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Dove Network is a global and decentralized platform, used to manage the points are cumulative and loyalty programs. Analyze a large number of loyalty programs from the use of different points, which the developer did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to users, as well as loyalty programs are not successfully implemented and increase company liabilities.

The Dove Network team tries to bring the Internet to all humans on planet Earth. In the 21st century, access to the Internet is a basic necessity, but there are still billions of people in the world without the internet. Dove works under the idea that every human being on earth should have the Internet. We will not rest until they do it. “The right to the internet or” freedom of connection “is a 15-year-old movement, and for over a decade the giant company has planned to cover the planet with stratospheric balloons, nanosatellites and other global forces.The status quo has not changed much With the introduction of the Dove network, 3 billion people who still do not have access to the Internet will eventually be placed online and can join the global economy. The Internet will lead to remarkable global economic growth and unmeasured positive outcomes – the impact for people around the world.

Dove Network’s Features


Dove network will use blockchain technology to create transparent system of rules that will set correct conduct and procedures to be followed when transmitting data, this will be made possible by blockchain technology distributed ledger feature which is very scalable and efficient in such matters.


Dove network will eliminate the need of third party between peer to peer transactions on the dove network, this will be made possible by Doves smart algorithms that stores rules that will be used in negotiation data sharing terms of agreement, automatically verifying fulfillment and then executes an agreement where both parties are in consensus


The dove network will come equipped with a trading engine that will manage data sharing process quality and implement project management solution, the trade engine will also manage customer relationship automatically. This ensure the dove network provides reliable and impartial services which are very important in a large scale decentralized environment.


The dove network will build a fault tolerant process that ensures that mutual agreement is achieved during the data sharing process among its distributed process and system. Thanks to blockchain technology the consensus engine will be highly scalable to achieve a global adoption and process management in a global scale.

How Does Dove Network works

Now you can buy, sell, donate, exchange, or borrow excess Internet data with your mobile, home, or office device. Just pick your plan details and Dove Network takes care of the rest.

Dove Network users can easily integrate and manage Dove Network tokens and direct you to any company worldwide within the Dove Network Wallet. Users can also easily redeem their points for Dove Network tokens or Token Dove Network for Points Partners. In addition, the Dove Network wallet: a channel ad, which offers advertising partners or coupons to users or partners in real time. This enables Dove Network partnerships to attract more customers and drive more loyalty programs. In addition, in the Dove Network Store, users can purchase products or services through partnerships.

A decentralized, peer-to-peer Internet network uses atherium blockchain to distribute data on the network. Now whenever you press a button, you can connect to the internet anywhere.


Token Sales Detail

Token Dove Network is designed as a token-compatible ERC20 on the Astraleum platform and use of blocking technology. Dove Network’s target group are airlines, travel agents, market leaders, and online stores around the world. With such benefits, the Dove Network, based on sophisticated, safe and effective blocking technology, will control billions of dollars in global markets.

Token name: DOVE

Total inventory: 10,000,000,000 DOVE

Current Status: private

Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes (KYC Page Reference)

MVP & Technology: Yes (Whitepaper Reference)

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