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What is Worldopoly?

Worldopoly – a game associated with cryptocurrencies. The game will be similar to Pokémon Go and Monopoly, where the user will have the opportunity to buy and sell buildings and streets all over the world in google map, that is, in real mode with the help of cryptocurrency. This means that there will be a street owner on one side, and on the other hand, ordinary citizens who installed the Worldopoly application on their phone who can play this game, buy a street that they like. This multiplayer game will be implemented using blockchain technology and the augmented reality of Geopovery Worldopoly. A real person and augmented reality will give an opportunity to see and show your progress to others.


Why the sphere of mobile games?

In the market respect, mobile games occupy more than 40% of the most profitable spheres of the gaming industry. At what they dominate not only in the gaming industry, but also in the mobile software market! Below in the photo we can see the revenue statistics in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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According to research by 2020, mobile gaming will represent slightly more than half of the total gaming market. One of the reasons why mobile gaming is so actively developing is the rise of the gaming industry in China. The Asia-Pacific market has a leading position in the world market, which involved $ 51.2 billion in this sphere, which accounted for 47% of the total market. The share of China itself in the industry was about a quarter of the total revenue – $ 27.5 billion.

Скриншот 08-03-2018 152801.jpgAdvantages of the game Worldopoly from other games:

The game Worldopoly united in itself AR (increased reality), blockchain and Geopovery Worldopoly. This pool provides a unique gameplay that improves mobile games, and eliminates the current limitations. While other games focus on either AR, Blockchain, or the gameplay. Here, everything is integrated into one technology, into one game. Each realized function has its own unique goal. Thanks to AR, the game takes place in real life, Blockchain provides an increased level of security, and Geopovery carries cities around the world to your device. Thus, the player can actually “see” each of his moves. Let’s say one user buys a street, a building, and another will look at it and see the advertisement that is in the app and the owner of this building himself puts up an advertisement and an item that the client will see. Profits in this way will be obtained from these advertisements.

How to start the game?

It’s very easy to start the game – you just need to download it and register. Each player starts with the capital of coins that he uses to buy one street and one player’s starting building. Real person and augmented reality give you the opportunity to see and show your progress to others.

1 тип валют.jpgThere will be 3 types of currencies in the game – Worldopoly Coins, WPT and Building resource:

  • Buildings and streets can be bought and earned coins. Each building can be built and improved


  • In the store and at the auction, all items can be purchased at a fixed price


  • Between the players there can be mutual relations both hostile, and neutral and friendly.

3.jpgAbout the token:

The main interaction mechanism will be the WPT token, which will act as the accounting unit used to represent the digital balance in the business model of the project. Token accounting will be supported in a database based on blockchain technology, which was chosen as the basis of the economic system of the project, as it will ensure the transparency of all in-game operations and provide players with an additional level of security.

Token distribution and ICO conditions:


Name of the Token: WPT
Total number of tokens: 200 million.
The total number of tokens allocated to the ICO phase is 75%.
End of Private Sale: April 22
Presale: April 23 – June 04
Main sale: June 06 – July 08
Price of the token: 1 WPT = 0.12 $



The company plans for 2018-2020:







It can be concluded that the game may well occupy a worthy place in the gaming industry, in the field of cryptocurrency. People will start to walk down the street, buy their streets, see who it belongs to and thus the ordinary person will be closer to the cryptocurrency. And whoever thinks it through decides that the project will “shoot”, I want to join, so to speak, to the shark of the future.


More information can be found here:

                                 IСO [06 June, 2018 – 08 July, 2018]

White paper:
ANN Thread:


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