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Each of us has dreamed and maybe dreams of becoming a software developer, mobile applications and games. And each of us faces many problems. They are connected first of all with ignorance of programming languages. You do not know the code – you will not write anything, and even knowing it, you can make a couple of mistakes and then nothing will work for you. Everyone wants to create something interesting and new, which will make him successful in life. With the advent of blockchain technology, it’s a little easier. Many developers are already using this technology. And the project, which I will talk about today, will be able to help each of us realize our dreams in reality with the help of blockchain technology. This means that everyone can become a developer, it is enough just to show imagination.

SPARKSTER is a decentralized platform aimed at democratizing the development of applications by improving functional software skills for users. This platform makes it possible to create your applications on an intuitive interface, without knowing the programming languages, using the knowledge of English. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that it uses a fairly simple algorithm. As a result, even children can create games. Everything is very simple! Become a constructor of programs and applications with this project will be available to every dreamer.

Problems in the programming market:

  • A small number of good IT professionals in the labor market, so many campaigns, businesses, start-ups and individuals can not introduce artificial intelligence, IOT and smart contracts into their business. Those professionals who are, take a lot of money for their work, which 90% of all entrepreneurs can not afford.

  • It is difficult to interact with a good specialist. Even if we find a good specialist, it will be difficult for him to write certain algorithms for our requirements. This is due to the fact that it will be difficult for a specialist in the field of business to explain what one should do to an IT specialist. Everyone has his own idea.
  • Another problem that entrepreneurs often face is the issue with updates. After the specialist created the application and you worked with them, after a certain time you will have to update this software, because over time the software becomes vulnerable and slow. This update causes the entrepreneur the following problems: high costs; plenty of time in anticipation; in some cases, stopping activities and searching for specialists.

The advantages of the project:

Sparkster wants to create a visual development environment for dApps. Despite the knowledge of the algorithm for writing the code, each of us can drag and drop things and create dApps or smart contracts using a special application. The application is called Smart Software, which will run on top of the specialized blockchain of the Sparkster key or a decentralized cloud.

This platform is for those who want to save time and money. The Sparkster platform allows entrepreneurs to manage their business. It will allow anyone to develop their own program, absolutely not knowing the encoding languages. Thanks to this, enterprises that do not have good specialists will be able to compete in the market. We can say that Sparkster is the designer of decentralized applications. Another very important point is that Sparkster is not a blockchain, it’s just a designer or tool for entrepreneurs who creates applications on the blockchain.

  • The transaction speed is fast. According to the creators of this platform, the bandwidth will be 10 million transactions per second. It’s just incredible.
  • Absence of a single Dapp blockchain. Each Dapp has its own independent blockchain, not associated with any other Dapp.
  • Application of visual programming.
  • Easy application development, enough knowledge of the English language.
  • Excellent and strong team.

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ICO Terms and Conditions:

Name of the token: SPARK
Tokens total supply: 435 million.
Cirtulating supply: ~290 million. It’s less than this figure because bonus were eliminated.
The beginning of the ICO phase: June, no specific date yet
Pre-Sale is over
Pre-Sale price: $0.15
Hard Cap: 30 000 000$

About project tokens and their distribution:

The internal currency of the project will be the SPARK tokens. On the trading platform with this token all operations will take place. SPARK will be used for convenient and fast implementation of transactions, and for making micropayments in a lighter form. To maintain the network, the miners need to keep a certain number of tokens in their wallets, when performing transactions, they will be allocated a commission in proportion to the tokens that are on the wallet.

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Road map:Скриншот 01-06-2018 140140.jpg


The team includes a sufficiently large number of experienced specialists. In the Indian team there are about twenty people, including testers, engineers, programmers, designers, and expert of blockchain.

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The entire team is available on the official site, clicking on this link.


The availability of a working product with high transaction speed, as well as the availability of the project to every person who wants to create their own application makes the project unique. The rate of fundraising showed a high level of interest in this project.

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More information can be found here:

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