How many people drink beer every day? Well, of course there are ones that do not do this as they want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but even in this case I am sure they will be able to find some friends who like beer and that is why I think that this article will be useful for everyone, despite of the fact whether drink you are a drinker or not.
Today I want to tell you about a project which seems to be funny at the first sight, but you need to look closely for truly understand how great it is. Beer money is a token, a part of the Nem blockchain system. It has already become popular as there are over eighty million of theme have been issued!

Beer money – this is h9w the project was called – can bring you up to 25 per cent of income and there is a chance to get additional 20 per cent for repurchasing these wonderful tokens at the market price. Isn’t it fantastic?
Beer money project has just started to develop but even now there are many people and commercial establishments which are interested in it. And there is no surprise at this fact as Beer money has taken into account a lot of mistakes have been made and problems have been faced by other companies and projects, so you are guaranteed to get the new way of schemes. You will be able to become a part of solid company with product taaht will be up-to-date for along period of time.

You my ask, what is the connection between this project and beer? Easy. The tokens will be supported by the cfraft beer companies and marketing spaces. For example, 20 tokens is one bottle of craft beer. And, of coursr, you will be able to have an access to the different exchanges, we can not go in the modern world without them.
Beer money has a lot of advantages, such as being taken out of circulation before they lose in prise that means that you will never lose your money here! Besides, token will be blocked for six months for financing the project and and for maintaining different events. As I have already told, the profit is lovely – twenty five per cent goes straight to the token holder, month by month. For people who have more than two thousand beer tokens there is a special bonus program that can not leave you indifferent for the project.

At the end I must mention affiliate program using which you can get additional tokens for registration and some other actions. He revenue is guaranteed but the company itself and will be paid as soon as the ICO is over. Beer money has a great customer service and they will be happy to help you and to give advice any time you find yourself in need for them.
You can have a look at Beer money website for more details and for becoming one of million happy loyal customer all over the world. I wish you good luck!


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