Review FlipNpik, The First Blockchain Project to Monetize Your Social Media Experience

The current business review system is not trustworthy and easy to manipulate. A local business owner could pay freelance writers 5 USD for each phony review on a particular website. It’s important to be on the lookout for fake reviews when you are searching for recommended businesses. Most business reviews website can’t identify the reviewer based on the information they have, reviewers may not be an actual customer, and their feedback should not be taken as valid.
Today almost 50% of online users take the help from social media to make a choice for their consumption. Studies have revealed that a whopping 68% Facebook users make their mind to purchase a product or visit a store after recommendation from a Facebook friend. The studies have also demonstrated another important finding that the local businesses contribute more to the community economy than the large chain stores. The small retail stores help in providing the employment within the community and hence boosting the local economy.
Real reviews must be about your own personal experiences, not someone else’s and in order to provide unbiased reviews, you should be rewarded to do so. Not because you give positive review of a business but because you are willing to share the good experience with other potential customers. For example, customers that are going to do the review about a local businesses they like should provide an honest opinion without need to bash other competitors, by using their own words.
FlipNPik is using different approach, instead of just doing reviews, customers are invited to contribute to the value creation by enhancing businesses’ visibility through different actions, by adding new businesses on the app or by becoming an Ambassador Partner. In return for their positive actions, users-collaborators receive Flip Social that they can use to benefit from instantaneous promotions, to discover and obtain products or simply to be entertained with the available games on the Platform.
Using the mobile application, users will be able to visit the various institutions to leave their honest comments on the FlipNpik network, post photos, make their suggestions for improving the quality of work. For their actions, users will receive FNP project tokens that they can spend as they wish, change to fiat money or receive discounts within the FlipNpik ecosystem. Thus, the site will stimulate users to display social activity and earn tokens of the project, which will lead to a greater attendance of trading establishments. The project platform will use Stellar’s blockchain technology, so users will be able to conduct quick and inexpensive transactions within the project.
FlipNPik platform is focus on collaboration instead of just one time business review. With collaboration, customers become more aware of the interdependency with the local business. Also, they are become more interested in results of their positive actions and also the rewards.
FlipNpik has developed the first blockchain enabled collaborative social media that will help boosting the local businesses connected to an ecosystem. The revenue generated will be distributed in an equitable and decentralized manner among all those who will collaborate in enhancing the scope of ecosystem. This will ultimately play a major role in strengthening the local businesses and the community economy.
The platform will be built on top of Stellar-blockchain to ensure a fair, transparent and fraud-free advertising. FlipNPik will be able to provide great and reliable feedback which will be beneficial for both businesses and consumers.
The FlipNpik (FNP) will be used as a utility token for all transactions on the platform and Flip Social is a reward mechanism to incentivize the users for their valuable engagement. FlipNpik platform will use blockchain technology to engage and incentivize the community members in order to boost the local businesses and the overall economy.

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