With the birth of bitcoin in 2009, many began to see that extraordinary blockchain technology might be the frugal face of next-generation technology. Since the beginning of the Blockchain technology has been trying to become mainstream but has been limited by one or two obstacles which include ease of wallet use, communication privacy, trade performance and security. There are many big players in the crypto space who have tried to improve the quality of some of these important keynotes but because of lack of experience or sometimes funds have made them less good.


Along with the rapid development of the ICO market (Initial coin offering) is a new way to raise funds that emerged over the past few years, because many projects grew thanks to ICO who tried to solve problems or offer services related to blockchain technology.

It’s no secret to say that the growth of the ICO has shifted one of the current fundraising mechanisms. Unfortunately, like the other majors of technological breakthroughs at first, ICO has many disadvantages.

This is what causes excesses and abuse to surf in the initial euphoria, lack of security, regulation, transparency and lack of experience of stakeholders, both investors and founding projects. Thus many investors are very interested in Blockchain and ICO technology related to its use.

The Problem

There are many problems that hinder this promising project like the following

  • Number of fraudulent projects, resulting in failure to give voting rights, shares or dividends to investors after the ICO
  • Low team qualifications, and lack of experience in the financial sector, delay in the inclusion of project cryptocurrency in the list, causing a high percentage of ICO launches to fail.
  • The investigation of funds by the founders related to the lack of information about them
  • There is a ban by some governments because of the possibility of laundering funds obtained by illegal means with the help of ICO.

With the problems mentioned above, as the author suggests to all parties to get to know more closely and join the Eqwity Project which is the right choice, to provide protection to investors, so as to provide projects that promise opportunities to develop, and create a platform for further human development.

ICO.E platform;

The most important component of the Eqwity ecosystem will be the ICO.E platform to create a new format to raise funds for the next development of the project. To become a member of this platform, each investor and ICO founder will undergo the KYF process, not only related to identity verification, but also some other data about this person, including presence of criminal records. And every project before going to this site, will go through the PoV process, confirming its viability. It is important to note that when investing in a specific ICO in this platform, a smart contract will be signed, under the terms that investors will receive the right to vote, as well as dividends. from investments. This will ensure maximum protection of investor rights and ensure project development.

Website to vote;

The voting platform will become an equally important component of Eqwity. Here, investors will be able to vote for any changes in the ICO strategy and the project developers themselves will be able to receive further financial development advice. It is worth noting that the voting process will be completely decentralized, only one vote will be taken from an investor, regardless of the number of shares it is.

Exchange of shares in projects;

Exchanging to buy or sell project stocks is a secondary market where each investor will be able to exchange their shares to take shares of other projects. The token for the internal EQY platform will be used to perform these actions. It is worth noting that this currency can also be used to invest in stocks of existing projects.

Team preparation unit.

The last but not least important component of the ecosystem is a group preparation unit that allows the development of a viable product. Here, project developers will be able to use advisory services, find more qualified team members, as well as recruit missing professionals to further develop. Thanks to this unit, many new founders will be able to develop a truly suitable project, eliminating all possible mistakes and achieving sustainability.

Eqwity is a platform that has a ‘smart agreement’ to eliminate the cost of purchasing and also do a large number of transactions every second. The buyer is not in a position to get advice about triggering the project. They need to act blindly, which often triggers problems with fraudulent schemes.

You will not work on a world scale. In fact, there are currently many countries that do not allow the public to work and provide the ICO, claiming to be a problem together with the law. Eqwity provides many key features, such as a decentralized ecosystem that allows blocks to be implemented in most regions. Thus, people will be able to recognize their own property and carry out a guarantee project.

Token information:

Token: EQYS

Platform: Ethereum

Style: STO

Price in ICO: 0.1000 USD

Token for sale: 30,000,000

Investment information

Minimum investment: 100,000 USD

Accepted: ETH, BTC, Fiat

Distributed in ICO: 50%

Soft hat: USD 6,000,000

Hard hat: USD 16,000,000

Capital mobilization: $ 1,300,000


Q3 2019

STO Plus Platform –Beta Release

Community Voice – UX/UI

Q2 2020

Blockchain Stock Exchange – Beta Version

Q4 2019

Community Voice – Beta Release

STO Plus Platform – V1.0 Release

Q3 2020

Blockchain Stock Exchange – V1.0 Release

Q1 2020

Community Voice – V1.0 Release

Blockchain Stock Exchange – UX/UI Q4 2020

Q4 2020

The Block – Opening Ceremony

Eqwity has a strong team:

Eqwity’s development team includes the most skilled IT members, marketing, application development, business, management, human resource management, communications, blockchain … with many years of experience in the areas in which they were active. Along with experienced advisers, the development team is well prepared to provide a perfect platform for the global market.

Details Information :

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