Review and analysis of ICO Flogmall


Features of the market of goods and services today:

Cryptocurrency in inception was a decentralized financial tool, with the ability of fast transactions and a high degree of protection. However, she did not become a real means of payment. It is still difficult to buy goods and services using digital coins. On the one hand, there is a very limited supply of goods in the market of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, there are no large areas for open trade for digital coins. Despite the fact that the popularity of crypto currency is growing every year, its real holders are still traders, miners and investors. For ordinary people who want to buy goods and services for cryptocurrency, the market can not offer simple and convenient tools.

Most often, for the purchase of digital assets, you have to resort to the services of exchange services, banks, other financial intermediaries. Each of them collects its fees for exchanging crypto currency for phiatic funds and back. Inside the cryptocurrency market, the vicious circle of buying and selling has not been formed.

In turn, the market for goods and services is significantly shifted to the field of Internet commerce. Trading platforms, represented in the global web, allow you to sell products without additional costs for the maintenance of offline stores, and give buyers the opportunity to quickly purchase goods from different parts of the world. But e-commerce is also subject to the influence of restrictive factors, including the mediation of large dealers, and the difficult contact with foreign sellers, and the range of products imposed by suppliers.

In this regard, I would like to share with you, I think, one of the most promising projects this year, which will solve these problems.

FLOGmall platform:

The FLOGmall platform is an international e-commerce platform for trading using cryptocurrency. She is designed to provide sellers and buyers the opportunity to directly interact with the use of cryptocurrency payments. The developers of the platform see their mission as a global change in the market of goods and services, supported by the interests of the largest sellers and ordinary buyers. Both sides will have their advantages when working with FLOGmall. Buyers will be able to find direct producers and sellers, bypassing the intermediation of wholesale distributors. Sellers will be able to reduce marketing costs, profitably present their products with the format LiveStore, implement new marketing programs. Direct interaction between the buyer and seller will strengthen Internet commerce, lead to a reduction in the cost of goods and services, expand the geography of the market.

In addition to improving trade relations, FLOGmall developers note the future advantages of the platform in the development of the cryptocurrency market:

– Creation of a new layer of cryptocurrency users – simple buyers;

– Possibility to spend the available cryptocurrency on goods and services, without resorting to exchange for fiat funds;

– Strengthening of some of the altkones by providing them with commodity units.

Especially it is worth noting the own currency of the platform – Mallcoin. The liquidity of the token, according to the developers, will be directly related to its use to pay for the services of the trading platform. The speculative liquidity provided by the value of tokens on the stock exchanges will go to the background as the platform develops and more sellers and consumers are involved.

Features of the LiveStore tool:

FLOGmall is a multi-platform platform that combines online shopping tools, a free bulletin board, the ability to purchase goods around the world for cryptocurrency.

The platform’s business card is the LiveStore format – a live store. This tool combines the following features:

– Presentation of the store in video format;

– Video message of the store owner;

– Maintenance of each product with a video review;

– Videoblogging tool for presentation of shares, news, events;

– Streaming, auctions, video advertising and other functions;

Applying all these tools, the store not only profitablely presents its goods, but also actively engages the audience in marketing programs, gets the opportunity to tie the client, create a recognizable and unique brand.

So why do sellers benefit from cooperation with FLOGmall?

– Internal payments with the use of crypto-currencies reduce the costs for commissions of payment systems and intermediaries.

– The wide geography of the platform allows to show the goods to buyers from all over the world.

– Ready-made tools, with a simple and intuitive interface, make it easy to create and launch your own online store on a large and reliable platform.

– Free placement of goods for sale and minimum rates for promotion services help to develop a business with minimal investment, which is especially beneficial for beginning businessmen.

– FLOGmall provides a ready exit to a solvent layer of buyers – holders of cryptocurrency.

– Collaboration platform with major bloggers will provide additional opportunities to promote the store and receive targeted traffic.

– Built-in analytics tools make it possible to create a portrait of a consumer, to respond to changes in the target audience.

So why is it beneficial for customers to collaborate with FLOGmall?

– The choice of goods and services around the world without intermediaries.

– Payment by any altсoins.

– Open and transparent information about each seller and product.

– Secure payments using smart contracts.

– Discounts and cashback for tokens.

– Convenient navigation.

– Built-in multilanguage tools for communicating with the seller.

– Moderation of shops and sellers.

Advantages for other platform participants:

– Increased interest in cryptocurrencies due to the ability to purchase goods for digital coins.

– Strengthening of the internal cryptocurrency market of goods and services, gradual withdrawal from fiat money.

– The possibility of turning the altcoins into material values and stimulating the growth of their prices.

– Benefits for traders and participants, ICO due to the emergence of demand for the Mallcoin token within the platform.

Why should I participate in ICO?

1) The increase in demand for the Mallcoin token from the platform participants.

– Feature and distinctive feature of ICO FLOGmall is the availability of the built-in ATES exchange service – Automatic token exchange service. Early holders of Mallcoin tokens receive a significant advantage due to a discount on their purchase at the pre-ICO and ICO stage. After launching the platform, the site is monetized by providing additional services to the users and expanding the functionality. At the same time, FLOGmall establishes a fixed selling rate of Mallcoin on ATES, which exceeds the purchase rate at the pre-ICO and ICO stages. Thus, from the very first days of the platform launch, early Mallcoin token holders will be able to benefit by selling tokens to other FLOGmall users.

2) The output of the Mallcoin token on the crypto exchange.

– In the near future after the launch of the platform, it is planned to issue a token to large stock exchanges. In this case, the exchange rate of the token will be supported by the exchange on ATES. The cost of Mallcoin will have a minimum plank, aiming at the rate of the most profitable offer on the automatic exchange service on the day of entering the stock exchanges.

3) Hedging of risks.

– Developers ensure that the minimum value of the token is kept at a rate of 1 MLC = 0.001 Ethereum. This fact, even with insignificant trading volumes, provides confidence in the sale of a token at this price level.

4) Discounts for platform services up to 80%.

– All early tokens holders can count on discounts up to 80% for FLOGmall platform services. For professional sellers, this will be expressed in reducing the cost of services to promote the store, goods and services. For an ordinary buyer who has acted as an ICO participant, it will be possible to exchange a token for goods at a discount of up to 80%.

How will the FLOGmall platform receive revenue?

The creators of the FLOGmall platform declared free participation in the project as sellers and buyers. On what the revenue of the trading floor will be built:

1) Monthly payment for placing items in the store.

2) Payment for advertising and promotion by major sellers and individuals.

3) Paid placement of sellers in the category of TOP.

4) Payment by private sellers of exceeding the limits for the quantity of goods.

5) Payment for the services of a safe transaction by buyers.

All commissions and paid platform services will be paid by the local currency – the Mallcoin token. The cost of services will be adjusted taking into account the exchange value of the token. So, with the increase in Mallcoin’s prices on exchanges, the cost of services will decrease in order to maintain the competitiveness of the platform in relation to the fiat analogues.

Even with a negative development scenario, platform developers are planning to make a profit of about $ 52 million a year. And the only risk for the participants of the ICO, the creators of FLOGmall called the slow growth of the number of users of the platform, and as a result the shift in the process of the exchange of tokens by the terms.

About Mallcoin’s token and his distribution:

The Mallcoin token is declared as the internal digital currency FLOGmall, used solely for payment of platform services and only within its limits. Of the features Mallcoin should note:

– Limited emissions;

– Unsustainability of inflation in the long-term period;

– Presence of coins on crypto-exchange exchanges;

– Presence of built-in automatic token exchange service (ATES).

During the ICO, 250 million tokens are planned to be released, which will be distributed as follows:

ICO participants – 74%

Bounty program and other bonuses – 7%

Team reward – 10%

Reserve – 9%

– Tokens of the team will be frozen for 2 years.

– Tokens allocated to the bounty program are frozen for 6 months.

– 2.5 million coins are allocated for charitable purposes. These tokens are blocked for the duration and are thawed in stages.

– The reserve tokens will be partially blocked. A fifth of these coins will be used to maintain the functionality of the platform. The rest will be distributed in 2019 to expand the geography of users.

– Other tokens will not be frozen.

In addition, the developers point out the following features of the Mallcoin distribution:

– The release or mining of Mallcoin after the ICO will not be held.

– Transfer of tokens will become possible after the end of the ICO.

– The funds are returned to the participants, if the minimum goals are not reached.

– After the implementation of all the tokens allocated to the participants, the ICO ends automatically.

The sale of Mallcoin tokens is tightly tied to the Ethereum crypto currency and is adjusted step by step at all stages of sales. With each stage of sales, the value of Mallcoin increases in the equivalent of Ethereum, as well as with the growth of the ETH rate. At the same time, the minimum plan for Mallcoin sales at each stage is fixed at $ USD.

ICO Terms and Bonus Programs:

The ICO stage will be held on the FLOGmall platform from April 26 to June 26, 2018. The sale of tokens during the ICO will be calculated from the ratio of 1 ETH = 2000 MLC.

Name of the token: Mallcoin
Standard: erc20
Total number of tokens released: 250,000,000
Currency for payment: BTC, ETH, Kick
Soft Cap: $ 5,000,000
Hard Cap: $ 18,000,000

Immediately after launching the platform, users will have the opportunity to purchase tokens in the following ways:

– Early tokens holders;

– At the FLOGmall site at a fixed rate;

– On the crypto exchange.

Exit Mallcoin to the stock exchanges will be phased and will take several months after the start of the project. Early holders of tokens with the opening of the platform will be able to create requests for exchange, choosing the type of exchange received in exchange for a cryptocurrency and the desired exchange rate. All exchange requests will be ranked and executed by the time of creation. In this case, the minimum selling rate of the Mallcoin system will be set at 0.001 ETH.

The more users will be attracted to the site, the higher the level of demand for domestic currency. At the same time, risks for early participants in the project are minimized by setting the minimum value of the token within the platform.

The funds received at the ICO stage are planned to be distributed in the following ratio:

– Advertising programs, promotion of the platform – up to 79%;

– Expenses for financial operations (personnel, office and other) – up to 7%;

– Promotion at the ICO stage – up to 5%;

– Platform optimization, community development – 5%;

bonus awards to founders and developers – 3% maximum;

– Return of investment to early investors – 2% maximum;

– Legal support and registration of the platform – 1%;

– Repayment of loans received at the stage of project development – 1% maximum.

Bonus programs:

Within ICO, platform creators offer several bonus programs for early participants.

1) Bonuses from time and purchase. These bonuses are credited to Mallcoin tokens to each ICO participant who buys tokens. The amount of compensation depends on the number of purchased tokens and the time of entering the ICO program. The earlier the ICO participant entered the project, and the more the amount of tokens purchased, the higher the amount of the bonus received. The maximum bonuses will be awarded to participants who bought tokens worth 100 ETH and more during the first week of the ICO.

2) Lottery number 1. This lottery will be held among participants with contributions from 20 ETH to 100 ETH. A bonus of 2% to 10% of the deposit amount will be added to 5 random participants.

3) Lottery number 2. It is intended for participants with contributions ranging in size from 0.1 ETH to 20 ETH. To participate in lottery number 2, the owners of tokens need to post a post on social networks about the advantages of the FLOGmall platform and the reason for choosing a project as a site for investment. Bonus in the amount of 20 to 200 dollars will receive 9 random winners. The first prize of $ 500 will be awarded to the author of the best post according to FLOGmall developers.

Bonuses on lotteries can be summed up with bonuses from time and amount of purchase.

Road map:

To date, the FLOGmall project has implemented a basic functional, successfully completed the Pre-Sale and Pre-ICO phases. In 2018 it is planned:

– ICO (April-June);

– Opening of the beta version of the platform (April);

– The official opening of the FLOGmall platform, the launch of ATES, the drawing of lotteries and bonuses, the opening of the first stores and the placement of private announcements (June);

– The output of the token on the crypto-exchange exchanges, the creation of a mobile application (July, August);

– Expansion of geography, creation of additional platform tools (September);

– Expansion of the geography of the platform (October – December).

The project team:

Founder and ideological leader of the project FLOGmall Aleksey Khayrutdinov has experience in the development of e-commerce projects and retail business. He has to create his own commercial projects from scratch and enter the international market.

Aleksey from his own experience can assess the problems and needs in the market of goods and services for both consumers of goods and start-ups. It is this understanding that allows the development team to build a platform taking into account the requirements of both sides of the market and with the use of modern blockchain technologies designed to expand the possibilities of electronic commerce.

Aleksey Khayrutdinov openly represents the team of the founders, developers and consultants of the project. All of them have many years of experience in the development of commercial platforms, in the Internet business, marketing programs, ICO-projects, offline business.

Among the co-founders and consultants FLOGmall experienced entrepreneurs, co-owners and participants of such projects as “AS-Story”, “YugEnergo”, “Cargo677” and others. The subsidiary project of FLOGmall is the wholesale and retail company Topzakazz, which for several years has been present on the market with representative offices in China and Russia.

All participants of the project are not afraid to call themselves crypto-enthusiasts. The FLOGmall platform combined their common idea to make the cryptocurrency market accessible and understandable for buyers and sellers.

The introduction of blockchain technologies, a competent assessment of the project’s capabilities, planned holding of the crowdsdale require considerable intellectual resources. Therefore, not only businessmen, but also technical specialists, people with rich experience in conducting ICO projects, mathematics, analysts, consultants on the block, lawyers and scientists are involved in the development of the future giant.


The introduction of the cryptocurrency into the market of goods and services looks like a regular development of commerce. The FLOGmall project is conceived as the future giant of the e-commerce industry. The advantages of using the platform by sellers and buyers are so great that it is possible to predict the successful growth of the project with great certainty. Therefore, early participation in the development of FLOGmall seems to be a profitable investment for users of the crypto-currency market and holders of digital assets.

That’s all. Thank you for taking the time to read my article!

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