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GBPT aims to create an e-Commerce platform for electronics, including the best electronics brands around the world. In addition to all the most popular products, they will offer advanced bitcoin mining equipment (Bitmain). Their main goal is to create a platform that will provide more affordable, uninterrupted and secure service for customers in different countries.

GBPT aims to eliminate the fear of credit card fraud and detect theft by making transactions using cryptocurrency. Since there is no need to provide any personal identification information for purchases made for cryptocurrencies, users will not worry about disclosing their data when making purchases online. Users will also be able to make payments on mobile devices using QR codes. Performing transactions through cryptocurrencies will also make transactions much faster (they will be executed in a matter of seconds) than transactions made by other electronic payment systems, which take days to process.
In addition, GBPT is committed to partnering with 10 leading electronics brands to ensure the quality of products and guarantee its users that they buy products from authorized vendors. Therefore, the platform will provide the goods directly from official brands, and they will not buy fakes.
✅By putting the user experience first,GBPT will provide users of ITS platform with an opportunity to get their money back if they are not satisfied with the purchased product. Once GBPT picks up the item, either a refund will be made instantly or, as another option, GBPT will replace the item without any additional fees unless the new product is more expensive than the product to be replaced.
Other customer-friendly services, such as free delivery of orders worth more than $ 30 to each customer from anywhere in the world and delivery within a maximum of 5-7 days, regardless of where the buyer is, will also be available on the platform for all users. In addition, GBPT will provide direct delivery services on ITS platform, which will allow Resellers to sell products that are listed on GBPT in their own store, while GBPT will handle the delivery process. Resellers will receive faster service and additional discounts depending on their purchase history.

The main cryptocurrency of the platform will be the GBPT token and in addition to the GBPT token, users will be able to buy goods for BTC and ETH.
✅The sale of GBPT tokens will begin on December 15, 2018. You can join on their website https://gbptoken.org/signup

📑 Whitepaper — https://gbptoken.org/Download/Whitepaper.pdf
🌐 Website – gbptoken.org
✈️ Telegram – t.me/GBPT_OFFICIAL
🕊 Twitter – twitter.com/gbptoken
📘 Facebook – facebook.com/gbptoken
📸 Instagram – instagram.com/gbptoken
🐣 Reddit – reddit.com/user/GBPToken
Ith Github – github.com/GBPTOKEN
🔗 LinkedIn – linkedin.com/company/gbptoken/
📝 Medium – medium.com/@gbptoken

Symbol: GBPT
The token type is: ETH (ERC20)
Price on ICO: 1 GBPT = 0,002 USD
The total number of coins: 25 000 000 000 GBPT
Available for sale: 17 500 000 000 GBPT
ICO start date: 15 December 2018
ICO end date: March 15, 2019.

My conclusion

✅While online shopping has become more and more popular over the past decade, there are still some issues that keep people from buying goods online. Creating a platform with a cryptocurrency payment method will help prevent some of the major problems. Focusing on user-friendly solutions will also convince more and more people to buy certain products online.
However, there is not enough information as to why the GBPT token is needed on the platform. The current team is a bit small, with no significant track record. Thus, it may be difficult for them to compete in an already competitive market. However, as soon as whitepaper becomes more detailed and the team expands, we will be ready to increase our initial estimate, as we believe that the basic idea of GBPT has a real use case.
Owner: Odinokiq
Bitcotintalk profile link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2289542
MEW: 0xaeC4b8aaec16C568992068aC798277F28CeA6Df0


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