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To date, all goods are classified into various categories: clothing, furniture, computer equipment, cars and motorcycles, jewelry and much more. However, there is no classification based on the emotional feelings and preferences of clients. To solve this issue, we are helped by the ZeroState project, which will allow anyone to find products and services based on the emotions of consumers. The latter leaves various opinions about things, thus allowing the formation of the initial presentation of each subsequent consumer. Thus, ZeroState wants to use the person’s strong emotional ties with the things they want, and provide a platform that connects the consumer and the advertiser.

The project provides emotional intelligence, and uses for this purpose the technology of blockchain. The Zerostate database is embedded in a mobile application, which allows users to view the product and share reviews.

Advantages of the project for consumers:

– The platform will provide the consumer with the opportunity to participate free of charge in ongoing promotions;
– Possibility of receiving tokens for the left feedback, with the possibility of their subsequent exchange on real money exchanges;
– Based on the opinion of others, the consumer will have his own emotional and consumer attitude to the specific advertisement, and to the advertiser;
– Ability to find any content of interest

Advantages of the project for advertisers:

– Providing the best targeted marketing companies;
– The opportunity to expand the client base, based on feedback from loyal customers;
– Possibility of receiving feedback from clients, as a result of which to attract their attention and increase their sales;
– The rating system will operate on the platform, and the higher it will be for the advertiser, the more significant it will be for customers;
– Action pricelists with emotional coloring.

The platform has developed a special web application so that as many users as possible can be emotionally involved in various aspects of each person’s life and in all existing areas of activity, with the possibility of leaving feedback, focusing on their feelings, subjects in a particular situation, which can be downloaded in Google Play Store, as well as in the App Store. The application is already popular with the total number of active users more than 40 000. Undoubtedly this number will grow.


About project tokens and their distribution:

The internal currency of the project will be ZSCoin tokens, through which advertisers will be able to draw attention to their product on the project platform. Owning tokens, an advertising person will create advertising using the project application to get feedback from customers, and at the same time increase their sales level. The client, in turn, will receive from the advertiser the tokens as a token of gratitude for the qualitatively left feedback, which can be stored in cryptotices, or in a subsequent exchange on exchanges for another currency. And so that the token does not lose its uniqueness and popularity, the company plans to carry out the procedure of their redemption.


Terms of ICO:
Name of the token: ZSCoin
Standard: erc20
Total number of tokens released: 100,000,000
Total number of tokens for sale at the Pre-Sale stage: 5,000,000
Total number of tokens for sale in the ICO phase: 49,500,000
Pre-Sale: Successfully completed
Start of the ICO phase: June 21, 2018
End of ICO: August 31, 2018
Price of the token: 1 ZSCoin = 0.00047 ETH
The minimum purchase: 100 ZSCoin
Hard Cap: $ 20,000,000


The ZeroState project will undoubtedly become a very interesting and popular project. And in order to become such, I do not think that a fairly large user base will be required. The project team simply needs to prove that their model will be in demand for each user, regardless of their number. And then the growth of the project is inevitable. In any case, the idea is beautiful and I believe that the Zerostate team will certainly get it.

More information can be found here:

[21 March, 2018 – 31 June, 2018]

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