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Convergence is setting up a blockchain-based digital-goods marketplace through an internet portal and new redemption kiosks in Family Entertainment Centers (FECs). This will solve several key issues for both the FEC industry and the Consumer Game industry.

Convergence’s “Player Acquisition Engine” (“PAE”), is a Player-Acquisition-As-A-Service (PAAAS) solution for on-boarding millions of players to Convergence’s entertainment partners. The revenue stream from the PAE will be used for growth and for further development of the project.

Convergence (Convergence of 4 Dimensions LLC) will create the first comprehensive Cross-Reality Virtual Universe (XR-VU) combining the consumer game market with the arcade and out-of-home entertainment market. Enjoy different ways of interacting with your friends from your one account that spans across Smartphones, Tablets, Consoles, PCs, Arcades, LBEs and the ultimate in Theme Park Attractions; all with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Standard Screen Interfaces intertwined into one virtual universe, where each planet is a completely different game/experience.

Silica neXus:

Silica neXus is an XR Virtual Universe experience and it is a portal to many other XR experiences developed by 3rd parties.

Based on the Silica: novel series by T.A. Roe, the experience is set in the Silica Virtual Universe on the other side of the dimensional veil from our universe. We can only see it, interact with it and travel around in it through telepresence technology, (disguised as AR, VR and standard game equipment), given to us by the Mythilae (this is the plural form of Mythilaen), allied aliens who interact with us through the Aether Realms.

The conflict mankind has been thrust into is the war between the Mythilae and the Maitre. Within the aetherrealms there is a form of energy which is both particle and wave that is essentially quantum in nature. This material is what makes up not only all things within the aetherrealms, but all things within the world and universe around us. Just as a person could dissolve a rock and extract a valuable resource such as gold or diamond on this side of the veil, within the aether, you can do the same with objects or creatures, which converts them into a useful source of energy and material. This aether goo can be found and collected during and after a battle. This type of interaction is a key aspect of the neXus portal combat featured in our AR application. It can be traded and used to develop aethertech or power aethertech devices once it has been refined into derivative materials.

Convergence Mission:

Convergence love games, so virtual environments and entertainment technology. It is time for Cross-Reality to be realized. Real innovation has stagnated since the 2004 debut of World of Warcraft. Major studios seem to be re-skinning old ideas; no one wants to take a chance on a truly innovative concept because they say: “It’s too BIG”, “It’s too expensive” and “It will never work”.

This is the team that can deliver authentic Cross-Reality experiences and create the technology, tools, protocols, game mechanics and procedures for other developers to create their own interactive Cross-Reality experiences. We believe that accomplishing that goal will change entertainment forever!

We are also tired of getting ripped off when we are trying to sell digital assets earned while playing our favorite games. We believe our players—all players—deserve safe, secure transactions with their virtual items when they want to trade or sell. Putting these transactions on the blockchain might not fully eliminate the rampant fraud happening, however, it will bring it much closer to extinction.

Products and Services:


The Primary Products offer controlled competitive advantage in the global games market space. This alone will inhibit categorical growth of competition in the sector and reward the advanced cornering of the market by Convergence.

They include:

● 1) The Redemption Robot retail platform for showcasing key partner products and introducing consumers to Silica neXus project.

● 2) A platform for Virtual Universe Online games that can be accessed through any game device (smartphone, PC, console, etc.)

● 3) A flagship game called Silica neXus that shows off the capabilities of the platform, while generating tremendous revenue. Platform: The Silica neXus platform aims, beyond being one universe of multiple interfaces, to be built as a nimble machine, which is designed to allow players to cross through/to multiple worlds and battle arenas through wormholes. This is compelling to the players, adding speed of game-play, fluidity with other players, playing simultaneously, and driving new ways to spend and increase integrated purchases to escalate game advantages.

Silica neXus Storyline Synopsis

The veil has been broken! In a freak Large Hadron Collider (LHC) accident, humanity inadvertently revealed itself to the galaxy. The tiny wormhole we created sent shockwaves across the planet and garnered much attention… some of it unwanted.

The world’s governments have created a secret project to recruit millions of talented warriors to play video games; calling on them to defend the Earth against wormholes appearing throughout our world. These rifts alter the Earth’s electromagnetic core. If left unchecked, it is only a matter of time before we suffer the same fate as Mars.

The games help us hide this secret program in plain sight. Few will understand that while they are destroying aggressive aliens, and sealing rifts, they are saving our planet from impending destruction. Why else would $2B be pumped into VR hardware & $750M into AR hardware if not to protect humanity? Get the app, find the aggressors, seal the rifts, and SAVE YOUR WORLD!

Platform Ecosystem

We offer a “whole product” solution to fully address the MMO player’s need for innovation and their desire to experience the world from different points of view. We also allow other 3rd party companies to make Arcade, LBE and Theme Park interfaces to the experiences for our players for a percentage of their revenue stream.

Convergence will provide the ecosystem structure, not unlike a state providing roads or other infrastructure. The players and developers will help build out the actual gaming experience within some non-restrictive basic parameters established by Convergence. Convergence is developing the core virtual goods blockchain infrastructure based on Ethereum Tokens. Ethereum allows for the creation of smart contracts that run business logic autonomously in the blockchain. These smart contracts can be used for fast, secure and reliable processing of all transactions in the universe. If third party developers create their own economy within their local experience, it will have a conversion to the universal DROID ERC20 Tokens to exchange throughout the system and before exchange to any future secondary markets. All transactions are publicly verifiable, viewable, and resistant to counterfeit. A vibrant secondary market will help attract new gamers and retain existing players, thereby improving the value of the player and developer pool to advertisers and sponsors.


The Convergence team is comprised of industry pioneers in several areas from video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, massively multi-user online role-playing games, simulations, arcade games, location-based entertainment, and more. We have founded multiple professional industry organizations and provided executive level consulting for leading companies in all the above industries, including theme park attractions and design.

Our unique backgrounds and experience as industry leaders gives Convergence a tremendous advantage and differentiation from potential competitors. Decades of experience and unparalleled expertise puts Convergence ahead of the curve. We have accomplished things that others are only beginning to think about.

Convergence’s depth and breadth of knowledge and contacts throughout the range of industries and companies, Silica neXus will bring together well-known entities in creating this cross-screen, cross-reality project.

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