokens, you can use the following means of payment: BTC / ETH / Wire Transfer. The open sale of the token will last until June 15. The price of the DT x token varies from $ 0.3 on the Pre Sale to $ 0.7 on the ICO. Soft Cap Project Digital Ticks is $ 5.7 million, Hard Cap $ 30 million. All unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO.

Of the total number of tokens for sale, only 50% is allocated. The rest is distributed as follows: 20% allocated to the team, 10% for the referral program, 10% for the reserve fund, 8% for the advisors and 2% for the Bounty participants. Sold tokens will be distributed as follows: 40% will go for marketing, 15% for the reserve fund, 30% for the development of the exchange, 5% for operating expenses, 5% for audit and protection, 5% for project legalization.


I would also like to talk about one of the most important components of any modern project blockbuster that wants to succeed in its business. We will talk about WhitePaper. Immediately I note that the WhitePaper project Digital Ticks is presented in English. But this will not cause any problems if you use an online translator. WhitePaper Project Digital Ticks is written very high quality, it feels that the development of the project involved quite competent and professional in their field of activity (we’ll talk about them later). In the WhitePaper itself, the lion’s share of time is spent on justifying the idea of ​​the project and the methods for implementing it. The Digital Ticks project team clearly shows how they are going to build their project and what they see as its further development. Separately, time is given to those issues that are not fully highlighted on the project website (RoadMap is described in detail, it is told about the project team, etc.). In more detail, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with WhitePaper, I just dwelled on the main aspects.

The idea of ​​the Digital Ticks project was born on December 15, 2017, from this date the history of the project begins. At the moment the project is at the stage of public sale of tokens, which will end on June 15. After that, on June 20, it is planned to launch DTx token on the leading exchanges. In total, RoadMap is currently available until Q4 2019.


At the end of my article I would like to mention the project team Digital Ticks. The whole team consists of people who have already managed to make a good name in the world market of IT technologies and block development in particular. The director of the company is Jitu Bajaj, whose name should be known to many of those who are even slightly interested in the development of technology blocking. Separately about each member of the team you can learn from their profile in the social network Linkedin. Each member of the team is officially verified, which tells us about their authenticity. These are not fake people, not actors who are exposed to deceiving people. These are real people who do everything to make their project successful.


I would like to sum up the Digital Ticks project. The project itself I really liked, although at first the idea of ​​the project could seem ordinary. As it was required to prove, closer to the end of the article, the uniqueness of this project became clear, its distinctive feature, it is possible to say “zest”. The project definitely deserves warm words in its address.

As for the investments in this project – everyone certainly must decide on their own, but personally my opinion – the project Digital Ticks worth investing. The project will undoubtedly bring together the Soft Cap, probably as close as possible to Hard Cap. It can be seen that investors are very enthusiastic about this project. I do not see any particular risks in this project and consider them as minimal. My evaluation of the project is 4.7 / 5.0.

The article is unique here – - 100.00%

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