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Hello. I want to discuss with you a new idea of ​​using blockchain technology. After the world was introduced into blockchain technology in 2008, many companies began to explore this new opportunity. In the end, the potential of this technology is huge and applicable for any industry. The whole essence of blockchain technology lies in open data flows, where every person or company (of any scale) can contribute to the development of this technology.
The project, which we will become acquainted with in this article, is one of the first peer-to-peer networks, which allows to connect private and professional types of production with their customers using special tools to track the world’s productive capacities.
What are the goals of Productivist:
The main and most ambitious goal of the project is the creation of a large amount of free information, based on which private firms of different sizes can easily participate in the industrial revolution 4.0, we have received a lot of information about it recently. The blockchain project under consideration tends to improve the working principle by creating new standards for a clever type of product manufacturing.
 Due to the active implementation and no less active application of the blockchain platform, the considered open ecosystem will be able to effectively manage production based on the chain of commands 4.0, thereby decentralizing production.
The proposed solution is assessed by an absolute majority of experts from the world of blockchain as effective, stable, reliable and modern.
For a proper understanding of the situation, first consider the problems that the user of the decentralized market suffers:
– Insufficient efficiency and significant costs for maintenance and service.
– The number of orders is limited.
– A registry that is not verifiable is also considered a disadvantage of such systems.
– There is no objective accounting for progress.
– The existing IP protection system is quite rightly considered insufficient.
The advantages of the project:
Comparing the Ico.productivist parameters with this list, you can distinguish the following advantages:
– The efficiency of all processes is estimated as very high.
– Maintenance and maintenance during operation do not require significant costs.
– Unlimited number of orders.
– The registry can be verified without any difficulties.
– Accounting for progress in real time.
– IP protection is estimated as total.
The main features of platform tokens:
The PROD token will be used as a ‘utility token’. Their cost will depend and change from the use of a commercial ecosystem. The fiat type of money received for rendering services with the help of the Productivist ecosystem will be transferred to PROD-tokens. Partnership with this network and listing on trading platforms will
increase liquidity and real value.
Ultimately, through the use of the platform under consideration, customers will receive:
– Highly intelligent, well-adjusted production.
– Modeling and design.
– Effective consulting.
What will manufacturers get?
– PROD-tokens will be stored in purses, they can be used in auctions on currency exchanges or used to purchase equipment and raw materials.
– Regular incentives for using platform tokens.
All important and strategic decisions will be unanimously taken up by the Board of Directors of the Fund and this aspect is another important, democratic feature of the work and development of the project under consideration. The Productivist reserve will be run by the Productivist Foundation, which will ensure the stability of the course during the order, so there is not the slightest reason to doubt the viability and stability of the project.
ICO conditions:
Name of the token: PROD
Total number of tokens: 385 000 000
ICO start: 16.05.2018
End of ICO: 31.07.2018
Price of the token: 1 PROD = 0,1 EUR
Soft Cap: 2 000 000 EUR
Hard Cap: 20 000 000 EUR
Productivist platform at this time brings together more than three thousand specialists in the field of 3d-printing and more than 10 000 units of equipment (3d-printers). This allows her to make an order in the shortest time (on average, it takes about 48 hours to make an order). The company using this resource offers its advanced technology throughout Europe.
In fact, in order to describe in detail all the technical aspects of the project, it takes a long time. Just tell yourself that this topic is very interesting and promising. Therefore, if you are interested in the concept of this project, I recommend that you study all the information on these links:
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